On WuFlu Masks

From a reader:

As the Nazi Party grew more powerful, they required Jewish people to sew
large yellow Star of David emblems on their outer garments. This mask
nonsense is in the same vein. An N95 mask has a pore size of 300
nanometers – it will NOT reliably stop a virus particle that is smaller
than that (the COVID-19 particle is 125 nanometers – barely 1/3 the
size.) It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Now, if you are actively ill and sneezing, coughing, etc. what the mask
(or even a simple cloth bandanna for that matter) WILL do is stem the
spray – but if you are actively ill you should stay home anyway, except
to visit your health care provider perhaps.

Slowing the spread of the virus among the asymptomatic hampers the
building of herd immunity, what virologists and epidemiologists of any
integrity will readily admit is the ONLY way a respiratory virus is
rendered inert. And maybe that, concomitant with the psychological
manipulation of constant fear mongering (frightened people are easiest
to control), is the real intent.

As for claims to the contrary, where are the data that support that? How
has that data been analyzed and has it been subjected to peer-review? In
general, people shouldn’t take medical advice from a politician or
career bureaucrat, nor accept offhand remarks as credible.

If someone wants to carry around a rabbit’s foot for good luck, be my
guest. But don’t prosecute those who don’t buy into superstition.

My personal plan of escalating action is this:

1. To the extent feasible, boycott any establishment that mandates mask

2. When it becomes unavoidable, claim exemption due to breathing

3. If they persist and compliance is unavoidable, sue them blind under
the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as a civil suit citing
mental anguish.

A group in Ohio is holding an organized protest on Saturday – Tennessee
had something similar earlier. But here’s the thing: that may be
counterproductive. It encourages these tyrannical bastards because they
then reasonably conclude that you still believe in the political process
and the rule of law. If you do, I can’t help you.

Good luck Mr. Phelps.


See also Denninger’s latest:



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  1. Baizuo is a derogatory Chinese neologism and political epithet used to refer to Western leftist ideologies primarily espoused by white people. The term baizuo is related to the term shèngmǔ (圣母, 聖母, literally “Blessed Mother”), a sarcastic reference to those whose political opinions are perceived as being guided by emotions or a hypocritical show of selflessness and empathy.

  2. My personal plan of escalating action is this:

    “3. If they persist and compliance is unavoidable, sue them blind under
    the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as a civil suit citing
    mental anguish.”

    So which is it, you blithering Cuck of “escalating action.”

    “It encourages these tyrannical bastards because they
    then reasonably conclude that you still believe in the political process
    and the rule of law. If you do, I can’t help you.”

  3. An N95 mask has a pore size of 300 nanometers – it will NOT reliably stop a virus particle that is smaller than that (the COVID-19 particle is 125 nanometers – barely 1/3 the
    size.) It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    If N95 etc. masks were as simple as membranes with pores, your reader might have a point. Instead, he refuses to do the most basic research to learn how HEPA type filters works, and why they are rated at percentages of 300 nanometer or 0.3 micrometer particle blocking (bigger and smaller particles are easy). He doesn’t even have the wit to wonder why, given that there are 100% effective at 0.3 micrometer particle blocking filters for industry like the ubiquitous pink P100 ones, the medical world believes 95% at 0.3 micrometers is enough for their purposes.

    This level of blithering ignorance and stupidity is so prevalent I’m mostly stopped replying to such comments, but this one was just a bit too much, just a bit too cute.

    1. Add in that you aren’t stopping individual bits of virus, you are stopping droplets that the virus is hitching a ride in.

      Of course the current idea behind masks is that the intent isn’t to prevent you from catching the virus, unless you have a properly fitted N rated mask. The point is to keep your stupid ass from infecting other people since we know that you can be asymptomatically infectious. Non N rated masks are perfectly fine for keeping your spittle from wafting in the air of your local Food Lion.

