20 thoughts on “GoV: The Red Army Faction is Dead — Long Live Antifa”

  1. “A friend of mine who is a political activist said something interesting the other day, and that was for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody.” – L.Corea

    Woe to those who thirst for tyranny.

    In memory of Mike Vanderboegh
    He was right, he was always right.
    Nobody knows the dirty stinking commies like an ex avowed patriot who never gave up right to the end, who was once a commie.
    I think this was Mike’s favorite BFYTW:

    “When Democracy Becomes Tyranny
    I STILL get to vote.”

    1. I miss Mike. He was indispensable and wise. He was a heavy carrier of the water and did a lot for the liberty movement with very little reward or help.

      1. …..”with very little reward or help.”
        Not true.

        …. “He was indispensable and wise.”
        Obviously, you sycophantic sluts still have not learned your lesson, not that doing so would set you mutts on a different course…..just sayin’. Team Globohomo runs the board and takes the day, reap it.

    2. “In memory of Mike Vanderboegh
      He was right, he was always right.”
      No man is ALWAYS RIGHT.
      Wipe your mouth clean.

  2. Interesting, in my encounter with Antifa six weeks ago, my initial thought after identifying the shot callers was, those turds are European! Almost skinny , almost unhealthy, sunken cheeks, clothing consistent with EU folk, shoes, were oddball. Skinned heads, thousand mile stare.

    Clearly could be very dangerous if cornered. They were both packing, right rear hip, not pros, but not amateurs.

    I was wrong once before, possible here. But after living their for many years as a younger man, I recognized a quality about them, uncomsistant with the US.


    1. Yeah, and seems they are coming from another network, the pedo underground. the last two weeks has revealed they are getting busted thru their pedophile culture associations.
      Makes sense, they are highly protected by converged corporate tech, it’s pedo land they are running, globo=pedo are the controlling cabal.
      Always believed it is #Pizzagate gets them, their use of this depravity as an instrument of blackmail and extortion, will come home to roost, as all things so fucking disgusting eventually do.

      A number of big pedo busts in Europe and Asia last week, one piece of garbage was connected to a daek web operation with 30,000 online pedo accounts on a child pedophelia and torture porn sharing network.
      The occurrence of pedo and child trafficking busts, and the exposure of the vast child trafficking and rape culture among the so called elite is escalating, their institutional depravity is collapsing, looks like its nearing cascade failure to no longer protect itself.
      This collapse more than anything is going to bring everything down.

      Another really nasty piece of work was busted think it was Taiwan, on thousands of baby and child rape and torture charges, they are talking he’s going to get the dirt nap by firing squad. Most excellent. Hopefully here public executions become great again.
      Always believed they should be a holiday, everyone comes, make it a festive event, and your kids get to witness the execution.
      Another of them was busted up in Conway NH, only miles from where I was raised, next to a town called Fabian, commonly known as Brettonwoods, where the globo=pedo big cheeses meet every 50 years to decide how they will rule the world, The Brettonwoods Conferences, we lived along Deception Brook, under Mt Deception and Little Mt Deception, which is on the north side of the Mt Washington Hotel grounds where the Conferences are held. Lot of white wealthy Fabian, old old money families with thousands of acres compounds. Pedophelia, incest, extreme sexual behavoir, is rife up in those mountains they populate, there’s entire villages of red diaper baby trust fund brats, they have a culture of lurid perverted swingers groups, no kids are safe up there let me tell you. They are hedonists to the core. Its a whole culture, and these people are members of the biggest and oldest monied interests and organizations, from the ranks of which come every sort of radical leftists who run and control the media, banking, big corporate etc.
      They are decedents literally of those who began The Fabian Society faction in colonial America. The loyalist of King George and the British Empire. They still want what was denied them, stolen from them, what was theirs by divine right of Kings. Total rule over the new world, North America. This is the element behind the efforts to destroy America. Its a stated goal, it is the explicit origins of “The long match through the institutions”, the ideological farce and hemisphere spanning organized crime syndicate they call marxism, what Agenda 21 and its objective to de-populate the “Unsecured Spaces” of north America, its resources and land. They believe it is theirs and us dirt people and the indigenous peoples before us are due for genocide.

      In the aggregate, child rape, torture, murder, is a form of gratification, when your the divine decedents of the rulers of the northern hemisphere, the only power is ultimate power, as raw and as naked as possible, and whats a child sex slave, and the torture and murder of the most innocent and helpless, what is the ultimate betrayal of trust and the hideous rush obtained from such power over other human-beings, than pedophelia?

      Public executions, yeah man , make them great again, larger than life, writ large dude.
      We did this before the Fabian’s converged our system of rule of law.
      There are crimes which only execution can serve justice. Justice is a superb element of ordered liberty and a free civilization. Rightful Consequences and Prudence of Freemen civilization demands it.

