At Least We Still Have The Constitution

Better be thinking about what comes after the killing.

The old paperwork seems to have been abandoned by every part of today’s governmental structures.

“Let’s do it again, but harder this time” also seems like weak sauce to pitch to survivors of a continental autogenocide.

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  1. First!
    We are Federal Citizens Domiciled in Washington DC by virtue of the Birth Certificate.
    We have “Legally” been birthed outside of the 50 States United.
    We are under a state of emergency.
    Emergency knows no law (Legal Maxim.)
    If there ever was a De Jurer government, it has been dead since Congress was abandoned before the War of Northern aggression nearly 160 years ago.

    1. Folks refuse to understand why we have a District of Columbia, instead of the State of Columbia. A little play on words created a whole new political arena. One of corruption, inclusion and exemption.

  2. Lon Horiuchi could not be reached for comment. And the AG has refused to answer the questions we still have. Swamp swimmers all.

  3. What’s with the coloring book? The only map that counts is the county one or even the zip cod map.
    Spent an hour on a call today with a friend who is where most of us were 30 years ago. He has a functioning brain and plenty money and listened politely but the information we are trying to dump on these normies is massive. He is still stalling on a plan- B property which he could buy with pocket money.
    Not ready doesn’t begin to describe the majority.

  4. At Least We Still Have The Constitution

    When they start installing bidets in the capitol, and other government buildings, will be the last time Our Betters ™ need The Constitution.

  5. You all say the constitutions the problem,,,,,, I see it much differently. The constitution IS THE ONLY THING, holding this nation together. Many here frothing for a fight.

    Most of you have never killed a fellow American, on American soil, be careful what you wish for. This shits gonna be a two way exchange. Some of you bullèt proof folk, may just find yourself leaking red stuff. Asking God for your mommy, your children your wife, as you fade to black.

    I AM NOT looking for this fight, don’t mind dying, lived a life the majority can only dream about.

    I fear failing, plain and simple.

    Gotta get this right the first round.

    The sad part is this. While we’re busy killing useful idiots, those responsible slip out the door. Rally in comfort for that rainy day,,,, return. Might take another two hundred years, imagine if you well.

    Hanging ALL responsible, leave em hanging for a year so that we NEVER forget what the shills did to our people, our nation.

    To you present here, who WILL eventually except the Kings gold, kill people who did nothing wrong, other then wrong place,,,,, right time. Your lack of morals, ethics, now will magnify 10 fold.

    It’s said that the winners get to write history. Let’s hope one of our own, “I vote for Vanderlum,”to pen the real history. A gift objective man,,,,Or TL, another gifted man with the moral courage to make history honest. He’ll perhaps they could sit write it together.

    Giving up on these United States is exactly what the left are trying to achieve. Don’t quit, we can never quit a country which has given each of us soooooo much oppertunity.

    If you squandered it, that’s on you. If you got it right, that’s also on your upbringing.

    Was downtown Coo’s Bay today, say maybe 75/100 kids, who don’t stand a chance, born white trash, lived/raised by white trash, will age into white trash. Their parents should be held accountable.

    They won’t, their products of food stamps, free money, free vehicles, Obama phones, every other thing a dem controlled community plies em with. Really a crying shame.

    Literally saw two no shit 600 pounders waddling to the motorized cart out front of Walmart.

    Surprised green peace didn’t try and save em by rolling these fucking whales back in the bay.

    What a day! 54 degrees foggy.


    1. The constitution IS THE ONLY THING, holding this nation together.


      ewe call this “holding together”?


    2. Sir Dirk;

      We’re Americans. We most certainly will fall on our faces at the beginning – we normally do.
      In any case there is no real opposition to the enemy – so here we are. Our people put their trust in laws, politicians, police who are sensibly melting away as they are betrayed, and our institutions. We are law abiding and breaking that spell will require they see death before their very eyes. True of most soldiers you know, just human nature.

      Don’t despair – we’re too large, too well armed, have too much space and resources to perish.

      But don’t expect us to get it right the first try. Sorry – we’re already fucking it up out the gate – and we are out the gate.