    2. He also doesn’t understand that viruses floating through the air are bonded to material much larger than they are.

    3. I’m glad you commented because it saved me from deciding whether to do so or not. I too have stopped correcting the blithering ignorant, for the most part.

    4. Agree 100%. CA has been advised on this in at least 4 comments (droplets v. free viruses, electrostatic repulsion, all of it has been thoroughly explained), but he continues to spread the misinformation.

      Coupled with the “Star of David Rempham” misinformation and inverted “Nazi” chronology, the sourced “reader” is probably (((Aesop))) who seems to be getting increasingly less traction under his own screen name.

      Cue the rage.

        1. As if that comment is exculpatory? When you front-page highlight the rubbish, but drop your disclaimer within the noise like a Jew York Times retraction, no, not exculpatory.

          1. It’s worse than “not exculpatory”, because CA has not retracted the front page highlight’s lie about HEPA type filter masks like N95s.

            I’ve followed this blog for years, and it’s impossible to avoid the conclusion it’s indistinguishable from an op designed to disrupt the thoughts and actions of its audience.

  4. “..As the Nazi Party grew more powerful, they required Jewish people to sew
    large yellow Star of David emblems on their outer garments. This mask
    nonsense is in the same vein..:


    “..The first reference to a Jewish badge during the Nazi era was made by the German Zionist leader, Robert Weltsch. During the Nazi declared boycott upon Jewish stores on April 1, 1933, yellow Stars of David were painted on windows. In reaction to this, Weltsch wrote an article entitled “Tragt ihn mit Stolz, den gelben Fleck” (“Wear the Yellow Badge with Pride”) which was published on April 4, 1933. At this time, Jewish badges had yet even to be discussed among the top Nazis..”


    The proper name is National German Socialist Workers Party. ‘nazi’ was a slur
    that was coined by a German bolshevist journalist, Konrad Heiden.

    Of course the article DOESN’T mention that a large majority of Germany’s 800K jews WERE
    either active bolshevists or supportive of communism and DID want to create the same
    hell on earth that their fellow jews, Lev Bronstein (Trotsky), Sverdlov, Moritz (Bela Kuhn)
    and others were creating in Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary and the rest of Europe.

    The bolshevist Rosa Luxemborg and her fellow thugs actually took over the Post War
    German government in 1918 via the ‘Spartacus Revolt’; it’s quickly put down by patriotic
    Germans and the Friekorps.

    For those that HAVEN’T heard it, here’s the link to Benjamin Freedman’s speech
    of warning to fellow Americans in 1961:

    Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech warns Americans About the Zionists & Talmudists

    Contrast this truth to the crap that’s (((taught as mandatory))) to children in
    prison-daycamps..Steven Spielborg’s “Swindlers Fist”..or Elie Shitwiesel’s “Night”
    and the utterly fictious ‘Diaherra of Ann Frank-N-Sheckel’ to name a few…

    The holo-hoax WAS created by bolshevist jews in captured Russia and then
    purposely exported and used on Germany and the West after “The BAD War”.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. I was in a casual conversation with a couple friends, not close, and the conversation went to talking about the leftist uprising, burn loot murder, and the coming communist attempt to take over. During their attempt to put communism on the Germans and the terrible things done to the jews they were taken back and offended when I informed them that it was the tribe that is pro communism and responsible for the USSR and the leadership of said country, my father server in the 5th Army and told me many things that never made it into our history books. I also informed them of the expansion of it in this country with the relocation of jews from Europe to the US prior to and during WW2. The looks I got were not friendly, to be kind, I never got to wall street, hollyweird, banking scams or the lawyer profession. Nobody called me a Nazi or anything like that but I know I’m not going to be invited back for a long time….. No loss on my part…
      Have a good day

    2. For millennia the JMFs have reversed “cause” and “effect,” “perpetrator” and “victim.”

      Bad wiring and raised in a malevolent culture of inbred habitual liars does that.

