What Does This Say About The Level Of Monkeyshines Needed To Give Gropey Joe The Launch Codes?

From over the transom.

Anybody got any corroboration?

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  1. Who cares? We (white people) are just as screwed no matter which Jew-puppet (Trump or Biden) is in control. We need to kill the Republican party so that something that represents the interests of native white people can form.

    1. [S]elections are the ‘play-per-view’ part of the juden globalist banksters
      “Kabuki Theater” that is constantly employed to entertain, indoctrinate,
      decieve, distract, and divide the GDM [Generally Dumb ‘Murecans] as
      the juden “Hostile Elite” need or require. Part of that mirage that they’ve
      created to continually fool people is to have them BELIEVE that the juden
      controlled political system is a “two party” system when it’s really now
      just “The Uniparty”, read Caroll Quigley’s, “Tragedy & Hope” and Kenneth
      Royce’s, “Hologram of Liberty” to understand the reality of this.

      Of course, there are those here that are still gulping deeply of the
      civ-nat mythological koolaide..and as such they believe that meat
      puppet drumphfschtick IS the ‘Second Orgasmal Pop’ to Ronnie-Rayguuun
      descending from the cuntservative cloudbank to whisk ‘Mureica’ back
      to “Glorious Cucklandia”…all thru the magic ritual of pushing a lighted
      button next to some puppets name…no different than a Bonobo micro
      chimp pushing his digit on a button to ‘hopefully’ get chimp kibble
      to drop in the waiting cup…..

      And all the ‘Mureican Simpchimps get is a crappy sticker
      for their efforts..not even tasty kibble….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. What is says is the margin of vote fraud in collusion with the fake punditry and yellow media to create an illusion of a fictitious close race to is going to be very difficult to do to put the another commie globo=pedo in the offal office.

    Its a given they aren’t going to let Mr. Trump be elected to a second term if they can do anything about it. They are at a crossroads now as it is, a second term is at least going to set them back many more decades, if not worse for them.

    Frankly too many good folks understand how and why pedo joe is unelectable without massive vote fraud, so the question is will they do it anyway, transform any pushback to such usurpation into a false narrative pedo joe is a victim of an unfair election, thus creating all the plausible deniability needed to justify more anarchist terrorism, using this as another instrument of attempting to destroy America.

    It couldn’t get anymore obvious the chink flu panic-demic part 2 is to justify vote by mail fraud.
    The usual suspects have begun proclaiming President Trump will never step down, he is a dictator for life, a secret white supremacist, Putin’s puppet, blah blah etc.

    It’s reasonable to expect they could use burn loot murder and the rest of the commie fake anarchists in vote suppression and intimidation tactics, in key precincts, same places they traditionally gerrymander and use fraudulent votes/counting to usurp electoral college votes which hands them key states.

    It is a surety they have a banquet of plan A B C D etc monkey tricks prepared in advance.

    Rumors are there’s been 54 assassination attempts on President Trump. This is indicative of the by any means driven strategy is alive and functional.
    Whats a coup by vote fraud then but simply one option among many.

    If it was me running this globo-pedo shit-show I would solve the problem of Trump and the Deplorable’s by making the election itself taking place impossible.
    I could not afford the legitimacy it gives to the enemy. It would undermine decades if not everything of work.

    This is all 4th Generation War, 4G war is war of legitimacy, all sorts of elements are in a crisis of legitimacy, government, culture, history, ideology, crime syndicates, tradition, political factions and groups, the corporate world, the past and present administration, even the controlling fiat economic system. The truth itself no less.
    Maybe the question should be is it possible to hold a clean election in November?

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt vote by bullet box is the only vote that will count.
    Be wonderful if I’m wrong, but my money is in lead magazines.
    The #1 question in my mind has always been, What After Trump? Thats where my thinking has been since the color revolution of 11-8-16. TINVOWOOT for short.

    I think too, The Martial law option has become a very viable option. If anything, they have handed it to Trump on a 24 karat gold platter. Would Trump use it? It’s time it was created for sure looks like it has arrived. Trump is not the kind of leader who gets into pickles where events drives his decision making, if anything he has proven he is very accomplished at timing and hanging the enemy by their own petards. And he’s Lucky. He makes his own luck. Seems too he has some smart motivated people who are on a mission, focused. Trump has a lot going for him, he effects positive changes, many times where no others but him seem to see anything but roadblocks and futility. They consistently underestimate Trump too. And has one quality so rare its difficult to see it for what it is, he is a basic honest man at heart, and he see’s good in people and is an expert delegator, that causes people around him to be inspired, achieve things beyond their previous limits. All these elements are important factors. Discount them at your peril.
    Will he go Martial Law? Thats a question. Being the guy is a Civic Nationalist, he probably believes in his heart America, FUSA can be saved. No lack of motivation faith and beliefs on his part on that score. And sometimes believing in something makes the impossible possible.

    I guess that begs the question what hole cards Mr. Trump has saved up. The dude is a Winner. He believes in winning. More so he believes in people winning. Thats a hole card, a trump card all its own.

    Exciting times to be alive.
    FreeFor Wins. Its inevitable.
    Just going to be rough for awhile, be some real suck pills, nothings so bad it ain’t good for something, and we all got to stick together.
    It’s how we win.

