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  1. I would consider this in concert with a wider team. Ability to operate in 3 man teams that are already trained and planning to operate within a larger contingent. They ability to come together, as needed, and separate as needed into 3’s. That’s the context in which I would consider this info.

  2. All good but until something big happens , no dice. I can barely get fuckers in my circle to confirm zero or run through a few AQTs. The learning curve is going to be hyperbolic.

  3. The way the Jihadi enemy among others were able to use fragmented groups distrustful of another was networks. There is a lesson here, a network doesn’t expose its own internal workings to another network, it simply builds a narrow link and transacts only as needed.

    A good example is this page, I’m using an “alias” and am on as secure a link as practical, as I’m sure all of you are as well.
    As far as the ability of networks to scale to any size needed – see The Internet, or for that matter your home wifi network – I’m sure its password protected.

    In the case of the putative Right Wing – it does not exist, not as the Left does. Nor does anyone trust a stranger, certainly not one met online. None should.

    However the answer to how to bring together an atomized large body of men who have very legitimate trust/untrust issues – you’re holding an example of the solution in your hand. > no – not the solution, but if the principles of networking above and those we all use daily are learned and applied – a solution.
    The solution to our only real problem – atomization, negligible real world power – is networks.

    **no, of course you shouldn’t trust anyone you meet online.

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