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  1. Writes much better than he talks. Boredom city. Soundproof booth, and him waving his arms the same way over and over does not a good class make. Solid advice, just poorly delivered. The best teaching method involves getting the students or target audiences attention, keeping it, and getting them to seek more information and participate. I’ve seen thousands of youtube videos, and most are forgettable lectures by drones. Matt Bracken has solid stuff, just goes WAY too long, and dragged out. Get to the point, show something besides your face, and get done. Have your work reviewed.

    1. Play on 2x speed.

      100% of the information in 50% of the time.

      The boredom subsides once your porn-addled brain processes everything at the accelerated pace. Be well. – S.C.

  2. I get what he meant and this comment is really OT, but the whole “world was stable post WWII” isn’t true and that America was that stabilizing force isn’t true. If by world one means the First World or industrialized world, well then, yes, mostly. Nobody has been more disruptive, killed more people directly or through proxy in small countries, wrecked whole regions; in Asia, ME, central/south America than the US has, and also china had a commie revolution that killed, well, you’ve heard the estimates. So, not so much.

    1. For over 100 yrs the ‘evil empire’ we were warned about was US.
      Caribbean banana wars, Chinese gunboat diplomacy for the oil companies, Southeast Asian oil and rubber wars, etc, etc. No denying we caused a lot of people to die for big corporate interests, and still we keep cheering them on. Read ‘War is a Racket’ for more details.
      The stupid never quits.

    2. I appreciate what he is doing…but he is still acting from the print media supplied by the DOD and Dept ah state…..they supply intell with the parameters and politics, religion and social/political direction of the region and S2 works from those guidelines to form policy action etc. He needs to leave the military and start his own thought process….me thinks he would do well !

      ….the jungle grew back in in the late 60’s………………………………………….

  3. ‘100 Days’ and the countless infinity after, will come and go with only Team Globohomo Red taking names, scalps, breaking shit and killing , running the board, taking the field and winning the day…..uncontested an unopposed, but followed around by Cuckservatives, LARPing and Clucking until the end of time.

    1. Hey DMV – That was the MO of the previous generation (presumably yours). The Reds are running riot right now but won’t be forever. It may not be 100 days, but it will end. I promise you that.

      1. So the “previous generation” you’re referring to is currently from thirty to forty years of age?

      2. It won’t be, as your article incontestably claims “100 Days” (UNTIL), other than Team Globohomo Red continuing to easily school you, and those like you…..which they most certainly should not be to do. The shilling, poser, fraud that is ‘Cuckservative Inc., and it’s simping cult of kowtowing and fawning (CUCKING) ‘suburbanite’ respectability guarantees it…..that you will continue to sow and reap the whirlwind of a bitter harvest solely of your making.

  4. A mug full for ‘THIRSTY’ copsucking Kool-Aid drinkers. Ironic…..don’t ya’ think?
    From gateway pundit: Michelle Malkin Attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Thugs at Denver Back the Blue Rally – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/michelle-malkin-attacked-antifa-black-lives-matter-thugs-denver-back-blue-rally-sends-law-order-sos-president-trump/

    “Leading conservative activist and entrepreneur Michelle Malkin was attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs Sunday at a ‘Back the Blue’ rally IN SUPPORT OF POLICE at the Civic Center amphitheater in Denver.”
    “The Denver police on the scene did not intervene at first, apparently under orders by police Chief Paul Pazen who marched with BLM protesters last month.”

    1. DMV, these guys are trying to do the right thing. Four years ago, I thought Culpepper, was a self important blow hard. I’ve since changed my mind.

      I see the utility in his message, find this info to be critical, if practically applied.

      We have Rangers, SF, and others, agree, who they were is moot, it’s what they are now is what’s critical.

      DMV, you got a crew? We’re along ways away, but have room if your in a pinch.

      Let’s hear em out, take the good with the bad. Frankly a lot more good coming out of these guys then bad.