  5. I love how ppe is now an issue. Water vapor is much larger in size than virus diameter. But do what you will. I don’t care. I own boxes of n95 for the same season I own firearms, body armor, and fire extinguishers. But whatever. I hope you are all right, but a real pandemic with a CFR of 8% at the moment is here. I have family in medical who are dealing with this in their AOs. Yeah the left is lying, as are the other guys. But if a medical mask triggers you oh well. Does not look good for the future of your areas if PPE is this big of an issue.

    1. then wear your mask, don’t force me or other to do so.
      We had a new hire come in to the job. Went home for the independence holiday. Sucked face with a girl he was crushing on from college. The day after he returns to work, she calls and says she is positive for COVID-19. He goes into isolation at home and gets tested. test results come back, negative. He was exposed in the most opportune time for it’s spread and they were “swapping spit”. Too many variables to quantify. Another guy, developed sinus issues, the tele-med doctor said “isolate and get tested”. He did, came back positive. They drew blood for antibody counts….absolutely clear, he had zero antibodies. A follow up test was negative. Again, too many variables, but the simplest explanation is usually the most correct. I will leave that to you.

  6. Your analogy fails. Jews were required to wear the Star of David in order to mark them as Jews. Masks are being required for the entire population.

    I am nobody’s virologist or immunologist, yet, your piece does not address the fact that, as far as we know (note the qualification), the viruses do not travel airborne except on drops of spittle and phlegm. Drops of spittle and phlegm are stopped by an N95 mask if worn properly, but a standard surgical mask or, for chrissakes, a stupid bandana will not protect the user. To a great extent they will protect you from others who cough or sneeze while wearing them. (I’m thinking of putting on a Lone Ranger mask and walking into a supermarket in order to gage the reaction to my compliance with the requirement to wear a “face mask.”)

    I look at it this way. The so-called “experts” are all over the place on just about everything related to this pandemic. My wearing a mask may be ineffective, but if everyone wore them it MIGHT slow the spread. Wearing the mask is a pain in the ass, but it is a small price to pay if it helps slow the spread by even 10%. The “rugged individualism” approach is basically saying to the world “eff you.”

    What I find particularly irritating is that jackass who marches into a supermarket and starts spouting off about his “right” to refuse to wear a mask. I want to say, “Well, dumbass, my reading of the US Constitution tells me that the landowner or business owner has property rights that trump your dumbass rights to come into the business without a mask. If the business owner says that everyone who enters the door must wear a top hat, that is his right.”

    It is every business owner’s right to place a sign on the door that says, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Why are masks any different? Simply shop elsewhere, stay home and order online, or open your own damned store. Enough the “muh rights” crap when it comes to entering stores that require masks.

    I’ll wait for the retards wearing lab coats to figure out this mask business once and for all, but, for now, I will wear a mask when I enter a store when the store requires it, even if it turns out ultimately to be pointless.

    1. One of the worst things about the pandemic is the discovery so many on the Right are “rugged individualist” stone cold sociopaths, and the extreme Left, from the Weather Underground to Hillary, are not actually out of their minds when they make rough guesses 10% of the US population needs to be liquidated, stat.

      We’ve abandoned a zillion feedback systems that used to keep them in check, or physically removed from society as England did starting in the 13th Century. Maybe we’ll resume that sort of thing sometime in the far future, but for now, we are on notice that a large fraction of our would be, so called allies are really enemies of all who live.

      Side note or question: trying to make a 2nd post one and a half hours after your first is “posting too quickly.”

      1. ‘A large fraction of our so called allies are really enemies of all who live.’

        My god, what a cucked faggot.

        The both of you.

        Had that regular fucking flu a couple weeks ago. Exactly zero difference from a dozen other colds that I’ve had throughout my life. Sick for like 3 days. That’s what your economy is being destroyed over, you blind, spineless imbeciles.

        You even talk like leftist women.

