10 thoughts on “New Q Or Real?”

  1. Thanks, Pete, for posting this. I mentioned it a few days ago and got mocked for doing so.

  2. God damn, the gullibility runs deep.
    And for those not glaringly retarded, you now know how
    Team Globohomo Red is running the board.

  3. Not Q. Not even close. Sundance has a long track record over there.

    While I’m a subscriber to the well used view around here that we are on our own. I sincerely hope this is all correct.

    Sundance is a well known contributor over there and famously known for his/her detective work. I can’t imagine Sundance would purposefully lead anyone on.

  4. Yes, there are bad people in my neighborhood, although I might be judged the worst, because they don’t know me or my mind. I know where the bad ones live, but again, they don’t know me. And if they do, it’ll be a coin flip. Thing is, most are very out of shape sheep and oldsters of very limited mobility. There are younglings and teenagers, and a lot of Karen-Moms and females of indeterminate political leanings. Living room socialists I call them. There is even a sprinkling of people like me. But when it’s go time, I won’t have to go looking for any of them.

  5. ” those Bad People within five miles of your home are your primary threat.”

    Maybe. However ANTIFABLM has been here once and they were from out of town. That group has been claiming they have been gathering personal information on Trump supporters and Conservatives for well over a year now. Their intent is to visit you at home in the middle of the night. A claim that probably should not be discounted. From their perspective much more efficient than rioting in the streets. In the long run, it doesn’t matter where they’re from.

  6. I’ve been reading CT blog for a cpl of years. If you want to be the big guy at the watercooler when it comes to the ‘deep state’, Mueller scam, FBI and DOJ shenanigans then it’s ‘the’ source for your information. SD is thorough and usually right on the money, but he’ll be the first to say when he’s been barking up the wrong tree. If you start over there now, beware you’ve got a lot of catching up / digesting to do. It runs as deep as you can imagine.

  7. Q is super gay and only chain-mail conservacuck boomers believe that retarded LARP.

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