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  1. Of you can’t watch all hour & 45mins, start at 26;00 mark for some of the meat & potatoes

  2. So I am again setting aside any vitriol as it is counterproductive at this late date. In a previous session that was cited here featuring Mr. Bracken and FerFal, I asked to hear his opinion on setting up guerilla units. I got it.

    Make no mistake, cultivating the next generation, taking my neighbors to the range and helping raise the neighborhood kids is important, but it is the LEAST I can do. (And I actively do those things by the way.) It is not however a substitute for resistance. Resistance and standing up to this madness NOW is a moral imperative. There are indeed wars of the just. (Think Polish solidarity.)

    That said, after considering the matter, I disagree with the opinion and approach proffered by Mr. Bracken. It is morally reprehensible to kick the can of responsibility down the road and defer the strife to future generations. That very attitude is EXACTLY why we are in one hell of a mess in the here and now. “Free love” and the comforts of consumerism were more important than genuine liberty.

    In order to stand a chance against the Marxist/Leninist, every time they go out to perform their dastardly deeds, there should be a damn good chance that they will not come back. They need to pay dearly for every affront at every turn, and those who survive our resistance should tell stories of their numerous comrade casualties. In the end that still might not stop them. Rhodesia my case in point.

    We’re not making that a possibility for them because as a society we wanted to preserve our “skin in the game” and it seems we require the most egregious offenses and suffering before finally acting. After suffering long enough, and losing everything, those who are left will get serious. “Mea culpa” indeed.

    I suggest that when dealing with Marxist/Leninists, there is never a bad time to start smothering their mulatto children, blowing their shit up, setting them on fire, and shooting them to the ground until dead. The sooner the better. These are not human beings. These are idealogues, poisoned souls that can only be liberated by death.

    Whether they are killed by their own side during “normalization” or by a right-minded White beforehand, may make all the difference.

  3. Good stuff, thought out, supported by past and present history.

    Waiting for the Bracken dog pile, bunch.

    This guy does more for team United States in a week, then most here do in a life time.

    Not that it matters much, but I appriciate what you do Bracken.

    Have several old old friends who ended up at PPB, Portland. All street level commanders, well most, anyway. They tell us thatTed Wheeler, the mayor is a straight up communist. His past political history supports that view.

    Oregon IS enemy held turf, well north of Albany. We down south don’t much care what they do up there. 9/10ths of the state would just a soon shit on Portland then go their.

    Use to be a stunningly Awesome place.

    Hypothetically imagine a gifted ” shooter” from 1800 or more commits fifty rounds of match grade, starts in the rear ends with the fiftieth round, right in front of the poopoo, polices his brass, wipes his hide down with straight bleach, breakers his rifle down stows it in his pack, walks out, into the crowd looking like the rest of Antifa in the area.

    Rides public transportation, gloved up, to the train station, or Grayhound, boards heads east, several hundred miles, say Salt Lake, then rides AMTRAC home!.

    Cheap, effective, deadly.

    And a nice leisurely train ride home to think thru how to be even more effective next time in San Fran.

    Laugh, but this shits coming. And remember three can keep a secret, if two are dead.


    1. Word there, Dirk!

      But but the skin in the game holds all back to only shoot with our keyboards.

      But your TTP is tempting.


    2. “This guy does more for team United States in a week, then most here do in a life time.”
      ‘Buffalo Jump’ is a Cuckservative Inc. shill and fedgov asset.

      1. Na, that was 0321 doing the buff dig, he isn’t anybody’s shill. It’s interesting many here have suggested that it is in fact you who are the fed fuck.

        I don’t think so, when you choose to your contributions are spot on. I wish I had a 10th of your computer skills.

        I don’t, really care if you are. Even THEY will be looking to hole up, with good folk.

  4. Great show fellas a little bit of everything, history,tactic’s, current affairs,opsec,weapons info yes keep it coming looking forward to next show.

  5. Matt does have his perspectives well researched, but….Fort Sumpter was an abandoned fort of condemned buildings. The U.S. gave it back to South Carolina just before secession. The S.C. militia decide to do artillery practice on the condemned buildings and put a notice in the newspapers so boats and merchant vessels would not enter the line of fire. Some smart Yankee decided to do the scammy thing and the rest is history.

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