        1. Last week a 43-year-old seriously fit acquaintance from our recently re-opened gym croaked almost overnight from it.

          Yeah, he’s among the 0.03% CFRs, but for him and his family it was a 100% tragedy.

          Glad yours was a non-event.

          1. ah bullshit

            please post a link to this “story”

            pictures or it didn’t happen

    2. The “rugged individualism” approach is basically saying to the world “eff you.”

      yeah. so what?

      tfA-t has said fuck you to the world for 30 damn years…

      fuck you world- and NO i will NOT wear a damn mask unless there’s a chemical attack, and then it will be the correct mask

      tfA-t WANTS everyone to die 🙂

      1. tfA-t WANTS everyone to die 🙂

        If you “think” for one moment (not entirely out of the question, however unlikely) that your feverish wet dream does NOT include EWE,


        FOAD, y’know, just like the gen pop.

  7. (since I was named)

    I just wear the mask. You are being psyoped into making it an issue. You are an integral part in their ability to frighten your neighbors. Don’t be scary to your neighbors, be scary to the tyrants.

    Wear the flimsiest of masks. Wear it diligently. Complain constantly about how it does nothing. Mock the mask. Refusing (at this point) just makes you look like a monster to normies, because wearing a flimsy mask is so easy and isn’t a rights infringement. Wear it mockingly, make sure everyone knows that it is mocking, and laugh them out of power.

    You don’t beat clowns by playing the straight man.

    1. Or better yet…STOP being a fucking cuck and quivering yellow simpanzee!

      Face panty?…we DON’T need no fucking simp assed
      fucking face panties here motherfucker!!

      Fuck you and fuck the utterly worthless cucked
      NPC normies that parasitize America!

      Take your advice to wear a ‘face panty’ and shove it up your mangina
      and ESAD!!


      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’ s OWN Defense!

  8. Denninger does quite a decent (actually very thoughtful & thorough) job of dispelling the mask myth however as Swift said it’s durn near impossible to argue someone out of an emotionally felt opinion using logic & reason.

  9. I find no real reason to compare the mask situation to the star of remphan that our precious, oh so special and bestest allies were forced to wear. If you want a real answer: its an avenue of control available to them that sidesteps issues they’ve lost control over. I.E: Economy, race relations, law and order, nationalism vs globlamism, etc. They can’t control it even with science, but they want everyone to be happy about how “science saved us” when it eventually fizzles out. It is an illusion of control. And that’s why rioting doesn’t spread the virus. Its why we’ve had a “resurgence” in cases just at the time the $600 bonus bucks for unemployment is running out, the economy is about to take another dive, and BLM went off the (approved) tracks.

  10. Just got back from an archaeology dig of 4 days ( a real bison jump I discovered in 2012), about 20 people present, one old city dweller wore his surgical diaper the entire time. We were out in the hot desert miles from anywhere, have had no cases here, but the entire crew was on board with the Covid scam., they think it’s real, just ignored the masks though.

    1. A person chooses who he’ll run with, despite the thrill of being on the trail of the dinosaur.

      Given the austere conditions of the dig, I might think about doing the proven technique of wiping down the group’s coffee cups with diluted dish soap. If done right there is no residual taste. Many unexpected trips to the latrine pits result. If in a long-term situation of being with Bad People, the dishwasher can adjust coffee cup treatments to particular individuals and to the daily behavior of those individuals. There’s nothing better to take the wind out of the sails of a recovered person, than another quick trip to the shitter.

      This technique got told to me by a person from a WY Sheriff’s Office who worked for a shithead Sheriff. He said it worked well, and that as the jailer and head cook-in-charge, he took pleasure in his ongoing revenge.

      1. Morning my friend, we use to do that to the officers, on 15/18 hour recon flights, ANYBODY who craps on the EP-3 had to douche the honey bucket.

        Some of the O’s were punks, about every other flight, got a screaming case of the shits. Those retards thought it was the box lunches sent aloft.

        Nope, was their devious enlisted air crew!.

        Works well.


