39 thoughts on “Barnhardt Attacks”

  1. Gee, I’ve seen this all somewhere before, possibly NBC School 1974.

    It’s sure getting old listening to 100 excuses why cloth/paper masks work, so they can justify their fear and lack of spinal bones, also known as jellyfish or amoeba syndrome.
    And surprised how many here still buy into the official narrative, mask wearing sheep who will continually be controlled and force us to buy into their fears. Time to be armed 24/7, folks are getting shot and stabbed over this nonsense.

  2. Whites on the cusp of being openly genocided in their own country, only thing conservacucks care about is muh gobmint making them cover their blow holes while walking around Publix.

    1. It’s all part of the same war.
      I am white and I won’t be genocided without massive cost .
      Are you scared?
      When the vaccine certifications and nano-bot chips come what then ? What matter if we are are wiped out if the alternative is a high- tech North Korea?
      Wear your muzzle gimp.

  3. CA, are you in the pay of the enemy, or are you just retarded?

    Why do medical staff use “mind control devices”, and why/how do they get protected thereby?

    The comments in “On Wuflu Masks” have said everything there is to say.

    At this point you are deliberately, knowingly, maliciously lying to your audience. You’ve been presented with the arguments and evidence disproving this propaganda. You keep front-paging it, and burying anything that doesn’t fit the line you’re trying to push. (No, Aesop screaming at his wall does not count as counterargument.) You’ve been doing this for months. If you were a glownigger or a Chinaman you’d be doing nothing different.

    I’m getting to the point of being totally on board with ThatWouldBeTelling’s take re: liquidation.

    I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a guy who faked a meetup, but whatever, I’ve always been too nice. I should’ve known then but I definitely know now: I can write this place off for permanent.

    1. Shut up Nancy Fauci. Thinking people don’t believe your lies. There are no sheep here for you.

    2. ‘Medical staff’ ( cult members ) don’t wear masks everywhere always. If you are scared of a fake virus wear your gag or stay to fuck home.
      This muzzle is a psyche test for their next outrage.
      All you pansies are failing it which wouldn’t matter if you all weren’t going to drag us all into the Matrix with you.
      As for insults and accusations against our host ….. I will let him take the first jab.

  4. Herschel knows nothing of how HEPA and N95 masks capture aerosols and particles, yet he posts that hot take. It is more complicated than his take, but you can find simple pictures explaining it. Hint: they do a better job removing 80 nm aerosols than 300 nm.

    1. Obviously you don’t either.
      I use masks/respirators for sanding wood, to keep the sanding dust out out of my airway, but my eyes still get full of dust and need rinsing out. And they still get inflamed and aggravated. None of you seem to understand your eye sockets are full of liquid which is not immune to germs entering the body. I knew a guy who got Herpes in his eyes, from rubbing them with a contaminated hand. Helluva mess. But you think you’re immune because you’re wearing a N95 mask??? In a germ ridden environment your eyes will absorb the same germs your mouth and nose do.
      Do what you want, wear half a mask that only works for your nose and mouth, but stop preaching to others that might have a better understanding than you do.
      Beside going to Chemical Warfare school, I spent a few years repairing SCUBA/lifesaving equipt. You can’t dive contaminated water with a conventional regulator either, you need a full face mask like the Scott airpack uses to keep your face completely dry and protect all your mucous membranes.
      What is it about common sense that’s so lacking for many of you?

      1. @Herschel

        Sorry to be so harsh, but I keeping similar misconceptions.

        37 years in Chem Bio defense as an Army civilian, I finished my studies in air filtration. One of the shit jobs (for an engineer) I had was hand assembling gas-particulate filters for an important Army weapons system.

        DOP can be easily aerosolized into 0.3 micron particles. It happens that 0.3 microns falls at the minimum of the curve plotting particle size vs. removal efficiency. From an engineering perspective, it is where momentum and inertial effects cross over. Said otherwise, smaller particles collide with fibers during brownian motion, larger one collide by direct impact. Only the largest particles get trapped between the fibers.

