13 thoughts on “Which Side Are You On?”

  1. I’m surprised at just how many here, are actually on the other side. Took me years to recognize, that our enemies are in the wire here. Check that they walk amoung us.


    1. I wouldn’t say they are against us. Conservatism/libertarianism breeds individuality and independent thought. I think it would be easier herding cats for a bath time than it would be for us to work together on a base level.

      Half the time people are calling one person a “fake libertarian” and the other side is telling them they are a closeted leftist.

      People are more than willing to push for acceleration and destruction because they have already admitted defeat.

    2. you’re a rotten cop

      you were always on the side of the looters

      tfA-t never forgives

      1. He’s probably the biggest hypocrite we have here, spent his career serving the Bolshevik overlords and now plays the part of the virtuous patriot, all the while denigrating those that worked for themselves. The only job he could hold down was as a public servant, and scammed the taxpayers while he was at it.
        And maybe he could clue us in how one gets a 100% VA disability rating and still work full-time as a cop? Nothing dishonest there says our morally guided fraud.
        What a fuk’n joke, and now tries to point the finger at those he deems traitors, for not waving the flag and voting as he sees fit. The definition of freedom escapes him.

        1. BINGO!

          Dick, QtP, and his ilk are, and were, and will always BE- the problem

          they must be excised from the productive population like the tumorous cancers they are

          tfA-t grows sick of jackboot scum at all levels

          1. Oh look. It’s tFat giving the reach-around to SemperJarhead instead of vice-versa.

            What a lovely couple.

  2. The side of the outlaws, rebels, misfits, outcasts who will not be herded or told what to do and when by busybodies who never grow tired of their faux moral indignation.
    A big middle finger and blast of insanely vile spleen from hell flatulence to all those drooling dullard poseur conformist shitbag pukes.

  3. As spicey time evolves, things will change, including the “conversation”. The spice is only lukewarm now, but steady. Talk, of course, is always cheap, but never more cheap than when it’s used to avoid violence. When the shooting begins in earnest, lots of fence sitters and polemics will ease on over to where their mind takes them. Not all of them. Lots will still be bleating for peace and fairness and sanity, when there is none. Depending on the ferocity of the Unpleasantness, they’ll be about a third. Third of the casualties too. You will know them by their inaction.

    1. No one noticed the drone? Unless it’s one of those ‘super , dooper silent invisible drones.

      1. Worked with a drone Wed on our archaeology dig, they are noisy little fuckers.

  4. There will be no break up of the US. The marxist would never allow it. They are in it to win the whole thing. The only way to reason with the marxists during the coming spicy times is to pick your favorite caliber and get busy. DOUBLE TAP!

  5. Many here consider us to be “us”; and them to be “them”. Yes, individuals surely; and herding cats is an apt analogy. It is also true; and always in every endeavor; that our enemy or enemies are in the wire. Lessons learned in S.E. Asia are prevalent here; a lot of “us” are antiquated enough to remember our ‘schooling’ over there. Speaking of which, I ain’t getting any younger; and don’t intend on leaving this for the kids and grandkids. And all of “us” can likely agree on one thing – there’s gonna be a fight.
    We need to win that fucker. And not simply win, but run the table

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