  11. In a society with widespread video surveillance and facial recognition, one would think mask wearing would be a more popular idea among freedom-minded individuals.

    A year ago you would never be able to walk in public, even to the bank and post office, with a mask and hat. Now you can. For those of us aware of the technological means used to track us, this is a huge (albeit accidental) win. Hell you can even wear a mask, hat, and goggles or a full face respirator and nobody will say anything.

    1. I’ve got an M-10M and a tanker holster for my 1911 that I throw on when I “need” to go to a Masquerade Zone.

    2. Bingo. Trost wins the “how can I best think of this in a positive way”. Not so long ago, you walk around or in anywhere; wearing a mask; you’ll be talking with popo. Now, if you’re NOT wearing a mask = popo. In effect, my best course of action when out among the sheep is exactly what I want – anonymity. I can wear a mask – and a handgun. How’s that for a “win – win”?

  12. The mask is a muzzle. Any fucker wearing it around the place to ‘show respect’ is a clown at best but basically an enemy. Respect to who? Fauci , Gates? Certainly not to each other the way they behave online or in traffic.
    When the vaccine certificates and heath passports arrive they will egg on the ‘authorities’ to attack the ‘spreaders’ and deniers.
    Then we will see who won’t accept the mark of the beast.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Anyone that plays along is an enabler of the scam, plain and simple. One excuse after another for not standing up for yourself and defying this insane hoax.
      How many folks got seriously fuk’d up after WW2 for helping the Axis? same rules apply today. A nation of sheep heading for slaughter at the hands of their Bolshevik herders.

  13. “It doesn’t get any simpler than that.”

    Actually, it’s YOU that doesn’t get any simpler than that.

    The virus is always bonded to something larger. The virus is about .125 microns. The pores in the N95 are .3 microns. The material the virus is bonded to is a lot bigger than .3 microns.

  14. I appreciate this blog. And I recognize all of the confusion and lying that’s made it hard to know what’s what with COVID. But this article is pure BS, and anybody who took a few minutes to do a decent Google search would realize that N95 masks can, actually, stop viruses. Make a little effort to learn the facts.

    You “anti-maskers” are making preppers and patriots look like idiots. And people are probably going to get sick and some die thanks to you.

    Masks work. Being forced to wear them by a government that is using this disease to achieve political ends, that’s a whole different issue. Can you keep those issues separate, eh???

    1. – N95s
      – Worn properly w proper fit
      – Within their service lives
      – W proper donning and (more important) doffing techniques

      What percentage of the mask-wearing public is doing that?

      1. About the same percentage that remember the CDC said masks don’t work so leave them for health care workers, the lockdowns were going to be 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”, everything will be back to normal in a month, and the only way to survive was to clear the shelves of shit-tickets and Lysol wipes.

    2. Earnest,
      Someone like you should apply 3 layers of Saran Wrap around his entire head to stop anything from coming in or going out.
      Please proceed to your next step.

  15. So far no cries of bring out your dead on every street corner.
    When picking up RX at the busiest hospital in the state located in Capital City it was so quiet that you could hear a mouse fart.
    Do you know anyone who has passed from kung flu?
    A sibling in her mid 20’s works at a hospital and she got the you have been exposed notice several months ago.
    She self quarantined until the money ran out and the kids were hungry, she is still here.

    “Oh foolish man what can you be made not to believe.”

    Adam Weishaupt

  16. The purpose of masks is NOT to stop viruses. It’s to stop a MEANINGFUL percentage of the spit, droplets and other virus laden moisture that people expel into the atmosphere when talking, coughing and breathing. Masks are not 100% effective at preventing disease transfer. Nothing is. But they DO diminish the transfer of pathogens in the air. If they did nothing then we wouldn’t wear them in the operating suite to prevent infecting people cut open for surgical procedures. Anti maskers are ignorant selfish morons who DO NOT UNDERSTAND the science involved. Masks DO help limit the spread of respiratory infections if used properly. They are not a total solution. They are just ONE part of the effort to prevent spread of disease.