      Culpepper, I appriciate your message, lots of new folk, so keep it simple as you already know.


      1. Hey Dirt – I appreciate the feedback and encouragement. I may have been a blowhard four years ago. I try not to be now. Be well – S.C.

        1. Culpeper, your doing us all a service. I’m NOW listening. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

          Thank you.


          1. Obviously it bothers him.
            Judging from his comments, he’s snooping and investigating some of us. That says he’s either got a man crush or he’s a bit off his rocker.
            Also has ego issues, doesn’t like it when someone posted he had a shit ton of guns and Bonehead said” you don’t have more guns than I do”. Who fucking cares???? An egomaniac.

          2. Oh, look… the glowfags t-Fat and DMV Gringa tag-teaming each other.

            How cute.


          3. bonehead may be investigating but he couldn’t find his ass with both hands a mirror

            tfA-t laughs at his results LOL

            LOOOZER has made a complete fool of himself cucking lies, deceit and fables of demons and dragons

            shoooo away



        1. SemperJarhead… have you been longingly staring at your bronze bust of Hitler again? Sounds like you have. Put it back in the closet where it belongs; and don’t take it out again now matter how much it commands you to.

          1. Bonaventure may be investigating but he couldn’t find his ass with both hands a mirror

            tfA-t laughs at his results LOL

            If there’s one thing narcissists can’t resist doing, it’s bragging about themselves. Incessantly. However, narcissists are also habitual liars, always puffing themselves up with lies to make them look much better than they actually are; lying just becomes second nature to them in order to support their fragile egos.

            But habitual lying eventually takes its toll. While the truth is always easy to remember, not so with remembering all the lies that were told. Over time, though, enough data points can be compiled whereupon the truth can be separated from the lies like wheat from chaff.

            And the best part? In the end, the narcissist has convicted himself with his own mouth.

    2. “leading conservative activist”………….HUH …! globo-homo plant ? not sure…? all the right places , all the right times…

      1. The point of my comments regarding the Malkin incident are not pitched tent inspired, but to beat the dead horse of ‘acta non verba’ into a pile of mush…until the obvious is undeniably recognized, and then some.

        1. DMV Gringo has a valid point. Mrs. Malkin is part of the group of well-meaning cucks and normies who are in the public eye, trying to pick up a turd from the clean end. Instead of bloviating to the choir, Michelle and those like her need to enroll in a Tactical Pistol Course at Thunder Ranch and get ready to defend themselves and their families.
          It is very similar to what is going on up here in Rawles Land. The local hopeful assemble every Wednesday at Corbin Park for the weekly History Club meeting. Most have one foot in the grave and the other on the banana peel. They still worship at the Greenwoodistan Mosque and then write LTE because some REAL PATRIOTS happened to be sipping on a beer while they were locked and loaded, guarding the businesses from the Spokane Antifa last month! The time for talking is over! Get ready! Intell! Preps! Range! PT! And, STFU! Bleib ubrig.

          1. Yup.
            Moreover, if you have the nerve to stand inches from my nose, readying a telescopic baton for use on my skull and assorted bones…..regardless of the odds (not in my favor), my level of fear, and being seriously outnumbered, I’m getting in close to that attacker, ‘grabbing by the belt buckle’ and getting to work……because at that moment my LIFE would depend on it.

  5. I made it 4min 30 sec. So much miss-understanding on how things really work – Like listening to FOX News…

    Police are not there to protect you or anyone but the state. They are there to collect Fee’s/Revenue.
    Taxes go to the Banker Elite as profits. Loans are taken to pay Police.
    The U.S has not created Stability throughout the world – It has done the opposite with Frenemies like Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  6. @ Bona,

    Lee Roy Jenkins?! That was my shop teacher in junior high.
    He had a wig and always claimed it was a scalp from some dopey doper that got too close to the band saw to scare the fresh meat at the start of each school year.
    Now they probably have cross dressing class or pedo hour instead of shop class.
    Good times before the FUSA.

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