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  1. Back there, it’s you. Out here, it’s just me. Don’t push it. Just let it go. I’ll give you a war you won’t believe. Let it go. But then again, Rambo was coaching a girls soccer team when I was in Vietnam in the fucking jungle, and Denehey was getting caught claiming he was in Vietnam in the Marines when he never left the US while a Marine. Nice dialogue though, very menacing and satisfying. Acting! Thank you! My mask? Wear it every day. Grey man. I LOOK like everyone else, but I am not he same as every one else.

    1. I’ve tried to explain to people that Rambo went to Sweden as a draft dodger and Ted Nugent smeared chocolate on his ass to dodge the draft, they don’t want to hear it. Their idols are above reproach.
      This nation worships all the liars and losers and this is why we’re in this predicament. Total lack of ethics and everyone is an enabler.

  2. I put some coins in my panty mask after shorting some aluminum cans and supported China’s economy by shopping at CCP-Mart. (not really)
    The toilet paper monument resembles Stonehenge and the coffee filter stockpile fills up a paper grocery bag.
    I fart on their bitchtits and put disease in their weed.

  3. Every time I went in for surgery, the surgeons, the nurses the anesthesiologist, they all put on a paper mask – obstensably to protect me from being infected by them. When my children were born, the same strange ritual. Donning paper masks, washing their hands, and then even putting sterile gloves over the perfectly clean hands. Being somewhat ignorant I followed suit did the same thing. Little did I know all of medicine was caught up in a cargo cult in the 1890s, first with cloth masks, and then with paper masks round the the 1960s and this strange ritual had no efficacy whatsoever.

    But now that I think about it what could have possibly known in the 1890s. They didn’t have an internet to argue about it over; hell, they didn’t even have computers, and the term nanometer wasn’t even coined until 1963. Most likely because they didn’t have instruments that could measure that small and we’re reduced to describing viruses and bacteria small as things that you couldn’t even see. Most likely they relied on empirical evidence, and we all know that should take a backseat to bullshit theories.

    1. Apples to oranges. Wearing PPE in certain venues makes sense, no one is arguing that point.
      Mandatory mask wearing in daily life is the beef. We are not in fucking surgery or maternity wards (some never left the maternity ward it seems) .Why do way have to keep explaining this shit?
      If this comment section is any indication we are fucked, you people will be on the side of Gates and Fauci in a few months when the mandatory super dooper vaccine is rolled out.

      1. Can’t tell you how many I know who line up every year for their flu shots and still get sick that season. Then there’s the ones who claim it works, never been sick in 24 yrs and you know they’ve had the flu several times recently. Fuk’n enablers and apologists, along with serial liars too.

        My neighbor told me a month ago she’s going traveling as soon as she gets her Covid vaccination. There’s no sense in even trying to explain anything to them, let nature take it’s course. Another Darwin Award candidate.

    2. NOvid-19 is a scam perpetrated on the worlds dumb’d down masses

      medical workers are certainly NOT heroes and more appropriately should be called accomplices

      these fuckers aren’t even doing face to face appts anymore if they can help it, but they still bill full price

      fuck them- add medical workers right under cops

  4. That mask doesn’t seal around the face, so the micron this and micron that shit is irrelevant. A basic surgical mask like that is just meant to catch your germs and keep them off of other people. And they also weren’t designed to be worn all day long and day after day. They’re for procedures. That’s why we used to use them briefly and then and toss them. Now in the hospitals we are using one mask all day.

    Honk honk.

  5. check out the masks at affnation.com. Some good agiprop while staying compliant. I bought two.

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