8 thoughts on “As Referenced”

  1. what’s this?

    some kind of redneck rebellion statement?


    whoever this tard is, it only shows how impotent the resistance is in Cuckland Why Oh Me westeturd Fusa

    tfA-t is not impressed

    1. Have you ever considered starting your own blog so as not to be as much of a burr under the saddle to others here? You’re not allowed to comment on any other sites but this single one. Does that tell you anything?

      Maybe you could spread your goodwill more widely with your own site. Call it the church of tFat’s antisocialpersonalitydisorder.net or something else as catchy.

  2. Folks who have livestock are numerous, invested, and well armed. Some may even be rednecks. Most are not ..they are however a critical cog in the food supply chain.

    Not a good idea to disregard them or their property.

    BCM is brilliant. Fair warning in the language of illiterates who, up until this point, think steaks are manufactured at the grocery store, and hamburgers come from little drive up windows.

    T-Fat, maybe you should get out more….move about the countryside, invest in beef. There’s a learning curve, but I have faith you are up to the task.

      1. This morning I was digging up a patch of nutgrass at the edge of the garden, and thought of you.

        1. Nice.

          And you were likely plucking it one blade at a time just for the fun of it.

          BTW that first pic is from south-central Montana this past January. Don’t know where the second pic is from: bottomland hay meadows and a hay shed, plus it looks like they have The Electricity in that valley.

        2. Iceni26AD,
          Gotta hand it to ya, you got a tough skin and a great sense of humor.

        3. yes tfA-t has grass on and around his nuts

          he thanks you for keeping his special place in your thoughts

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