    1. tfA-t takes pride in exhaling spittle and droplets of virus

      even better if it infects a commie or scumbag

      and that is all

      1. “…and that is all.”

        Oh, if only it were……….

        Lead the lemming parade on over the cliff, you total waste of skin, protoplasm and oxygen.

    2. Dan . Shouldn’t you be on A-sips blog? Mask wearing is IFF to me. Any fucker taking this garbage at face value and is frightened of a fake virus won’t be much use in the struggle to come.
      Not to worry though when the Midway re-enactment in WestPac kicks off Gates ,Fauci and their Chicom friends will release some real nasties as part of their war effort. Then we will see who fares better – the dopes wearing tissue paper masks and on lockdown getting no vit-D from the sun , no fresh air and re-breathing their own shit for months or those of us who changed nothing except to supercharge our immune systems for a bad winter.
      All these ‘experts’ from Fauci down said nothing for six months about the immune system except to launch on Trump when he sent a few tweets about zinc and vitamins. Why?
      I am not anti-mask. Wear it if you want, hell wear a fucking spacesuit. Just don’t tell me what to fucking do.

  17. Holy fuck if you’re scared throw a pair of your sisters panties on your fucking head and self identify as a cunt. Problem solved.

    PS-If you can’t go through a supermarket without a fucking maxi pad on your puss what the fuck makes you think you’re gonna be good with shooting some fuckers face off his?

    1. The comment section is sure outting a lot of compliant pussies for sure.
      Also pretty sure their wives carry their balls around in their purse.

      1. Oh yeah, the gelded Bonobo Simpanzees are seriously
        trying to pretend to be as loud as their ‘Karen’ Howler
        Monkey troop mates about not upsetting the ‘Karens’.

        Because the ‘Karens’ are all having thermonuclear
        vag cramps over something that isn’t even 1%
        as lethal as the annual flu…which DOES kill over
        66k a year..but hey, that’s life..shit happens and
        rational people go on with their life and business…

        400K elderly annually die in nursing homes EACH
        year…again, elderly already are close to punching
        out ANYWAY..death is what happens when one gets
        TOO old…again…shit happens…reality just is!

        And yes, their Karen Howlers DO carry their mates
        surrendered micro-testicles around with them
        in marble sacks.

        Some species DO deserve to go extinct – you CAN’T fix stupid!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    2. Understand your point, vaguely, but the above is utter conflation.

      As in:

      12 yo single malt v. diesel fuel… 20 yo beautiful human females v. silicone facsimiles/demonic pagan idolatrous perversion.

      norgun, your soul is lost, no matter how “correct” you might be on the “NAZI’s Good!” thing.

      Have a linky/C&P fest on me. No one gives a shit.

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        As for knowing the truth about the jews and the
        civilization destroying horseshit that they ALWAYS
        pull on a regular basis (it’s WHY they’ve been kicked
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        I’ll gladly support the memory and ideals of REAL
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        You aren’t even worth of polishing their boots!

        Now go simp and cuck for your worthless vaginal
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        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    3. dude

      why are you in your sisters panty drawer?

      just get your own panties 🙂

      1. You fucking retard, you are a funny man, at times, when your not an annoying lil Indian cock sucker.

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  18. We are all cannon fodder…What the Fuck does it matter?
    WE, The Public, were told to save the M 95 masks for the front liners. They are exposed many more times in a day than I would be in a month. Not a problem.
    I was deemed essential so I kept the Titantic afloat while 99.9999% of the rest of these people stayed home collecting their pay in their jammies watching “The View”. I don’t care.
    Now these two bit fuckstains are coming back to work and they do not feel comfortable that the crew is not wearing masks (which we were told in the beginning of our essential worker tour NOT to wear “Because it may cause people to be uncomfortable”)
    I said “Fuck ’em.”
    “How can you say that?’ they stammer.
    “Because I know my place among you fools, I am The Rat Catcher of the Renaissance, someone who you need in your world but deny the existence of because you can not stand to admit you need people like me because you are to much of a pussy to do the job yourself.”
    My opinion about the covid does not matter. No one seems to have their facts straight any how.
    But I will make all the privileged and sheltered ones as uncomfortable as I can for as long as I can. You can not browbeat me into submission.
    Sad thing is people that read these blogs should be talking and communicating about shit that matters, Fighting and trolling each other is bullshit. Those fuckstains like too see that.

