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    1. T-fat. Why does ur plan have to be humane? Dont get pussified on me now. No quarters

  1. Good time for sniper car? Shoot the enforcers in the melon.
    Or Matt’s “What i saw at the coupe”. Hung from overpass for all to see!
    Im in Rawles Land at the moment, everything is calm here.
    I don’t want to loose my pension or have my USAA accounts frozen for not taking the vaccine/(The Mark)!


    1. Word. It is the Mark. This is why I no longer work as a substitute teacher. The Gates-Fauci-(((MSM))) Cabal is ginning up the hysteria over this “second wave” scenario. Target and Wal Mart will mandate masks starting tomorrow, 07/20. The pushback here in Rawles Land is still strong. But, the Karens and their Beta Male Cucks and Soy Boys are still running the local health districts and have the ear and support of the Hagadone-controlled local media. There is a large group of patriots who are running a state-wide campaign to recall our grinning idiot governor. Non-compliance is still a mantra, among the proles who think.
      I see in Michigan, a woman flipped off some pizza parlor workers who wanted her to put on face panties. They called the cops and she is now in jail facing felony charges for running over an officer’s foot. For those of you out there who still want support the whole “Blue Lives Matter” shtick, here’s your slap in the face. The Orcs and Orcettes with badges serve their paymasters. I am surprised and disappointed that Marxist bitch governor hasn’t been pelted with rotten tomatoes while at a public speaking engagement. One can only hope. Bleib ubrig.

      1. Just left the grocery store, a worker there told me their shipments are going back to 40% again, like during the hoarding scare a few months ago.
        Phase 2 is starting to be implemented.

        1. Was out earlier getting a few necessaries for the coming week.
          Tribal cops doing ‘foot patrols’ inside the grocery stores to
          ‘ensure compliance’ of the “Tribal Face Panty” rule…

          (((Klown World))) has the alliance of the indians on the ‘rez’.
          Never thought they would have been that gullible or that stupid…

          And they’re deep into the “We’re all in this together” indoctrination.
          With help from the local ‘Karens’ and their simpanzee cucks….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        2. Brother knows a Walmart driver out west. He says they are driving crazy miles to source different pallets to make a load worth taking to a super center.
          Main event credit crunch approaches along with mayhem in real stuff markets.
          WestPac festivities possible too.
          Some dope I haven’t seen for years called me yesterday whining hopefully that it will all be back to normal soon because the ‘vaccine’ will be ready soon. Of course he is a ‘smart’ normie because he bought stock in Moderna. I nearly threw the phone in the river.
          Spengler and Evola were both right.

          1. Back in January I read of two vaccine companies which are publicly traded. Novovax and another I forget the name. Stocks were $4 and $7. I bought what I could, 30 shares of the $7 and 50 shares of the $4. In May or June I sold all of it after the stocks literally tripled in price, so I bought DuPont and AT&T and some more Phillip Morris. Good times, hoo’ah.

        3. Stopped at Wallyworld last night. Half full isles/products. NE Pa.
          Tomorrow is “mandatory” mask in those stores here,or nation wide?Asked to wear masks going in. Thank you fuck off was my response.
          Already re-implementation here.
          Fix bayonets everyone.
          Should be already for the last decade ++

      2. Sorry to hear your done subbing, you have the skills to help those help able, in that arena. If we’re going to make any recovery, it seems logical that in the k-12 system is a place to start.

        Secondary Ed’s gone, requires Turner Diaries solutions, to unfuck that level.

        Hope you get to enjoy at least some of your retirement. You sir, have earned it.


    2. CavGuy
      You’re right.
      It has to be in the mind of the enforcers that they might not go home at the end of the day.

  2. #Scamdemic – World is Victim of Billion Dollar Vaccine Boondoggle

    The vaccine industry has poisoned an entire generation of kids, and it wasn’t just autism. It was a profitable menu of mental disorders, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, turrets, narcolepsy, and numerous allergies.

    Now they want to take it up a notch and use COVID to poison everyone. RFK Jr. personally briefed Donald Trump, and Trump let #scamdemic happen anyway.


  3. Your shit should have been squared away, months/ years ago. Hoping nobody here is just getting it. This is gonna be a steep learning curve.


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