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  1. Payout prices haven’t went up at the recycler regarding the aluminum can shortage.
    The high point was back in the early days of Sand Box War II over in the gulf.
    They don’t do change and if your total is $5.01 you get $6.00
    Still getting those wheat pennies, pre-1964 nickels, Bicentennial quarters in change at the Sack N’ Save.
    They relented on the obedience muzzle but the push is on by the Reds for the whole enchilada which is why I have been stocking up plus it is within walking distance.
    The commie box mart based out of MI and CCP-Mart are no go zones as they are debit/credit only and mandatory panty face.
    My elementary school buddy (h/t/-TM) and his family stopped them from coming in for a decade and it turned out just like they said a stripmall/particle board subdivision/industrial park eyesore.
    What used to be farmland is now a gridlock parking lot with mongos who can’t drive for shit and stop lights that malfunction daily creating a four lane four way stop.
    The bestest and brightest didn’t stop to wonder if a small county on the outskirts of Capital City could hold tens of thousands of replacements.
    Honk honk!

    1. Hear ya, Bro! Here in fly-over O-HI-O land at my local WallyWorld, some damsel waiting in the checkout line was distressed by a mongo too close to her in line, so she blurted: “DO YOU MIND? KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!”

      The mongo looked at her–and spit in her face. Yup–a big hocker.

      WallyWorld employees did jack, so these CV19 festivities waltzed out to the parking lot–with yours truly observing from a decent distance as well as behind decent cover (brick wall.)

      Sure enough, the screaming woman at the man in the parking lot produced the mongo result: the dude reached in his waistband and pulled a .380 on her. “Hey, beetch! Wanna eat some lead today?”

      The gal turned whiter-than-white, while the mongo got in his beater, pistole still pointed at now silent white-screamer, and sped off. Couple moments later–cue the Po-Po sireens coming out to make a report. Luckily a donut shop is next door, so ETA was quicker than normal.

      Wait until “spicy times” arrive here….

  2. July 17th is the feast of the Blessed Martyrs of Compiègne: 16 Carmelite nuns were guillotined by French Jacobin revolutionaries on this day in 1794, for refusing to accept state control over the Catholic Church.


      1. It’s Friday night. Shouldn’t you be slinging fish sandwiches at “your” bar?

  3. Coin shortage is conditioning for cash ban. All the mask wearers will rationalize that too just like they will excuse the Chicom’s social credit score and switching off the finances of the ‘ rebels’ . ‘If it only saves one life’ . Especially their miserable meat-sack.

    1. you are such an imbecile. an arrogant (we don’t know why) bastard who only once in a while offers substance to the discussion. you blaspheme, criticize, pontificate, and – embarrass yourself. God bless you, t. I believe you’re a tool, or a fool; but you do make me laugh.

  4. Q: Why go after the coins?
    A: Another control point?
    Force the move to cashless faster?
    What am I missing?

    I don’t see the hoopal’s massing their hysteria yet like the TP yet but it should show soon.

  5. How many here watched the late Aaron Russo’s “From Freedom to Fascism”
    when it first came out?…

    Remember what he and others in the documentary said about
    the importance of cash (yes, it’s intrinsically worthless fiat trash..we know)
    and WHY the juden globalist banksters hate it and want it gone?….

    Freedom to Fascism

    Surprised that (((SpewTube))) hasn’t ‘shoa’ed’ it…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. Word. I used to show it to my Tea Party friends when I lived in SW Oregon. Several bought copies. I showed to some of my students at the private school where I taught. It set them on the right path. Truth is indeed its own defense. Bleib ubrig, mein freund.

  6. They’ve been doing that “no change” bit for a couple of days now, here. I’ve got change on me. Fucking ‘tards. These idiots even have signs up saying it’s because the Federal Reserve isn’t in session, or active or whatever their delusion is . As if the FR printed paper money and minted coins. Meanwhile, down at the Treasury Dept. ……….

  7. Coins have value post-reset. Nickels are very close to face value in copper nickel scrap, but cost almost a dime to mfg. If gold were revalued to 50000/oz, and 3 zeros dropped from the currency (after about a hunnert trillion dumped into M1), along with recognizing US Treasury coinage at face value, people with jars of coins, ASE and AGE’s would be winners in the great debt default/reset. Ten frn bucks paper or digital becomes one cent, equal to a zinc 2018 penny, hundred dollar bills become dime. Your 1964 silver dime is worth keeping, still, because they never devalue just once.

    Got food, and the rest? Chaos until clampdown and reset.

  8. Last weel I was told by a Coke rep in a grocery that the selection of sodas had dropped because there was an aluminum shortage. BULLSHIT
    I looked at aluminum production and recycling nu.bers and found that thefe was no actual shortage, however there were aluminum producers going out of the can sheet stock business because the bottlers will not pay as much per pound as the car and industrial sheet users will.

  9. The masses buy into every scam laid in front of them, and then argue with you when presented with the truth.
    What exactly is there that’s worth dying over in this lying nation? Even it’s citizens are too stupid and not worth saving from their own idiocy.
    People are already killing each other over the wearing of masks and we haven’t even seen phase 2 yet. Look how many normies commented here about their willingness to wear masks. They too bought into the hysteria and you can’t wake them up.
    Now it’s metal shortages and they don’t even think or question the how and why of it, just bite the hook and run with it.
    No need to worry about China/Russia/FedGov, your own idiot neighbors will kill you over a mask or tin can soon.

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