9 thoughts on “Ya Think?”

  1. Just read that China is panic buying foods and cooking oils.
    They don’t trust anything coming out of the FUSA.
    Delegitimizing has consequences.
    Russia has bunkers for their citizens to withstand thermonuclear festivities.
    Why can’t we have nice things? (rhetorical)
    A question for the chosenites-how will you rule the world when we are Zimbabwe?
    Also if race is a social construct then how is there racism?

  2. (((Jeff Schogol))) failed to mention the century of his tribe’s looting that placed occupied America in its moribund position.

  3. Hi Shooter…,
    Is that the “SAME” “Bonnie Dick” that was sailing the seven seas next to my steed the long since scrapped… USS PRINCETON LPH-5 ??? Back when in the Long Beach Naval Shipyard/Base The Bonnie was there!! Is this the same hull??? JEEZ The Princeton lasted only 24 years… the Bonnie?? Or did they run a new hull in on us?? If it’s the old hull an they had a fire.. I’m not surprised!!
    aka PR-2 DELI , USS PRINCETON LPH-5 AUG1967-NOV1969 ship’s Company V-6 div (Avia. Maint.) PARALOFT!!!

    1. These are a newer class than our old LPH’s. Total new hull design, combo LPH/LPD.
      Fas as I know, all our old LPH’s were used as gunnery targets and sit in Davey Jones locker today.
      Sgt. Schulz USMC; USS Okinawa (LPH-3) and USS Tripoli (LPH-10) 1973 WestPac
      USS Inchon (LPH-12) 1975 MedCruise

  4. Wildly entertained by coincident theorist pages with morning go go juice!
    The (((tribe))) has already jumped ship leaving the FUSA to rot.
    CCP will be the rule the world model complete with cat, bat, rat, soup markets.
    The obedience muzzle panty mask is for the sharia that is coming and to weed out the drooling dullards from those who were born to be free.
    The fifth column of mongoloid Marx maven inferior devotee ballwasher maggots deserve the wrath that is coming.

  5. We seem to forget lessons. In WWII much of the equipment we used was totally inferior to what the Germans provided. Except in one area — repair ability. Tools like the GP and Sherman could be repaired by 18yo farm boys, in the field, using battle scrap from other vehicles. We may laugh at Russian designs, but they never forgot the need for repair.

    1. Actually, two.

      We out-produced them on a massive scale. Like 15-20/1 in tanks alone.

      That counts, I think, more than ease of repair.

      Put the two together and you have an unassailable force.

      1. Germany was the size of Texas, all in all, they kicked some serious fuk’n ass for what they had to work with. I doubt Texas could have done as well.

  6. New hyper sonic weapon technology has immediately rendered the entire idea of large fleet surface warfare obsolete. We are currently witnessing the use of the next generation of weapons being deployed against Iran. Low earth orbit and space based weapons taking out targets deep inside Iran with impunity.
    Space Force is the real deal. Navy F-18 pilots chasing Tic tac’s and releasing the video is part of the enlightenment for anyone paying particular attention.

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