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  1. A real pandemic was raging during the Peloponnesian War unlike the plandemic that is going on now.
    Even a host on Das Radio is calling it the scamdemic.
    Maybe that obscure www page was right about (((them))) jumping ship to China?
    Them there coincidence theorists said that the FUSA would be the designated loser of WWIII years ago.
    Haben Sie das Bunker?

    1. israhell has just about squeezed the last drop of wealth from murka

      it’s NOT ever going to recover

      tfA-t roars with laughter at the cucks who believe it will

      they will expire very disappointed…

        1. the problem with cuckolds is they believe their world is the same as it was when they still had dark hair and balls

          much like they think their wives and daughters are saints


  2. Sir, one gallon/day is ridiculously light. Even the UN says it takes 3.

  3. For anyone reading the comments over there: The armchairs were creaking with delight, and one of them, Anon 8:48 said that the US severely damaged 3 Jap carriers at Midway. El Wrongo. The US SANK 4 Jap carriers at Midway, and along with it, the cream of their naval aviators, many of whom were part of the gang who hit Pearl Harbor. The Japs never recovered from Midway, and were on the defense for the rest of the war. We won Midway by the Grace of G*d, and the many deaths of torpedo bomber pilots and crew flying slow, outdated junk. We also lost the carrier Yorktown. I agree that our defensive/offensive profile in the Pacific is very dicey right now.

    1. Yup, those stooopid son’s o’ bitches won “The BAD War” to
      save ‘Unca Joe Stalin’s’ ass…so communism could go on
      to spread around the world!…

      ‘Greatest Generation’ my ass…more like ‘Most fucking hoodwinked
      and outright shit stupid ‘Mureican people ever born!!!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. just returned from the dentist

        the guy is old school and is hip to the BS

        we talked about the Bolshies, he did some work, we talked some more about the Bolshies/democraps/whitmer…

        i invited him to the island for a boat ride and BBQ

        Got medical support after the lights go out?

        tfA-t has doctors, dentists, and nurses

        having his good looks and $ help 🙂

          1. hey cockbreath

            my “daddy” has been dead for 30 years

            fuck off

            LOOOOOZER christer

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