15 thoughts on “It’s A Miracle!”

  1. tfA-t has declared months ago all that is being exposed now

    paging aslop

    aslop needed in aisle 13 to perform damage control to the offishul narrative

    coronascam is a complete farce and all who have been party to this are guilty of treason

    dancing and playing grab ass on duty is NOT conducive to tfA-t’s vision of the future

    all medical werqers are NOT hereos

    many many many are the enemy and shall be punished for the rest of their lives or until death

    whichever comes first

    tfA-t so demandeth

    1. A mutual strong dislike of aesop and his histrionic doom porn page.

      What’s that saying about broken clocks?

    2. Aesop’s silence is deafening. And if you go to his site, the septic tank of Orange County, CA is melting down due to the number of cases. But, given the demographics of that area and SoCal in general, it is understandable. There are legions of wetbacks, Asians, and other vagabonds coming and going from all over the world. They bring their pestilences with them.
      The corrupt Dead Elephants who ran things there for many years encouraged this social and cultural pollution. I saw it first hand when I worked there as a Deputy Sheriff. They are reaping the whirlwind. I do not feel the least bit sorry for Aesop and the rest of the fools who still think you can pick up a turd from the clean end. Bleib ubrig.

      1. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the piles of bodies in the hospital halls, here in Wyoming we barely had any deaths, my county had less than 2 dozen deaths, almost all on the Indian Res. My town had maybe 1 who tested positive, but nobody knows who it was.
        Our handlers have many years experience of playing psyops, from the Holohoax to endless media brainwashing and now the Covidhoax. They will keep doing it as long as the proles play along. And there’s no end of willing participants.

        1. Could the bodies and the external meat lockers be from the Funeral Homes being shutdown? That was the case in NYC. This thing is purely about control. The mask thing in FL with 94 F degree weather has to be the stupidest fucking thing I have witnessed in my more than 50 short years on this ball. I’m the only one in grocery store without a face diaper.

    3. LOL … and thanks for the snark directed at the polysyllabic, self-appointed Master of WooFlu narrative …

      models were wrong and remain so
      media supported care ( ventilators, Remdesivir, et al ) is BS
      effective care ( HCQ+Z-pak+Zn+VitC+steroids) has been deep-sixed
      Masks = Obedience Symbol, without clinical support
      ‘tests’ were not verified for specificity and reliability by FDS
      PubHealth has been a PC -agenda driven tool
      Fraudci’s cozy relationship with Herr Gates and BigPharms is ignored
      no one is focusing on roles of Ab’s AND cellular (T-cell) actions
      financial incentives to misdiagnose are HUGE$$
      healthy immune ID/sequestration/elimination of coronas is typical
      the few cases that go on to cytokinemia can be managed ( see EVMS)
      conflating this current animal with past TRUE pandemics is hysteria
      ‘Tests’ do not equal sick and shedding virus …
      ‘Tests’ may show zip but residual Ab’s from the dreaded common cold
      T-cell cross immunity is igmored
      Hysteria from ‘professionals’ = hysteria

    4. Punished for the rest of their lives or until death whichever comes first.
      Good stuff

  2. Of course it’s fake.
    It really is a colossal, monumental scam.
    Like a cheese blini, buried deep within all that dough is relatively small kernel of truth, as in some kind of corona virus existed at some point, but by now who can tell what is real?
    Even if you do take the ‘antibody test’ (made in China, btw) no less than the CDC has admitted that UP TO 50% OF RESULTS ARE FALSE. This means that the test is not a ‘test’ at all. It is a meaningless COIN TOSS.
    The ‘authorities’ try to spin the testing error rate as being due to peoples’ lack of a durable immune response but IMO it’s because the test itself is CRAP, GARBAGE, a nothingburger that would be funny if the consequences weren’t so serious.
    So which serological antigen unique to the putative Covid-19 virus is being detected? HUH? Could it be one from the COMMON COLD? Which animal host is being used to grow the virus over in dear old China? Or did all those brilliant Chinese PhD’s splice the antigenic sequence into E.coli for mass production? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. And yet the web is SILENT…..

  3. yet the medical “profession” is doubling down on tyranny- much like cops, judges, pols, media, celebs, and assorted sundry of boot-licking scumbag rotten rat fink murkins all while waving that blood-stained rag, pledging ‘alliance’ to it, and placing a HUGE RED TARGET across their torso’s- front or back make s no diff to tfA-t


    OH Great tfA-t

    our misplaced faith was but sin to you

    we call on you to save us


    and tfA-t brought forth his “doctrine” to the people- that they may save themselves

  4. Well, a sign (everything is a data point) for sure. Will the sign be understood by evangelical Christians? Nah.

  5. Fraudci’s Latest Agit-Prop ….
    broadcast by Fox News – the Controlled Opposition Media

    he’ll get a cabinet-level appointment in a Dem admin, god help us
    Secretary of Pandemic Security
    everything he’s ever done professionally is a FAIL
    he and Herr Gates will champion the Mandate Vaccine


    Fauci urges governments to be ‘as forceful as possible’ on mask rules

    Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday state and local government leaders should be “as forceful as possible” in urging the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, which the top infectious disease expert says is still in the first wave in the United States and has hit Americans “very severely.”

    Fauci said the United States needs “to get better control” over COVID-19 and masks must be a priority as the country opens up.

    “I would urge the leaders — the local, political and other leaders — in states and cities and towns to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizenry to wear masks,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said during a video conference with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    “Physical distancing is the most important, but practically when you’re living your life and trying to open up the country. You are going to come into contact with people. And for that reason, we know that masks are really important. And we should be using them. Everyone.”

    Fauci’s comments come as state and local leaders have taken wildly different approaches to mask-wearing, with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp now suing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to block her from requiring masks in her city.

    Fauci, who has been subjected to a White House campaign to undermine his credibility, said he thinks pandemics like COVID-19 are going to become more “likely” because of close human and animal interactions, such as in Chinese wet markets, where wild animals can spread harmful new illnesses to humans.

    While the current pandemic is still rapidly spreading with more than 3.4 million infections and nearly 137,000 deaths in the U.S., Fauci said there will be a day when America returns to normal through public health measures and scientists at work developing therapeutics and a vaccine.

    “We feel cautiously optimistic that we are on the road — as bleak as it may sound right now — that we are on the road of getting this under control,” Fauci said. “… Yes, we will get back to normal with schools, and we will ultimately get back to normal with every other aspect of our lives.”

    1. Fauci’s credibility is a result if Fauci’s track record of being wrong, messaging inconsisinconsistencies, conflicts of interest approaching criminality, and generally displaying attention craving whoredom. He should be thrown out of governmental lordship, on his ass.

      1. tfA-t has observed this ^^^persons^^^ stumbling, incoherent, incorrect, and nonsensical ramblings in numerous postings

        tfA-t suspects over-prescribed pharmalogical and/or alcoholic indulgence

        these symptoms are also indicative of extreme religious zealotry and belief in other worldly deities other than the true supreme being- tfA-t

        please seek treatment before you harm yourself or others

        and that is all

  6. Does anyone even read Aesop’s site anymore?
    He just doubles down over and over again, hoping that at some point his view will become reality. He’s been wrong on Coronavirus since the start, ignores factual evidence that doesn’t agree with him, and then resorts to ridiculing those who don’t either.
    People like Aesop are not truth seekers. Fuck him.

  7. Fuck Fauxci, his state and local brownnosers and their plandemic.

    Add 100 political “doctors and scientists” to the list of first to hang.

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