35 thoughts on “Breaking”

  1. The commies discovered a formaldehyde formula keeps zombie’s looking like live humans.

  2. It’s way past time to remove her, the flies and buzzards are tired of waiting

  3. Recent rulings by esteemed party members comrade Gorsuch and Roberts show that who is appointed is just for decorative purposes only.
    They are all in on it and will jump over to some other place to be exploited after they milk the last dollar out of the FUSA.
    The local comrade’s bookstore has these novelty mints and the ones with RBG and derogatory ones of (((Jarvanka Trumpstein))) are collecting dust.
    I walk in there just to agitate the purple haired genetic misfire clerk who thinks that this is some blue state.
    I didn’t see one for Hussein Hopenchange such as excremints or disappointmints.

  4. Gates of Hell are gaping wide to welcome another tool of satan home.
    Speed the hour!

    1. DAMN!!!!

      Sir!!… The last private’s out the rear hatch Sir!!


      By the way… that dude David Hawkins died a while ago 🙂

  5. She’s beaten pancreatic cancer like 17 times. We the people can barely manage to live a month after the first diagnosis of that. Y’all don’t really believe she is about to die, right? And if she did, don’t start getting hopeful that Trump will be able to fill her seat before November. And if he did, tell me how that’s worked lately. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Roberts are all leftist turds. He can’t swing the court with her seat even if he resurrected Scalia.

  6. Any word on the black on white shooting in the Indianapolis, Indiana suburb of Brownsburg?
    A poor downtrodden youth randomly opened fire on two white people at the town cemetery both of them were killed and a third concealed carry permit motorist passing by shot and killed the perpetrator.
    I wonder why the enemedia wouldn’t talk about such a dastardly heinous gun crime.
    Also a BLM “organizer” was picked up charges of kiddie porn possession again with the sound of crickets from the enemedia.



  7. If you think we have seen crazy, over the top frenzy of leftist angst just imagine what will explode if this woman dies and Trump has the opportunity to nominate someone at least marginally sane to replace her. Such an event might well trigger open warfare.

  8. Good for her! On the other hand i do want to see another trump pick bone us in the ass, dry, again. Moar faster!!

  9. Fuck that hag.

    May she die a *VERY* slow and horribly painful death and then be treated to an eternity of gang-raping by Mao, Pol-Pot, Stalin, Muhammed, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Vlad Lenin, Charlie Manson and every other Communist, mass murderer, kiddie rapist and sicko that is also rotting in Hell.

    I will be rejoicing that this cunt is finally reaping what she has sown.

    Shit…I might even break out a fine port and a ceegar and toast her death.

  10. Chemotherapy is well known to reduce “executive function” in the human brain. It might be better to live, but it disqualifies a person from command or inportant decisions that affect others.

    DJT should prepare a short list of candidates.

  11. You have to give full credit to the Communists. The dedication of the Religion of Woke cultists puts mamby-pamby summertime Christians to shame. RBG would crawl over burning broken glass through a minefield to deny Trump another SCOTUS pick, on the chance of a Biden victory, (given that he is an empty suit barely able to read the teleprompter speeches written for him by the squad.).

    Communists have 100X the dedication and fervor of so-called Christians.

    1. Bonaventure, thanks for the referenced link. May He bless you and yours, and hold you in His hands.

  12. Someone needs to find out where she lives and all night long play the German national anthem as loud as they can……

  13. Between George Soros and RBG, and countless others, why cant they just pass gently in their sleep. Outside of an open rebellion and a public gallows, damn. Retire, and die already.

  14. I believe the correct term is “comfort animal”. By the way, Stilton had a 100% applicable cartoon of this nature on Johnny Optimism in the last couple of years.

    It’s amazing how some people can speak from beyond the grave, scrot!

    Dateline Washington: 2055
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg said to be fighting cancer. Again….

  15. Even if she croaks, Liberals will prop the old dish rag up in her chair and claim she is just resting.

  16. John Lewis passed. Finally be a good communist. Ruthie, follow your friend JL! Go to the light, or the dark. Whatever fits.

    Cunthole. Just die already!

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