41 thoughts on “So The Ammo Is Gone. What’s Next?”

  1. afterwards?

    the only rational, logical, and meaningful action is to embrace tfA-t’s GODLY devised doctrine of mass love and across the board thorough washing- will humankind reach the heights of the next dimension

    come join tfA-t in his worthy goal of happiness and joy ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Exactly.

        For someone who has like a gajillion $$$ and life by the ballz, he sure does spend a lot of time on the internets trying to make everyone else’s life as miserable as his.

        1. ha ha ha

          i have nothing BUT time..

          however, i just returned from a peaceful kayak run thru a mountain pass on the Canadian side with a very gorgeous tall thin-VERY WHITE 32 year old named Emily

          problem is she’s a lib(purple streaked hair).. she’s from here, but living in denver..

          now, where we ? oh yes. burn the fucker to the ground and don’t don’t leave nothing for the dinks

          and that is all

          1. She must be hard up if sheโ€™s desperate enough to hang with a Boomer 27 years her senior.

          2. i just returned from a peaceful kayak run thru a mountain pass on the Canadian side

            . LOL!

            There ainโ€™t no mountain pass anywhere near where you live.

            Is there nothing you donโ€™t lie about?

        1. Tee, your a fucking looser!,,,,, hey Tee guess who I’m VOTING for, no not the lil Indian princess fella your sticking your hamster
          Sized meat stick in,,,,NOPE!

          TRUMP, TRUMP, go MEGA, keep on rolling. Trump, The man, The Myth The legend.

          Meanwhile on fantasy island, tee and the tribe are doing a recreation of the lil bighorn, tee is portraying mustard custard, himself. After all it’s good for natives guilty white and tourism, tourist love those actors.

          Kinda like taking a knee, just different.

          Your ol pal Dick , errrr Dirt.

    1. and remember..

      cleanliness IS next to GODLINESS

      so make ready to scrub a dub dub

      ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. WWTFATD?

        Rant relentlessly and unintelligibly, in the most crass and debased manner possible, to no useful purpose other than to annoy decent folks and call unwarranted attention to himself, while lathering his wilted willy with microwaved recycled peanut oil…….

    2. I was just wondering if you have ever considered doing a website of your own, as an alternative to putting out your constructive thoughts as a tag-along on somebody else’s site. Face facts. Nobody else but our host here will put up with your daily spewings. How’s that feel?

      There might be a problem or two with you putting up your own site with you being a one-trick pony. Your readers just might go away after their first look at the tFat site. Does this tell you anything?

  2. The big corps are all putting on the face panty push.
    Cash is being actively eliminated.
    Box stores are going to close because the economy is smoked and supply chains dinged.
    This will force everyone to shop online (remember cash is bad).
    Schools are going to be in turmoil in the fall people are shitting themselves over bat vag flu.
    Schools are going to be closed in the fall because school unions want it that way (lazy marxist cunts need time to attend BLM protests).
    Marxist shithole governors are pushing the agenda and continue to economically subvert the US actively.
    Our enemies are salivating at what’s being done here. Learn some Russian or Mandarin might come in handy some day.
    Seeing movement in Portlandia from the feds finally. FedPo troops maybe Dhs snatch n grabs ongoing.
    Fun fucking times ahead. Every breath is a gift, maybe hold that next one, exhale then squeeze.

    1. The fact the masses are so easily controlled, they almost enjoy playing along with the next and newest scam, is a sign it’s time to burn it all down. Clown world isn’t going to survive for much longer.
      The system HAS to start over, this one is so FUBAR’d it has to go, and with the idiots who play along as enablers.
      OR we can take the easy way out, let our handlers control us indefinately with their incessant games of doom and gloom while we complain ourselves to death over the next decade.

      1. I wonder how much they believe, and how much they play along?

        Its like the polls. Even the pollsters are beginning to realize Trump voters arenโ€™t being honest- why would they admit the unPC hatetruth to a stranger?

    2. โ€œEvery breath is a gift, maybe hold that next one, exhale then squeeze.โ€œ

      OK that sentence just made my day!

      Kudos Tom – well done!

      Keep your powder dry (and execute a proper trigger squeeze),

      Atlas Shrug

  3. If you have a common caliber there should be plenty around. I swap and trade with a buddy.
    If there are some rounds that the lead dispenser doesn’t like we barter.
    Sadly he is moving fifty miles away to escape the enrichment improvementation replacement.
    The world class local gunshop still has the poster of sobama with the best gun salesman ever caption.
    Lately sales have blown past the milestones set by chimpy the Kenyan.
    State cops are doing background checks in their cars from the parking lot to speed things up and some calibers and weapons are not available.
    Normies are waking up and that is a good thing in the long run.

    1. We had an impromptu ‘dry run’ if you will with some road raging diversity types a couple of weeks ago. It proved to me that thugs only understand force, and that the NPT concept WORKS! We ran them the F off of our block, and in spite of their half ass threats they haven’t been back. We were extremely aggressive towards the thugs. They had an ass whuppin coming at best, and they knew it and gtfo. The cops arrived relatively quick, it still proved to be too late, and their situational awareness was pathetic. Had they been walking into an ambush they would have been in deep trouble. While I believe what’s coming is so big and nasty no one is ready, I do believe my immediate aor is at least above average in readiness. Come to my block, come correct or you’ll get corrected.

