13 thoughts on “Cultural Mapping”

  1. There is plenty of cultural Terraforming in those supposed good regions.

    1. Yeah there is. I agree with the author, though. By accident of birth I am an “American” along with some nigger in Chicago, or a faggot in San Fransisco. We have nothing in common.

      1. I’ve been saying that lately. Foreign is an ideology, or nation (root = natal or of the womb). A nation is not a country which is a false and modern definition in new dictionaries. A nation is a common people of ancestry and custom/religion. A country is lines on a map. Those SF sodomites are foreign, as are the Negros in chiraq, they are not my nation nor my people they just live within the same country.

  2. that’s strange

    i don’t see where tfA-t is located on that map

    oh, that’s right…


    burn the murka to the ground and scatter it’s vile remains to the wind

    woe be unto to thou

    tfA-t has scorned and cursed the wretched land known as Fusa

    there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth

  3. If that stands true, then where I’m at is totally fucked. In Coo’s Bay, Ore.

    The majority of Trailers and Motorhomes are Calif tagged. These cock suckers are even more rude then those fucking gooks, at Disneyland.

    I simply don’t have the patience for these cock suckers. Everyone of em, has the latest haircut, a pound of ” Dixy peach” oil slathered in their hair, the tats are ridiculous.

    Fucking chicks with half shaved heads.

    Tee, think your purple haired fat chick, canoe libs here, well might be her cousin. All are just to coooool for school.

    While the rest of the US is 90 plus, it’s a nice 65 degrees, gotta go clean a couple dozen razor clams.

    There’s a real deal shot storm coming!.


    1. sorry Dick

      the girl is a stunning knock-out, a 10

      seriously, wholesome, raised on a farm up here, equestrian, college in England..
      but at the moment she’s living in the enemy camp of denver

      her mom is trying to lure her back home

      fuck you asshole

    2. Tee, think your purple haired fat chick…

      C’mon Dirk… you believe that story? The guy is an habitual liar. He only says that stuff so some of his low-IQ sycophants (e.g., Gringa, Jarhead, Dollbanger) will look up to him and think he’s kewl and all.

      I mean, who would come here to WRSA and say stuff like that? Why would anyone here care?

      Nobody does.

      Except for narcissist t-Fat.

      The guy clearly has issues.

      Deep issues.

      Daddy/mommy issues.

  4. Here in Cajun Country we are proud of our heritage and culture and hopefully that never goes away but we are also proud to be Americans..
    My ancestors came from the Maritime Providences of Canada back in the mid 1700s to the swamps of Louisiana to make a home and we’re still here……….

    1. Yeah, LA has a pretty cool history. And the food, man oh man it’s good.

  5. I’m sandwiched between 30 and 26. Lots of puffy talk, chest thumping, oversized flags strapped to the back of aged, lifted trucks driving around, some with a set of artificial bull nuts dangling from their differentials, Big talkers if you can make out what they are saying under their masks. They like to pretend they are being defiant. Its Obvious that none have read Remus’ advise to be the gray man, and stay away from crowds.. Every once in a while, one of them loses their shit in public and out come the fucking smart phones to capture the moment for facebook..

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