      1. you white haired cucks are laughable

        when you die your next of kin will continue on with the cuck family tradition

        what a joke

    3. Dirk: The entire Oregon Coast is a disaster waiting to happen. Glad I and my tribe left Curry County in 2015. The culling there will be horrific, as there are minimal escape routes towards the I-5 corridor. A substantial hiccup of the Cascadia Subduction Zone will render the area uninhabitable. The folks I ran into when we lived there were either totally clueless or just did not give a hoot in Hell if they died or survived. They were too enamored with the charm of the area. Go figure.

    4. More advice from our bi-polar LEO.
      How’s your Rascal assault scooter holding up under all that weight?

  6. Constitution, Constitution! At least We have the Constitution. That is the war cry today. The cry of the lazy. The Constitution is as solid and powerful as WE PEOPLE want/make it to be. You know a lot of people sit on their asses claiming “WE got the Constitution” as they watch the negro take a knee to OUR National Anthem. They say this as though the Constitution is some GODLY deity that will swoop down and save US. Until then everything will be ok. life goes on. It will be OK huh just sit and chill out right? It won’t be OK. The longer WE chill out gives the other side more chance to advance and conquer. The founding documents gave WE THE PEOPLE the GOD given right to suppress tyranny. AS the saying goes >>>>life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it kid you’re on! WE are on. WE got the call. The stage is ours now. What kind of show will WE provide. What kind of show will WE leave for our kids.

    1. Agree, we got the call.
      And a Busy signal answered.

      In truth without leaders most people are sheep – but our sheep vote.

      And we voted in a Commander in Chief who lacks the moral courage to open fire. In fairness he only promised peace and prosperity – and he delivered. Both have been taken away by enemies bold enough to act. Had Trump acted against treason and conspiracy in 2017 re Comey and Brennan there would have been little trouble, but not much.
      Had he called upon the sworn in uniform or veterans right through 2019 they would have answered. There would have been some deaths but few.
      Even now if he calls the deaths will be only in the hundreds, thousands at most.
      In full Civil War – millions.
      Trump will never sound the drums of war, never. He’ll just fade away. He’s just not a killer- and he shouldn’t have took the job.
      But we gave it to him.
      We’re going to have to figure this out ourselves. Not alone, but he’ll not lead us.
      In sum leadership paralysis all the way down, but only for the present. Leaders will rise, but a long bloody slog it will be.
      We’ll win.
      But being to timid to organize, being too faithful to laws that now jail the very police while freeing criminals, trusting a collapsing system will cost us dearly. But we’ll win in the end.

  7. What Barr actually said RE: Obama/Biden is that he did not foresee criminal inquiries or hearings into Obama/Biden

    What he left unsaid is that Durham has wrapped up or is investigating origins of, predicate for, and CoC in FISA warrants on Page, Popadopolous, and at least 2 more.
    Trump advisors. Good money on both Flynn and Sessions. Last week’s leaked FBI notes and docs show both Obama and Biden were in the CoC.

    Barr’s implication was that he did not foresee ‘hearings’ as in Senate hearings on O’Biden.

    He definitely did not say there would not be indictments. Every talking head out there keeps asking when Durham’s “Report” will be made public. Barr has answered that Durham is not issuing a report. Durham’s investigation is criminal in nature, and involves Grand Juries. Not one media hack has accurately reported this.

    It would behoove those interested to pay closer attention to both the questions and Barr’s very carefully worded answers.

  8. Being practical The Constitution probably has the largest support by far. Including tens of millions sworn who given leadership would defend it – and in that scenario make short work of the traitors. Who are of course traitors to everyone, and everything we ever built or possess here – who want us dead.

    Being Historical; in all probability if we win – ultimately we are likely to given our size, resources and vast area – history says were likely to return to our historical norms – which would be self ordering Liberty in a Federation. Every American political arrangement including the Iroquois was a Federation.
    What we have now is an ongoing struggle of centralization by tyrants.

    Speaking geographically the winner will never settle for less than Atlantic to Pacific- that would be the grossest incompetence – and incompetents do not win wars. Certainly the enemy would never leave us in peace. They cannot let their families have a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner.

    The only problem with the Constitution is it was usurped by FDR and every government since. If we want another fine, the victors survive.

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