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  1. I’ve seen it written many times lately, but Tuesday’s won’t be the same. For 9 years I’d visit Woodpile Report, and read over it throughout the day. I’d content myself the remainder of the week with View from the Right, Sipsey Street, WeaponsMan, and WRSA. Over the years, as the voices have fallen silent, I’d more and more looked forward to Ol’ Remus’ musings.

    Thank God you were able to get a new blog going. When WRSA got hit a few weeks ago I just about threw my phone out of the window.
    Your work here is appreciated, more and more each day.

  2. National Treasure lost. It is now for us others to step it up. When one of us goes down, pick up the battle standard and carry on.

    1. Tuesdays will never be the same. Ol Remix will be sorely missed. Thought and prayers to his family.

  3. Remus gave his last full measure to get us primed and set for the struggle ahead.

    Nobody can do any more than that.

    This is a multi-generational war. Most of us will not live to see the end of it.

    It’s the fighting (including providing intel, ammunition, logistics to the fighters etc) that matters.

    Nothing else.

  4. My ole Woodpile Report. The paintings at the beginning, ad in the middle, and often times the old war pic or scene of a small town from another age at the bottom of the page right over the monitor adjustment scale. The scale kinda clued you in to it being the conclusion, like porky pig waving goodbye stuttering “that’s all folks”. They were a classy addition to the links to sites with occasional pithy commentary. Think I may go back and revisit the old editions just for those. You will be missed Remus.

  5. The new Woodpile was usually the main reason I looked forward to Tuesdays. No, they won’t be the same now.
    I can’t recall encountering anyone as erudite on such a broad range of subjects. I hope his passing was peaceful.
    And I will be avoiding crowds.

  6. I truly will miss Ol’ Remus and his Woodpile Report. Learned a lot from reading it each week. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the art at the start and always loved the old ad that he posted. Took me back to the days when things just seemed to be a bit simpler and made me think of the life my grandparents led.

    I hope Remus’ family reads the comments on the various blogs that note the loss of him and the WR. He was a man that left a legacy and will not soon be forgotten. “Stay away from crowds” is advice we should all take and I know I took it to heart. I moved out of a big city to 40 acres in the middle of nowhere with his refrain echoing in my thoughts.

    Rest In Peace, Sir. Thank you for the words of wisdom, they mean more than you ever realized.

  7. We are all a little poorer now, both in an excellent read every Tuesday, and Remus’ wise and kind advice. “Stay away from crowds” has been burned into my mindset. I feel like the Library of Alexandria has just burnt down. Hopefully, this amazing writer knew how much he meant to so many.

  8. have no troubles

    tfA-t will more than fill his spot

    and no cucking like a BOOMER!

  9. The Woodpile Report was entertaining and a education that will be missed,RIP Remus.

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