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  1. acta non verba

    In this instance (and many others), Mark 1 Eyeballs and parallel shadowing works infinitely better. Team Globohomo Red’s vehicle is clearly tagged (spray painted) with their identifier, along with the posture of the globohomo reds’ piled into it. Listen to your expensive commo toys off site, out of sight, and at a dustance all you want…..by the time you arrive well after the fact, those ‘Rollin 100’s’ are a memory and on to their next hit.

  2. If they are using FRS or GMRS simplex, most likely need to be darn close to the action to pick up anything.

    If using a repeater (then GMRS), most GMRS mobiles with a decent antenna should be able to pick up traffic within a few mile radius of the action.

  3. Not FRS/GMRS. Almost certainly Baofeng UV5R. They haven’t even upgraded the antennas to something useful. You would need to sweep 136-174 MHz and 400-520 MHZ, but any SDR or scanner can do that tout suite, and any scanner with a Close Call or Signal Stalker function (or whatever your brand calls it) can find it even faster if you are next to them when they key up. The lower 2M band is mostly for hams so they are likely using the upper UHF band (which would by why they are getting by on the original rubber ducky antenna and don’t need something better like a NA-771.)

    They are almost certainly on an unlicensed commercial band, and a UV5R doesn’t do any of the “digital encryption” bullshit we heard about a few weeks ago. It’s just plain old narrow FM.

      1. Holy crap! unlicensed radios???
        Turn them in immediately, get the radio cops on their asses ASAP! They should be in jail in a few days and society will be better for it. Let the gloating begin!

  4. Hard to tell in that quick flash of the radios – Looks like they have changeable antennas, so I would guess Baofengs or other Chicom Rigs.

    From some other posts i seen they are using more that FRS/GMRS, at least for the higher up background leaders. While the FRS/GMRS freqs should be scanned, i would look at the MURS and other business band channels too.


  5. Cheap eBay Retevis and other brand UHFs have popped up in a lot of pics.

  6. Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT or anything with CloseCall. Punch a button and it tunes to the strongest (or next strongest) frequency. Will pick up most tx in fractions of a second. Easy way to listen in.

  7. I observed the Chicago outfit using Baofengs, like Phelps mentioned they didn’t even upgrade the antenna. I do have a nifty mobile rig that scans vhf/uhf really fast and would be perfect for sigint against the commies. It would be useful to know what frequencies they’re using yes? Otherwise as Gringo mentioned I think shadowing will probably provide more useful info. Could be a great exercise for a 3 man npt team to engage in, a couple shadowing them on the ground and a sigint element combined.

  8. @ Phelps,

    Permits? We don’t need no stinking permits.
    All that happy horseshit is out the window when gov is enemy occupied territory.

    1. This is why the right won’t do anything, they’re held back by rules, self imposed morally superior rules that control everything they do. Meanwhile the left ignores all that shit, has “illegal” radios and weapons and will probably stomp the dogshit out of their opposition in the first engagement, because the good guys won’t expect pink haired faggots to break out RPG’s and beltfeds from inside a couple vans dogging the marchers.
      And that folks will be a shit show to see. Not everything will be a “victory” like Richmond. Bubba meets Desmond the crossdressing transgender.

        1. Do you pay for a license to sell booze at “your” bar?

          If so,

          By your own logic,

          You’re a (((CUCK))).

      1. “Bubba meets Desmond the crossdressing transgender.”
        Fuck you, that’s hilarious!
        Unexpectedly laughed so hard, I spray-farted and shit myself.

        1. Glad I could be of help. Nothing like a good shart to get one’s attention.

  9. I don’t have a dedicated scanner, I’ve got one of the TYT quad bands transceiver, TH9800+, a Yaesu 8900 knockoff. It’s got 10m and 6m FM in addition to the usual V/U. Not as good as a dedicated scanner, no close call feature but it’s opened up beyond the ham band like a bfang so it’ll scan MURS/GMRS/FRS and it scans way faster than a Bfang. It’s just being used as a base station right now but hopefully soon the go box will be complete. I’ve had it a while, it’s been a good reliable radio, and the dual receiver feature, cross band repeater ability, it’s got some useful features I’m finding really handy. I’m just using it as a dual band since it’s on a dual band antenna. Whenever I get finished with the Buck master I’ll play with the other bands.

  10. Damn I’m behind the curve on comm’s. Any good material on catching up? Starting at square one? I had basic comm stuff down as an RO in Marines back in 05-07 using the 119A as the Lt.’s shadow on platoon ops.

  11. Question?…

    Does a short wave radio, the ones that have AM, FM and ShortWave
    listening pick up these comms too?

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