12 thoughts on “See Ya!”

  1. Good riddance!! 1 more down,many to go,and go they will.
    He was part and parcel to the beginning of this failed experiment.
    And these fucker have been anything but civil.

  2. One destructive limitless corrupt political scumbag down, faster please.
    It will not take many of his ilk to be gone for quite a bit of the crap happening in our country to end.
    I guess that is power and lucre corrupting absolutely.
    How many billions did this criminal and his home town associates launder from the swamp. What misery and suffering did he create. How many decades was he left to do that.
    What kind of man could strut around so high and mighty for so long and still hawk the never ending grift of Gims me dat.
    All for money.
    I truly pray there’s a place, a warm special eternal place for him, because no doubt on my part, its this piece of human garbage and his pals in that cesspool he help keep the stink of fresh and gagging, that made burn loot murder possible. Race baiter of the lowest common denominator.

    1. “It will not take many of his ilk to be gone for quite a bit of the crap happening in our country to end.”

      I disagree, they’re being replaced at an alarming rate. I would bet at least two thirds of people under the age of 30 would welcome communism with open arms; and then it’s Get the Kulaks time.

  3. Damn dirty commie. You finally made us all very proud of you! Tell Satan I said fuck off.

    Your reparations will be fellating demons for eternity. Good for you!

    Damn dirty commie!

  4. tfA-t recognizes there are a lot more statist drones then there are so-called freefor

    and this group who identify as “freefor” consists more of statists, authoritarians, public-parasites, and fat old whyte cuckolds than actual freedom thinking/living folks.

    i bet you all want things to go back to the way things used to be huh?

    “it’s not getting worse, it’s getting more obvious”

    tfA-t is SMH

    you’re only chance is to accept in your hearts his ways and teachings

    in the end- all will praise tfA-t for his tireless efforts

  5. “Images of his beating at Selma”

    (At the hands of a Democrat Mayor and his PO-PO.)

    Funny, they didn’t mention that fact.

  6. Angry, racist POS. I hope his death was slow and painful. Hopefully lots of shitting and puking. Never heard him have a nice thing to say.

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