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  1. The glorious People’s Republic of Portland? Oh hell no.
    It makes Boulder, Commierado seem sane but they are catching up with Burning Looting Murdering curriculum in all schools.
    The dopey dope is good so Carl Spackler says that they have that going for them.
    Save some brains for later.

  2. Win-Win! I see the Mango Emperor has, via EO, moved “shock troops” into town to: “…protect federal buildings and monuments(sic)-FEDGOV property. My, my, my! The Black Bag operations(H/T to V FOR VENDETTA) will be next. Maybe this is payback on the good citizens of Multnomah County for siding with the Bundy Clan in federal court? In any event, I will not interrupt my enemies while they are fighting amongst themselves. Preps ongoing. Bleib ubrig.

  3. I’ll fly in and out for a medical case I’m covering-I’ll let y’all know what I see.

    1. Don’t bother. I live 30 minutes away, haven’t visited in years other than to drive through on the freeway. It’s a disgusting mess with homeless camps every other block, garbage and needles everywhere, and more hipsters than you’ll ever care to see in a lifetime. Antifa could burn that entire place to the ground and it would be an improvement.

  4. You mean “visit destruction upon Portland soon” don’t you?

    And Seattle, San Francisco, Eugene, Denver, Chicago, New York and DC as well. The list is too long for this comment, but I’m sure you all have one……….

  5. That red truck in the end should have been hauling ass out of there, another accident in the making for lingering around and then getting beaten to death. People sure are stupid.
    It’s called hit and run for a reason.

  6. Good piece from Chicago Boyz.
    Been wondering for awhile if and how the leadership behind burn loot murder and antifa are being hunted down. Strikes me as their greatest vulnerability, after all most of the optics of burn loot murder tactics are created by low hanging fruit. There’s a certain amateurish to their operations too, besides seeming straight out of radical insurgency manuals. Central Control By Political Amateurs.
    Of course a lot depends on federal resources not dedicated to destroying our country used in pursuit of said terrorist leadership cadre. Folow the money should be an excellent strategy.

    Figure it must not be very difficult for fed resources, in particular regarding how they set up the intensive resources that ended up with bushwhacking and putting a Clinton/Uranium-1, dead men tell no tales hit on LeVoy Finnicum in Oregon. Look what they have done to Julian Assange to keep him from revealing how connected the Clinton child trafficking conduit to decades of political intrigue and disasters. Recent revelations of the very high occurrences of pedophiles arrested who are involved in antifa and burn loot murder operations. Looking more each day everything is connected to #Pizzagate in some way. Neywaorks, people, events, motives behind a high number of yellow media control and censorship.

    Observations on Federal Law Enforcement Actions in Portland

    Wasn’t aware of this below. Interesting insights about how they hunt.
    An excerpt from the end of the post:

    “…One of the many things that came back from Iraq US Army surplus to American law enforcement was a visual surveillance technology called “Constant Hawk.” The US Military pioneered artificial intelligence (A.I.) visual pattern recognition technology to beat the Iraqi road side bomb campaign, starting in 2006, with the “Constant Hawk” camera system in MC-12 twin engine turbo props. (A MC-12 is the Cessna King Air in olive drab and white paint job).

    Strategy page -dot- com reports in 2020 that a “Constant Hawk-lite” technology has been shrunk to the point an 11 kg (22-lb) drone can carry it. See:

    Information Warfare: Son Of Hawk Sees More

    “Constant Hawk uses a special video camera system to observe a locality and find useful patterns of behavior. Some of the Constant Hawk systems are mounted on light (MC-12s, mainly) aircraft, others are mounted on ground structures. Special software compares photos from different times. When changes are noted, they are checked more closely, which has resulted in the early detection of thousands of roadside bombs and terrorist ambushes. This largely eliminated roadside bomb attacks on supply convoys in Iraq.”
    Short Form:

    There are Federal law enforcement light planes and unmarked Federal law enforcement vans cruising above and around Portland “mapping the Antifa human terrain” the way that Google Earth does for roads and houses in your neighborhood.

    My gut says we are going to see rounds of mass arrests based on the data these systems are gathering.

    A fact to remember related to this effort is that the criminal conviction rates in Federal courts run to 98%.


      1. That was my first thought. But she was handed the Epstein/Deutche Bank connection case four days ago.

  7. The tastes, the sights, the sounds of 9mm gunfire … Is there a bag limit for BLM?

  8. Sure, lets visit………in company strength ….with supporting elements and even just a little aviation….
    ……..just a thought

  9. port a potty land will never be taken back and either will any other commie utopia

    they are entrenched so deeply- the only way is to burn and starve the humanoids, and then destroy what’s left so they don’t come back

    this is the only way

    america will without a doubt be turned into an ash strewn dustball

    your chilldren will not ever have a stable nation again- it’s over

    so sayeth tfA-t

  10. Used to be a sweet city.
    Cut the family loose in Powell’s for an afternoon, pizza, beer, walking downtown on Christmas eve…..
    Now the children of Portlandia have grown into their raging 20s AND they are very much vying with their cousins in Seattle for title of ‘Most Woke’, though I detect the cloying stench of COINTELPRO hanging over the chaos like tear gas. In other words, the local kids most likely are not the extreme elements, they are prob being brought in.

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