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  1. Time for a Sunday encore of Enemy At the Gates. It might be the most realistic WWII movie ever made.
    The ending where Vasily’s NKVD comrade Kommissar Danilov breaks down communism before sacrificing himself to reveal the location of the major is EPIC.
    An odd role for Ron Perlman who probably loves the REDs but it was more of a cameo as Major König gets an incredible jumping between the buildings shot.
    I would love to go to Russia and see Zaytsev’s Mosin-Nagant in the museum.
    Bolt action über alles.

    1. Have you ever seen an officer serving as a sniper? Every book written by snipers were enlisted men.
      Officers don’t go crawling around in the dirt setting up hides and doing what enlisted men are hired to do. Hasn’t occured to you the whole thing was Soviet propaganda?
      What actual German sources back up the story they sent officers to take on the Soviet snipers?, (because the Soviets were that awesomely good) and I don’t mean Wikipedia sources either, but actual Heer accounts?

      1. Hollywood can’t help itself. It was a decent movie though.
        I went to Volgagrad /Stalingrad. The museum is top-notch. Pieces of I-beams with lumps hacked out them among other excellent displays. T-34 turrets on pedestals all over the city with holes punched in them at all angles.
        The woman statue brandishing the sword is massive – three times the size of the statue of liberty.
        The restaurants have menus in English and German , one even has the help in Faux German costumes as so many Germans visit. Talk about burying the hatchet.
        The scale of casualties was unreal – just one plaque alone on the river to commemorate a whole Army – the 27th Army.
        The soviets might not have been ‘awesomely good’ but they were good enough.
        Will we be?
        Bolt guns are my thing anyway. Any caliber / slug combo you want, insane accuracy out of the box nowadays and a job older and slower people can still assist with.

    1. I m not shooting my AR15, saving my 5.56 for, well for when it’s needed for real, for practice its 303 Brit through the old Enfield

  2. Regarding the Gun lights. I’m not going with the surefire next go arounds, other products on line doing exactly what they do, for 1/2 the costs. The insights recommended here, look promising.

    Magic match ammo!. Roll my own anymore, do have 1k of 6.5 match 140 ELD, and Sierra 175 match grade ammo, still using Sierra match grade. The ELD bullets, for the money, 1/16th improved bullet place,met, isn’t worth the expense,,,,,for me.

    And IF, I could have only one sniper grade rifle it would be the 338 lm, at a mile, these round hit with absolute authority. Topped with great glass, and a can, your a force to be reckoned with, a very dangerous stand off tool.

    What I don’t have, and need badly is a PVS 22 or 27, or simlar units.

    If you’ve measured correctly, dialed your dope right, ” and can see out to 1000y, or farther, your doing it right.

    Drones, rifle nods, more ammo, food, where does it stop? I’m bleeding dollars this past few months.

    And is anybody using semi trailers, to store stuff in, in cold weather? How funtional is it.


    1. RE- previous……..in NO way suggesting Aflop is in it for the money……just thought it would be a way to end all this arguing “is it real or not” most viruses can be “identified” or “isolated” NO Kochs postulate …….nothing, just thought it would be a great motivator money , you know PROVE IT !
      not a criticism of AESOP.

      1. MRapp, understood. Your posts are alway well thought out, useful, not dicking you, just thinking out loud.

        Aesop is an acquired taste, with the alpha dog mentality. But then so is everybody else here. No one wants to play second fiddle.

        All good brother!.


    2. Been storing brass 556 in a connex ship container for years here in Alaska. Doesn’t seem to have any affect on it.

    3. Dirk,
      I got two 53′ trailers for storage.
      They are water tight.
      I poured 2 pads for the rear axles and landing gear to sit on.
      You do NOT want the trailers to sit on a soft surface. They will flop. (you could remove gear and axles though)
      I think I paid 6 or 7 hundred apiece at auction.
      Shipping containers in water tight condition can be had for 2400$ give or take, delivered and set.

      1. Gents, thank you. In the market for one 53, possibly two, if I can grab em for under 2500.00 per unit.

        Concerns were real food, in #10 can cases, and freezing, splitting the cans. Would not be good. Huge temp changes.

        Voor please contact me ASAP, especially if your in Southern Oregon, have a day or two off. I’ll come pick you up if within a 100 miles, take you back

        WE, have something to share with you, if your interested.


        Again thanks to you gents for reaching out.


    4. I will send you an email on demand osmosis heating and cooling. It’s so simple, yet so in depth that African termites can do it.

    5. Watch snipers hide Dirk.
      With USMC dumping tier 1 tube 27s’ on the market, 500 total, you can find a marsoc quality 27 for about 4k.
      Mine is simply fantastic.
      Better than my 22.
      Passive way longer than active on ir, and it shows a clean image on higher magnification.
      The hide has a 27 for sale pretty regularly, those guys swap a lot of excellent gear.

  3. French police detain “Rwandan man” for the Nantes fire. The Russians posted it first.

  4. Ive posted here and other like minded sites. When the bolt actions come out, it will be game over. Don’t matter if its Grampas Model 70 Winchester, or a Moisin Nagant, old Mauser, K31, or a new whiz bang bolt action. The warhorse and hunting bolt actions were designed to put holes through people or meat on the table. The handguns just put holes in people. If it keeps escalating, I know there are millions of bolt actions waiting in the wings.

      1. Just parkerized another pawn shop rebuild last week.
        P-17 Enfield (8-18 bbl) 30-06 $135 looked like shit and got another old sporter stock for it, looks like new again. Will be another truck gun for use in the woods here. I keep 165 and 220 gr handy for it.
        People pass these up as if they’re garbage and every one I’ve restored (about 8 or 10 so far) has been an excellent rifle, had to rebarrel one about 15 yrs ago, kept keyholing the bullets, the others have all been tackdrivers for 100 yrs old. Wouldn’t hesitate to keep this as my SHTF rifle if it was all I had.

  5. Oh. As far as an AR platform tackdriver or Bubba Gump AR thats cool. I have several hand built. Work fine. Not taking anything away from that platform. Its a bolt action that sends a big ass bullet a long way downrange. Even more physically and psychologically devastating at short range. Jus sayin

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