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  1. Yes, Matt. I also have been yelling into the wind to chums about the near identical parallels of F.U.S.A. conditions and that which occured in Yuogoslavia. I do what I have to for my own survival. I will watch those naysayers on the history newsreels, especially the ones behind wire malnourished with rib cages protruding.

    Standing by.

  2. That’s the parliament building. My ODC office was in the Unitic building in the ten o’clock direction in the photo. Was there from late 2003 to mid 2005 and the parliament building still had not been refurbished.

    My friends in country all had that mindset until it was too late.

    Me? Im staying put right where i am for the winter. Tucson is just to close to the third largest city and just north of Mexico.


  3. Das Radio just reported that 130,000 people have perished due to the Rona.
    This in a nation of 330 million plus.
    The presumed suspect in the case of the judge whose family was assassinated is a men’s rights lawyer due to have a case in her court.

    @ Cavguy,

    Because we live here that’s why.

    1. Cavguy, a week ago I posted that it might be a good idea to acquire some delivery uniforms. Fedex, UPS, etc. He was wearing a Fedex uniform. Hmmm.

  4. tfA-t has always predicted that shittys will burn

    the dwellers- dead

    it warms his heart just thinking about it

  5. Starting next Monday all comrades of the local collective will have to wear the obedience muzzle just to venture out in public.
    In Canada a man in his 70s who was a loner or recluse ventured out for supplies and was promptly shot for his troubles due to a hysterical overreaction from a Karen.
    He didn’t know about the Terminal Madness.
    Look up the World Economic Forum, Aldous Huxley, Fabian Socialists, the family tree of comrade Billy Gates (Eugenics) to see where all of this is going.
    Manboons is not a learning animal and will pay a high price for that folly.
    It’s been an honor and a privilege reading WRSA. Something like a free college course from decades ago online.
    Thank you and see you on the battlefield.

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