7 thoughts on “Git Sum: Flammenwerfers For Sale”

  1. Beautiful rendition!

    As a mechanically metal fabrication skilled Maker of things tangible I see a perfect visual blueprint for reproducing this artifact of dispensing active inflammable liquids.

    Improvisational technical art is a natural born skill in America, where exists an abundance of ready made adaptable materials and pre-manufactured items waiting patiently for the hand of opfor Makers to recreate new and prax-tical purposes for.

    Fire that sticks is a fearsome substance. Fire that sticks after being propelled tactical distances is a fearsome tool. Such fire brings out the primordial beast in all of us.

    A great friend said one day, in the Vietnam war he witnessed first hand when you operate a belt fed weapon they try real hard to kill you.
    When your the flamethrower operator EVERYONE stops whatever they are doing and tries to kill you. He said the flame thrower is a weapon not just of primordial fears, it is a fantastic weapon of distraction. Nothing focuses the enemies attention like a guy with a flame thrower. Its use as a weapon to kill is secondary. An added benefit if its not used specifically against dug enemy in bunkers, tunnels and the like.

  2. The two words that destroyed the White race?
    Yes dear.


  3. I am not a flammerwerfer authority, and I do not yet own one of these products.

    I am taking the position that is is a quality product sold at a market price, and you are doing the Lord’s work by making us aware of this fabulous opportunity.

    Everyone who reads this should get at least 2. Note carefully that particulate matter can clog the nozzle. You don’t want this to happen. Train hard. Have a buddy nearby with multiple fire extinguishers, rated appropriately. This is not a one-man weapon – this is a squad weapon. If things go badly, you want someone else there. And these are the last of the salad days for flammenwerfers. Remember when 5.56 was ~.30/round? Those days are gone. Get your flammerwerfers NOW!

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