  19. White people are living under apartheid in their own country and conservacucks obsess over trivial issues like wearing a mask at Walmart. You manipulated boomers are so easily rocked to sleep by the most low-effort psy-ops.

    When do you plan to focus on issues with lasting implications for your white children and grandchildren? Do you even care that blacks are beating and murdering innocent white people and the Jew-media is covering it up? Do you care that the Jew-media and academia are teaching your grandchildren to hate themselves?

    But of course you don’t. You’re more concerned with having to cover your fat disgusting blow-hole with a piece of fabric.

    “As the Nazi Party grew more powerful, they required Jewish people to sew
    large yellow Star of David emblems on their outer garments.“

    And if the dead American and British WW2 vets knew what their countries would look like today, they would have deserted and fought for the Nazis.

    1. The virus/mask and chimpouts are all part of an occult ritual/war against all humanity and whites in particular.
      If we can’t break the spell of this mask obedience we won’t win the bigger mindwar.

  20. Denninger cherry-picks data in everything he writes. He consistently disregards any evidence that doesn’t support whatever he wants to be true. For example he’s been going on whenever he can about how transmission is fecal and spread by skin contact, not airborne – totally disregarding a multitude of well-documented cases of airborne infection, like the Seattle choral case in early March where 60-odd people got together for singing practice, used hand sanitizer at the door, never touched, stood two meters apart, and a quarter of them ended up in the hospital with a handful of those dead. Denninger keeps going back to his Diamond Princess husband-and-wife example and never mentions Seattle, because it doesn’t fit his narrative. Nor does he talk about New York transmission patterns, where it was very clearly following the subway commuter lines and not the takeout delivery zones – although Denninger himself predicted that takeout delivery zones would be the the expected pattern based on his, Denninger’s, claims. Etc.

    Denninger also was going on back in March about how the epidemic was 10 generations farther along than anybody thought and that herd immunity was just around the corner. That has been proven clearly false; antibody tests have repeatedly indicated the progress of the epidemic was about what the authorities were saying it was (currently we’re somewhere around 7%-8% of the total US population having been exposed). He doesn’t mention this claim much anymore, except when he thinks he can get away with it, because he still wants it to be true – he just can’t admit, to himself or anybody else, that it isn’t.

    His going on about “if you have no symptoms you are not diseased” is utterly and disingenuously false. Typhoid Mary existed. She got locked up for the rest of her natural life. Similar cases have happened in the past decade or two with drug-resistant tuberculosis. Wishing that out of existence won’t work.

    At this point linking Denninger is equivalent to citing Baghdad Bob or moon landing denial – useful for smoking out credulous dumbasses, Qtards, and desperate wishful thinking, not anything else. The man is simply not honest, and linking to him is a mental failure.

    Herd immunity itself is looking like a wild goose chase. Antibody immunity is currently looking like it lasts a few months then dissipates. That would mean that the vast majority of the country would have to have the disease all at the same time – and then would get re-infected from abroad regardless. Given the health consequences even in non-fatal cases, this definitely has the potential to become an unsupportable burden on society. Relying on asymptomatics to make up society won’t work: blood type A has a 50% higher risk factor from this (because it is a blood infection, not a respiratory ailment, contrary to all the “just a chest cold” liars), and type A makes up 30-40% of the white population.

