9 thoughts on “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”

  1. Most ‘men ‘ shouldn’t vote either. Oh wait, that’s what the founders intended.

  2. Yea Pedophilia is to be normalized as the Satanic war on humanity ramps up.
    They intend to drag us to the abyss as base animals with no control over appetites.
    Down is up, evil is good, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.
    Be of good cheer that you see what is coming and are prepared.
    Get your preps airtight because Nirbiru is coming and Mother Nature will be riding it and boy is she pissed.
    When the poles get shifted and the new Ice Age begins upside down world will be literal.

    1. Question, IS fucking blow up Barbie dolls, the same as Pedophilia?

      Poll question ,,,
      IF, you couldn’t get a Lady to drop her panties, for whatever reason. Would you
      A pull the Rooster, until it crows!.
      Spend big bucks,,, purchase a really smoking hot, Barbie blow up doll, ” who’s ALMOST” human, Cloth her in really provocative attire, and give your new hottie a frank rodglring nightly.

      Forgive my confusion!. And I’m asking for a friend.


      1. just returned from a shitty

        i don’t believe i seen one smoking hot REAL chick

        some cute faces but all fucking nasty from the neck down

        one actually wasn’t too bad, but full of tatts and cheap walfart clothing

        no thanks

        where do i purchase a one of those dolls?


        murkin bitches just aren’t fuckable- FACT

  3. Had to enlarge it to 400%, just to see what it was about, and was glad I did. Agree 100% with what is written. While a boy in the 60’s, I could see how families were being devalued and dredged by feminism. My Mother never had a drivers’ license. Never flew on an airplane, and had 7 children. I had 8, which is more than all of my siblings combined. Can’t tell you how much I love my wife and respect her. But she has the political acumen of a goat. Head in the sand, refuses to see where all this madness is heading, but slightly more awake these days. In all my life I have never understood women’s refusal to believe that others are capable of the worst behavior, and often do it. The feminists are a pampered, privileged, pussy riot of idiots that do not know how the world actually works. They will soon learn the error of their ways.

    1. And how many here remember either reading Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock” or seeing
      the documentary that was released in 1972?

      Future Shock – The Documentary (1972)

      Wide spread acceptance of homosexuality, both male and female..let alone “homosexual

      Not to mention all the other items that Toffler discussed…

      And to think it was the jews who spearheaded the ‘acceptance of homosexuals,
      let alone the push to ‘normalize’ homosexual marriage, among other cultural


      Why jews push homosexual marriage

      And wasn’t it (((convenient))) that the mulatto former teen gigilo/Coke whore
      Barry Sotero and his wife Michael presided over the ‘successful passage’ of
      homosexual marriage during his pResidency…after his daughter
      Malia ‘educated’ him on the moral relevancy of it….

      Not surprised…not one bit


      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. My wife had trouble understanding my opposition to BLM

      Man “They’re Marxists”
      Woman “How do you know that?”
      Man “They explicitly say it on video and their website”
      Woman “So what?”
      Man “When Marxists gained control of Cuba they rounded up all the Catholics and shot them”
      Woman “What’s that got to do with anything?”
      Man “You’re a Catholic”

  4. someone has been rummaging thru enstipoops closet i see

    always calling folks pedos…

    Projecting again

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