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      1. tfA-t resides rent free in your head- LOL

        tfA-t trust his plan
        tfA-t is the man

        1. ^– Ad nauseam….blah, blah, blah….ad nauseam….blah, blah, blah.

  1. Smash The Fash?
    Thats a picture of my foot stomping on the head of globo=pedo.

    In 4th G war, go for the head. Boot or FMJ. Optimize organic American grass roots self supplied leaderless materiel and cadre.

    Its not the useless pasty white soi brainwashed automatons cannon fodder or burn loot murder mercenary ghetto rats you got to ULTIMATELY be concerned with. It’s those behind this maxian terrorism pulling the strings. Lop the head off Hellmouth’s beast the rest collapses in a New York minute.
    Its the pedo=elite financing organizing and supporting these scalawag proxies of theirs who are the center of gravity.
    Be The OODA Loop
    Save Ammo
    Stomp a globo=pedo elite today

    It’s time.
    Lets see how they like being fucked with them on their territory, their home turf.
    Let them run and hide behind the protections they deny us.
    Let them know what it is like to find what that is like.

  2. Wow. Either VDH has gone schizophrenic, received a TBI, or has gone full Neo-Conservative.

    This article deserves a full “unpacking” treatment, but I have a nominal job that still takes up some of my time.

    All I can say here is when did “The ultimate aim of the Jacobin, Bolshevik, or Maoist is raw power”, which is purported to be pure evil, and “there is one theme that unites “the Squad,” Black Lives Matter, the globalist technocracy, and the international Left: unapologetic anti-Semitism”, which is apparently also pure evil, become uniquely seperate entities?

    And then there’s “Why would any socialist go after the sympathetic mega-funders of the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Google or Apple News, Twitter, or Vox?”

    Am I just retarded, or do the majority of the names behind the funding and direction of the events and entities he named belong to “our greatest ally”, and why does VDH not place the greatest threat faced to the slumbering people who actually make this farce of a nation actually operate- legacy Americans?

    1. “Am I just retarded [NOPE], or do the majority of the names behind the funding and direction of the events and entities he named belong to “our greatest ally….”

    2. “Either VDH has gone schizophrenic, received a TBI, or has gone full Neo-Conservative.”
      Honestly, there’s not much difference between the first two and the latter. VDH, like most neocons can’t help but puke up his blinding philo-semitism in attempt to produce a relevant observation about how things are “just like 1930s Germany.” In truth, Weimerica hasn’t began to truly revolt against the globalist yoke.

      “Am I just retarded, or do the majority of the names behind the funding and direction of the events and entities he named belong to “our greatest ally”” Stop noticing things. Just because someone from the same mafia is found at the crime scene thousands of times, leaves evidence all over the scene, and frequently brags about what they did, doesn’t mean they’re criminals.

  3. You guys should read VDH’s Fields without Dreams. The man is a farmer and only went back into academia after the ’80s farm depression.

  4. While I admire VDH and his intellect, he won’t be “woke” until he’s standing on a scaffold. He gets it, he just doesn’t have the stones to call for what’s needed to avoid the socialist nightmare. Somebody at Lexington pulled a trigger first, and I would bet it was a militia member, not a British soldier. Whoever it was, figured that they had everything in place but the shooting, and they went ahead and started it. Sooner or later, the two sides we have now will find themselves armed and standing on the same ground, looking at each other, each waiting for the other to commence. A lot of people need to get that in mind. The collision is coming. It just needs a place. Probably a suburb, like Lexington was.

  5. VDH has always been full Neo-Con. Notice what his first and main concern is not the American people, it is “anti-Semitism” and the state of Israel.

    He is right about one thing, there we be a coming segregation, but it will not be what he envisions. It will be a Yugoslav “your skin is your uniform” break up.

    Men like VDH are worthless. They would rather sacrifice your kids and grand kids rather than be called “anti-Semite” or “racist”. He still thinks they will eat him last.

    1. Absolute truth. When the Fresno County Mexicans were pillaging his farm, did he take any heroic steps to protect his own property? No, he whined about it. This fool deserves to be culled.

  6. Its not rocket science. All Biden has to do is step aside or step down. Or give him the Andrew Breitbart dirt nap. The fix is pre-ordained.

    Control/blackmail/collusion of the MD and Coroner who would examine his dead ass, as with Epstein, JFK, Vince Foster, LeVoy Finnicum etc.
    What is the clinton assisted suicide list up to since they put the hit on the #Pizzagate/child trafficking money laundering Deutsche Bank trial, appointed federal judge Salan’s husband and son yesterday, including the hit man’s assisted suicide?

    Rule by globo=pedo by any means necessary is their MO.
    They still have a million ton gorilla in the room.
    It’s called The Legion of armed to the fucking teeth American’s.

    Speaking of JFK:

    “In the last analysis, Kennedy was surely right. People who see the policies they have voted for rejected again and again, by the very elites they defeated, will inevitably turn to other means to preserve what they have.”
    Know what Nemesis means?
    AKA, BFYTW: A righteous infliction of retribution, manifested by an appropriate agent.

  7. I thought he was all smart and shit? It will be Year Zero of the third term of Hussein Hopenchange under preezy of the steezy comrade Kamala or Duckworth.

    Breaking-enemedia is going about ADA getting involved in the obedience muzzle (mask) controversy as more stores are refusing entry to non-sheep.
    The music was stopped and the agitprop was in the background with a picture of pretty panty mask.
    It is local junk news Always Bolshevik Communism (ABC) affiliate.

  8. While I agree with most of all the above, this is the first time I’ve read him go this far. What struck me most was his section on race.

    Indeed, I’ve never really read him even hint at anything remotely like that. He’s always been all sweetness and nice in that regard.

    Not with this essay.

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