    As this drags on, people saying “we should just live with it” will be seen, correctly, as genocidal. And they will be dealt with via mob justice.

    As for the masks. The size of the virus particle is a secondary concern. Atoms are almost entirely empty space, and yet we still use lead shielding to protect against X-rays when you go to the dentist. An infected person would be expelling the virus in droplets much larger than the cited size, which would absolutely be stopped by masks – whether on the inside of the sick person’s mask breathing out, or on the outside of a healthy person’s mask breathing in. You don’t use protection in a case like this in the expectation of absolute protection, you use it to cut the odds. A fifty percent reduction in likelihood here, a forty percent reduction there, keep multiplying those out and pretty soon you get to a point where the thing peters out. That’s what a sane society would do.

    Instead, Team Freedom, the guarantors of sanity and truth, have decided to play total fucking retard.

    I’ll tell you this: you’re going to deserve what you’re going to get.

    1. Herd immunity itself is looking like a wild goose chase. Antibody immunity is currently looking like it lasts a few months then dissipates.

      All the claims of this I’ve looked hard at confuse current levels of antibodies specifically targeting SARS-CoV-2, and ignore how those normally decrease with no harm because a class of immune system memory cells normally get trained in the initial adaptive immune system response, and are ready to immediately start mass production if the body is again challenged with the same pathogen.

      Which from first principles makes sense, why would your body maintain high levels of antibodies for everything that you’ve ever been exposed to? I would image you’d pretty soon run out of volume in your plasma for red blood cells….

      The only way to know for sure is to test this for real, statistically like in phase 3 vaccine trials with 30,000 test subjects, some fraction of which in the course of their normal lives get exposed in their communities, or to deliberately expose people who’ve either had it or a vaccine, and appear to have had a robust immune system response. And we do have volunteers for that.

      The other issue is mutation of the virus to the extent it becomes another novel strain. Here we have our single advantage, coronaviruses have a proofreading mechanism unlike every other family of RNA viruses. That’s a real problem with the flu, but not a problem with a number of other RNA viruses with much higher mutation rates for which we have vaccines that don’t need constant reformulation, like for chicken pox and shingles, polio, and the measles.

  21. the tfA-t doctrine is the only way forward

    300 million stewpit fucks gone ans all will be well again

    when in doubt, just ask yourself WWTFATD?

    tfA-t is the truth, the way, the answer


  22. I worked as a substitute teacher for two years here in Rawles Land, until the grinning idiot in Boise shut down the schools. Before I left for work, on the days which I did work, I would use Zicam swabs. I was around several Middle School petri dishes. Did I get symptoms? Yes. I took Oscillococcinum, and other OTC remedies. That helped and I continued to drive on. BTW, I have a compromised immune system due to psoriatic arthritis and a very slight case of COPD.
    I realize this is anecdotal information. But, you only have to look at Sweden(which is now being ignored by the Gates-Fauci-MSM cabal). They did not lock down and people died. But, after Mother Nature culled the old, the sick, and those with compromised immune systems, the country moved on. Both sets of my grandparents survived the Spanish Flu pandemic. They did not take vitamins, but they ate healthy, walked just about everywhere they went, and worked hard. They lived into their late 80’s-early 90’s. Heredity has a lot to do with survival. Bleib ubrig.

  23. Love the “your a pussy” response on this page over the mask issue. So owning and wearing body armor ar needed is being a pussy, as I guess carrying even in NPE, as is seeking training from reputable combative and firearms trainers with IRL experience, cause I guess only pussies or cucks don’t act like they know it all. I would love to run into some of you keyboard chest pounders in ECQC or a similar environment and tangle you up and empty a UTM or Sims gun in your taint. So much fun. Or take a blade off of you and stab you with it. Done many times in training, 3 times IRL.
    I know we got some vets here, but how many actually get out and get shit done? I imagine it is the same chest pounders here who can’t be bothered to train, to get better. Do you train combatives still, or was 1985 as current as you go?

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