  3. Those who are familiar with the workings of the Communists are aware that the United States is in jeopardy. They are not fearful if the people of the country awake to the danger. But the enemies of civilization, both those in the Communist party and those on the fringe, who are playing with fire in their support of Communist theories, are at work to effect the overthrow of the government. They are working cleverly, insidiously, and are willing to take plenty of time to accomplish their ends, but their main purpose, the goal toward which they are striving, is the destruction of church, home, and the state in America and the raising of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

    R.M. Witney, Reds In America, 1924

  4. I think my region (deep south Texas, hard up against the Rio Grande, bordering Mexico) is pretty solid blue. About 85% traditional Democrat. Funny thing is, the vast majority of same people are pretty conservative. Religious, hard working, Pro-Life. Yet vote for politicians who vote the opposite. Very few Republicans are elected to office here.

    I think its the heat – its fried our brains. So south Texas should have a blue streak of counties along the border down here.

    1. The same thing in Deep East Texas, old guard Democrats people with a work ethic and church goers. Funny thing, the county Dems. headquarters is a rented shack along the outer highway, the Repubs. I’m not sure.

    2. Do those religious, hard working, pro-life people vote for the atheist, slacker abortionists? Or do the vote-counters count until the Left wins?

  5. Some people should not be given CONUS maps and colored pencils with which to display their ignorance.

  6. >anon,

    Hard to figure those who walk the traditional (work, family, etc.) path yet vote in those who will ultimately destroy that life.

    Shaking head slowly, and yes, South Texas plus Laredo, San Antonio, Houston, Austin may well put the Ds, aka/tyrants in charge.

    Of course even Texas’ recent R majorities did little to advance liberty in the Lone Star State.

    Back to cleaning & oiling

    1. They voted Dem when they were Dixiecrats. Then they forgot to change parties with the others. They can’t admit that their party sold them out.

  7. TINVOWOOT is accurate in one sense, attempt to gain info and admittance, in your local voting precinct, attempt to be elected as a precinct captain.
    If you are very locky you might make contact by someone who is running your local precinct. Usually there is no normal path to contact. And all that implies.

    Anyone remember the Precinct Captain Project of 2007-2208?
    It was the first hacking/shadow banning and de-throttling action I had witnessed. The people involved in its creation and organization came under a variety of attacks to shut the project down, it died in fairly quick fashion.
    I was beginning to get involved and did not notice at first being such the trusting trad-murican I was and ignorant of the actual depth of depraved corruption of the left, and chocked it up to Microsofts incredibly crappy product, was the victim of computer hacking, which has followed me since, in particular as an invited citizen investigative journalist on a number of blogs and alt-mews websites.

    It is not well known the Precinct System originated out of a colonial era political sysyem to create and retain the idea of will of the people and control of the political/election process at the local local local level. The intent of the Precinct structure can not be exemplified any better than looking at the results today politically.
    In no uncertain terms the left infiltrated and took total control of the precinct process in every critical political jurisdiction. It is their essential and foundational path to political power.
    In simplistic terms you can not be elected dog catcher in Mayberry RFD, you can not get your mug on an official ballot, without your local precinct’s blessing. Control the precincts you control who is elected and who you want to stop from being elected. Period.

    ( there’s write in and blank spots you can use to vote for anyone you choose, but its not very effective when so many are either disaffected by the electoral process or do not choose to make such and effort out of ignorance etc. you as the voter can vote for a fire-hydrant for president if you choose.)

    The situation is the Precinct Process is the most fundamental process and the originating process for getting onto a ballot in an election as a candidate.

    Imagine the political control and power your party obtains when you lock up access to this process.
    Imagine the unlimited corruption possible.

    Imagine why President orangemanbad-nazi-white-supremacist came as such a shock, what an even more shocking event it is that their control was so easily thwarted, simply by passed and left to wither on the vine, by pedo-Von Barron Vag Pantsuit’s basket of Deplorable’s.

    Imagine a hornets nest stirred like a baseball bat knocking it off its perch.

    Imagine the lengths “They” need to go to usurp the Throne of Western Power and oust the Deplorable’s “murder weapon”.

    All the elements of the lefts political self defeat have coalesced into one pivotal point in time. They have no enemy but themselves. Here’s the thing, even the Deplorable’s and every American American worth their salt, who passively and peacefully defies resists and refuses to comply with the political elite and their managed process, is not an enemy per-say. Never has. We are not “Their” enemy, we are natural organic resistors of the genuine sovereign foundation of ordered liberty and our own individual unique liberty.
    “They” must create enemies everywhere to obtain the illusion of legitimacy so vital to obtaining political power necessary to operate their unwholesome un-natural astro-turf operational stance.
    “They” weaponized the idea of the art of creating false enemies out of whole cloth.
    “They” weaponize all the things.
    “They” have abandoned all pretense of illusion of legitimate political process. Including their own fig leaf of legitimacy.

    This is not an election for a president it is a battle for a mandate of legitimacy.

    The Chinese Mandate of Heaven is facing more than a vote of confidence in America, it is a global tide of unintended consequences coming home to roost manifesting into something English lacks the vocabulary for, except for a term borrowed from Scandinavian mythology. “Ragnorak,” it is the death of the gods and of all things, in the final battle against evil.

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