      You know it they want us good folks gone.
      We are what stands in their way.
      The only ones who stand in their way.
      Rightfully so.
      We are the only ones who can and will set things aright.
      There are no others.
      Thats as it should be because ain’t nobody else who ever effects positive change on this mortal plane.
      God bless us, there’s none like us.
      We win in the end. It is inevitable.

      1. Mtnforge wrote:
        “..They are decedents literally of those who began The Fabian Society faction in colonial America. The loyalist of King George and the British Empire. They still want what was denied them, stolen from them, what was theirs by divine right of Kings. Total rule over the new world, North America. This is the element behind the efforts to destroy America..”

        Actually they’re tied to “The City of London” and the Rothschilds that rule
        from it. And those Rothschilds have been feeling the burn ever since King
        George’s forces and their influence were semi-successfully cast out (remember
        that Alexander Hamilton WAS a bankster agent for them as were others who
        elected to stay in America).

        Such parasites always take the ‘long view’ in regard to completing
        their goals and plans..and the Rothschilds and their ilk are masters
        at this game..the ONLY real substantial upset they suffered was when
        a German WW1 Veteran and Patriot managed to free Germany from
        their evil economic and social slavery after Germany’s defeat.

        Ken O’ Keefe And The Truth About Adolf Hitler

        America was still suffering horribly under the globalist jewish banksters
        wholly caused “Great Depression” while Germany was experiencing a
        economic and social rebirth free of their poisonous influence.

        That’s the truth that some here still can’t or won’t accept because
        it violates their ‘indoctrination’ and therefore the juden narrative.

        And yes, those same jews created the ideology that created the
        bolshevist ‘Fabians’ and others…judiasm has ALWAYS been communistic.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. Said indoctrination is almost complete.
          Just look at all of the willfully ignorant slobs around us.
          No National Socialist liberator waiting in the wings this time but we should let our inner Skorzeny out just the same – when the time is nigh!

  3. It ever make you wonder why the Intelligentsia infest all our institutions, their globo=pedo agenda and thought policing roots arise from the elitists?
    I do. A couple things that help me understand.
    It’s said, in war, to win, first it is the imperative objective you must find what your enemy values most. I believe that is control, control so absolute they ate no longer burdened by the boogeyman of White Christian citizen warriors armed to the teeth.

    Paradoxically, as vile and unacceptable the motives and actions this drives in them, I believe that is justified. They may not understand consciously, maybe their hubris blinds them, hard to say, it doesn’t matter for the most part, when you violate good folks codes as they do, us good folks they are messing with, we get mean like nothing ever walked the God’s green Earth.
    You reap what you sow.

    No matter how much they attempt to memory hole our history, our traditions, our roots culture and foundational precepts, regardless of their revisionism and putrid humanism, they are no less susceptible to taking the dirt nap ignoring history. The queen bitch of unintended consequences.

    “Intellectuals are more totalitarian in outlook than the common people.  Most of them are perfectly ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, systematic falsification of history, etc, so long as they feel that it is on ‘our side.” – George Orwell

    An extremely concise description of the above is the brief concise essay below. A timeless missive.
    They walk amongst us, like a virus, spreading, till it converges everything. Except we who are armed to the teeth and our tribes.
    Whats really interesting is like everything now, and Henry Dampier hits the heart of things, at its the core its all about guns, or specifically “we have too many guns”
    They fear guns, they fear we who are, White, Christian, Men of The West, as nothing else. This fear of our armed to the teeth indomitable will drives the Intelligentsia to psychopathic heights, or depths of depravity.

    About the Corporate Slave Class

      1. BOOO! christer

        even ewe will accept tfA-t’s plan for what remains of humankind

        tfA-t is the way and the light forward through the greatest lie of all- false gods

        you will have your “come to tfA-t” moment- verily verily i say upon to ewe

        1. Is that plan anything like the plan you had for “your” bar?

          Last I checked, it had tax liens filed against it. LOL! “Your” bar can’t even make ends meet when its the only game on the island!

          BTW, is it WWTFaTD? Or WW[]BD?


          1. you christers are SOOOO delusional

            the shit you imagine is both fantastical and disturbing

            tfA-t poops on ewe and your preposterous fabrications

            you are obviously deeply troubled and confused

            get help son

            tfA-t loves you

            he is after all

            the King of kings

  4. Let me get this straight…….Americans slaughtered millions of their own men for people who not 25 years later were rolling it for Mao, Lenin, and Trotsky?? Men who had families that they never returned to. Men who arrived back on the shores of their own country broken & damaged in 10,000 ways. Men who then went to work in their own country and sent taxed dollars-free of repayment expected-to these same MFs?? Men who are now expected to keep shoring up, defending, and saving the asses of these charletains and liars?? The ONLY thing that I will ever support the United States Military defending is our shores, our land, and the people therein. Let’s start by getting rid of that communist ridden “United Nations”. We should’ve let Hitler have all of Europe.

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