      1. I hate to sound stupid, but what is NPT? Couldnโ€™t find a definition for it.

      2. You are fortunate in your block (so am I).

        Frankly if anyone is hanging around Diversistan without a crew in the AO they can be written off under Darwin.

      3. Out where we live, we have missed all the ‘spiciness’ that others (such as yourself) have and will continue to experience. The best we come close to is some local ass hole setting off fire works scaring the horses and dogs. Soooooo,
        we (that would be me) have started a protest of our own: BCLM Protest!
        Black Cow Lives Matter. March for the cows! Maybe stirring the pot maybe but cows do matter. Of course, like the outside world, there will eventually be a counter protest (can’t leave anyone/anything out so there will be a
        ACLM: All Cow Lives Matter. At least cows don’t burn/loot/steal. Just saying ……
        On a positive note, the locals are worried with escalating food prices, we no keep a sharp eye out for outsiders looking for a cheap source of protein: not opposed to shooting someone for attempting to steal or poach wildlife or cow’s ‘out here’ ….

          1. I hope to see that Black Cows Matter roadsign up on the site quick-like. Pic was taken back in January on the Diamond Cross Ranch up in Montana. Despite corporate ownership, the hands there occasionally do display a sense of humor.

  4. funny thing this morning. american partisan now seems to be protected by java scripts to hook into your browser claiming this protects them from DDoS attacks. so says cloudflare. it is indeed a P.I.A. to get around. don’t recall having to deal with this last week. the site does recommend installing Privacy Pass as a Firefox add-on, a “mother may i” little doodle that cloudflare will still use java scripts to detect and read your number. and not very vpn friendly. who does this protect?

  5. What’s this CAPCHA shit at AP? Not that they’ll miss me, but I won’t be going there again.

  6. Making it to, out of ammo would be good. Fire, in fact destruction of property, all enemy property, is pretty standard. You should already be planning on using fire, incendiaries, and any explosives as needed/desired.

    Is it a war for your very existence? Yes. You are not planning on some type of UN rules engagement limited operation are you? This is the biggest worry I have about army and marine vets; they will default to their training. Your training was wrong. You don’t leave property intact, you don’t leave male associates alive. That is the correct way to wage war. This is total war, the Bible way, not the way of the UN/Geneva Convention/Oslo Accord/devil worshipers.

    You want to win? Then you kill them all and wreck all of their stuff. Period.

    1. Let them be shown the way if needed, theyโ€™ll take to it like ducks to water.

      Nobody liked or believed in ROE, it was only the fear of jail that enforced it.

      Frankly the most common malfunction seen with ROE (personally seen) is failure to fire, and coward leaders who freeze and hold back. In other words – do nothing, and someone else will do it.
      And take the heat.

      As the Sporting Lawyer discovered ROE sums as;
      Damned if you do,
      Dead if you donโ€™t.

  7. I tried to go to the link but there was a bot between me and what I wanted. Click-off.

  8. Boss, on the same line, and before it says westernrifle etc, is says {not secure}, as at every other site I frequent daily, that doesn’t toe the govt. line. They may be after you again. Had a third unknown party try to take over my computer yesterday too. Got other bizarre issues around my AO here, it’s getting spicier. When the ammo is gone is a good conversation starter on controlling fires and not wasting ammo to start with. A good way of thinking is that you do not shoot if there is no visible target. Also, if you wind up shooting, your habit is always to do an ammo check afterwards. No full auto.

  9. I’ve been going there pretty much since they started the page, today for the first time the page wants me to turn on cookies. I don’t turn on cookies for any site so I guess I’ll remove the bookmark to their page.

  10. I know his site worked before, I had been to that article already. I think he might be under attack, or had his web hosting compromised.

    Use good, long passwords for your blog admin accounts, people, and harden your WordPress install if that is what you are using. Voices speaking truth are under attack these days.

  11. Are you guys running VPN, and onion? I’m not a computer toad, run both, took a week for me to figure out. I change my IP address weekly. Think I’m in France this week.

    No idea if it’s Really secure, but I don’t seem to have those issues. Also run on DuckDuckGo, rather then google, or such sites.

    Again no idea how effective they are. But PC mag and other rags say it’s the way to go. I don’t remember if I’m running VPN first or second.


    1. Dirk,
      Onion over VPN, double VPN or single, depending on how you feel.
      Works great, nothing stops NSA.
      But this works good elsewhere.
      Panama registry, but only 1 country offered not part of 5 eyes, 12 eyes etc.

      Either way, it’s better than open IP addresses out there.

      Proton mail for that use, Walmart cash card for nord subscription if you really want to.
      Keep your powder dry brother.

  12. The Captcha crap does not work. I tried several times. You have lost me AP.

    I’ll stick with Bracken

  13. Das Radio just pulled the plug on incendiary host telling stories of cultural enrichment.
    He revealed the identity of the killer of tech CEO in NY state which we all knew because no photo was shown online or in the morning fish wrap.
    The controlled demolition of the FUSA is in progress but I’m sure all who frequent WRSA knew that.
    It sounds like AmPart needs new tech team or is too busy to lock it down.
    You can separate the poseurs from the real deals by how much trouble they have with ISP and DNS host problems and hack attacks.

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