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…There is another darker side of the legacy of John Lewis. Selma and the surrounding region never really ceased to be a place where people live and work after 1965. It just ceased to matter in anything but the symbolic sense to the elite media. After John Lewis left town, the cameras left, the marching stopped and civil rights legislation was signed into law, the people who lived in Selma and the Alabama Black Belt had to go on living under the new order. Black majority rule came to “Historic Selma.” History moved on and in the 55 years that have elapsed since “Bloody Sunday” the practical result has been that Selma has become the poorest city in Alabama and the ninth poorest city in the entire United States

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  1. God was merciful when he finally took John Lewis out of our nation’s capital. Now if only, I could persuade the Good Lord to find room for Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and the 2 Muslim idiot posers on the same bus. It’s bound for Hell, so a little overcrowding shouldn’t hurt. Maybe I can get the Judge of All Thinks to look at my written list too………

    1. and that is why it shall be re-named “tfA-t story”

      it will record factual events and not the one-sided dirty, rotten, thieving, evidence planting, lying, cops version…

      tfA-t story..

  2. A Potemkin Village for a glass dollhouse of delusion society.
    Soft lumpen proles can’t handle reality and run away from it no matter what it takes.
    We’re all in this together? Go fuck yourself.

    1. The amount of denial I hear is staggering. Folks cannot come to grips with what is happening in front of them and they find places to mentally hide out.
      And the party hasn’t even started yet, this is barely an intro.

  3. I will tell you a little something. Being Georgia boys I have heard the name John Lewis my entire life. I never really thought too much of the man. I always thought he rode the jock of MLK. I didn’t hate him, but I did think he was rather a bigot.
    My grandfather said of him “That’s one smart nigger”.
    I tend to agree with Papa.

  4. I got a kick out of a WaPo article today, promoting the idea of renaming the Edmund Pettus bridge after John Lewis. The article pointed out that Pettus was a confederate general and KKK Grand Dragon.
    It didn’t mention the fact that he was a Democrat.

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