        DOP is not used much any more because it’s a carcinogen. Sticky stuff too if you have to clean out the aerosol generator. PAO, Poly Alpha Olefin, has replaced it. For human subject testing wearing masks, it’s been corn oil for a very long time.

        So I stand by what I wrote. When you write that 0.3 microns is the “the minimum size necessary,” you are incorrect. The 0.3 micron particle, give or take a bit, is the most difficult to remove from the air stream.


        Fun is decontaminating an armored personnel carrier in a live atmosphere while wearing MOPP and a negative pressure military mask. That was at the old Chemical School, not the new location.

        Yeah, cutting and sanding wood is tough on your eyes. Goggles help. I wear a half face respirator and it does get in my eyes. But my comment had nothing to do with face pieces. It was about filtration efficiency.

  5. Hoping you and yours are as thirsty for battle as I am. It is an honor and privilege to be alive and in one’s prime, not just witnessing, but subsisting in a window of epochal history. Stay confessed. Stay frosty. Remember everything so the younglings can be told our glorious stories of these, our days. And the day WILL be ours.

    The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.
    -Prov. 28: 1

    1. “Hoping you and yours are as thirsty for battle as I am”


      OK Crusader, there’s lots of battlegrounds for you to choose from. Take your pick and advance!

      We’ll be waiting to hear the glorious stories………..
      and waiting………. and waiting…… and waiting………

  6. The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.
    -Prov. 28: 1

    ha ha ha

    looks like blacks are the bold ones in today’s Fusa

    they are one by one breeding their genes into youngen white wymins wombs at an astounding rate

    say goodbye to your white bloodlines


    tfA-t is the only answer to your gene o cide problem

    embrace the ways of the tfA-t

    1. they are one by one breeding their genes into youngen white wymins wombs at an astounding rate

      “white wymins” —> a/k/a your ex-wives?

      say goodbye to your white bloodlines

      Why do you care about white bloodlines? Hypocrite. You’ve stated here countless numbers of times how proud you are not to have any children, and that anyone who has children is ‘stoopit.’

      You’re nothing but a lying contradiction.

      However, looking on the bright side, it would appear your bloodline will go no further.

      1. LOL


        tfA-t has spread his genes far and wide

        he will have your wymin also

        in due time christer


        1. It would appear you’re confusing your “genes” with human papillomavirus, the gift that never goes away. You must be so proud of yourself.

  7. Stay away from all institutions and herds being led to the slaughter.
    Suiciety has gone off the deep end and there is no chance of saving it.
    Savior self and your people.
    Two thumbs up to all the modern day Paul and Paula Revere types out there on the interweb tubes trying to wake up as many as they can.

  8. Just like we’re waiting for yours, tFat’s, DMV Gringa’s et al.

    And we’ll be waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

    1. A-friggin men.

      That cadre of psychopathy afflicted, nihilistic do nothing, vapid losers who spend more time projecting their own self hate and loathing than actually contributing anything to the mission or the community.

      Just like bringing an accordion on a hunting trip.

      Noisy and unnecessary baggage.

    2. No need to wait pope sucker, the final demise of your decadent cucked religion is as glorious a story as there is.
      Now take those strap-ons your mother gave you after she got her sex change and go fuck E. Michael!

      1. “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man: but what cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” Matthew 15:11

  9. hey christer


    you’re farcical fairytales of demons ghosts, and goblins are reetahdid

    and they are being replaced with logic, facts, and REALITY

    1. Your father must be turning in his grave knowing that his low-life apostate son blasphemes in such a manner.

      BTW, when it comes to logic, facts and REALITY… it is clear to even the blind that you are an habitual lying diabolical narcissist. Unless you amend your ways, your path along the downward spiral will only get worse and more bumpy.

      1. poor poor christer

        “there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth”

        bonehead- ewe are wailing and gnashing your teeth

        get a grip dude

        enjoy the greatest show on earth- so far

        it’s beautiful man

        *Ann- # me 🙂

        1. “Your” bar must be closed Mondays.

          Or has it finally closed shop due to its delinquent liquor taxes?

          That’s the death knell of just about any business.

          Good thing you’ve got loads of daddy’s money to fall back on.

          BTW, WW[]BD?


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