Fighters: LAAAZERS!

Green light.

Red light.

Nothing but IR light.

What do you have?

How do you mount it?

What don’t you have any more, and why?

Links and model designators are helpful.


13 thoughts on “Fighters: LAAAZERS!”

  1. I always thought ‘boresighting’ a good 5mW+ laser pointer with a pair of binoculars could be very useful in certain situations.

  2. plain old Steiner DBal I like red , good IR, good controls , dependable , use with NODs of course , light weight, works . some models come with a white light if you need one ?

  3. I was lucky enough to stumble across several real PEQ-15 that a police department was surplussing. Apparently their legal department was skittish about the high powered setting and eye safety. Rather than just locktite the safety screw in place they sold them at noticably under their cost. I just wish I could have gotten more than I did.

    Mounted top with the surefire dual switch and scout lite on an Arisaka mount.

  4. Only a couple pistol lasers here, they are plain old red dot, crimson trace on one and a laserlyte that isn’t on anything because it has some funky batteries I can’t find. They both work good, they are accurately sighted in. I think they speed up targeting for an old slow out of practice and not very good person. Could be useful for making a point. My buddy has a viridian green laser and its way stronger than the red dot. I’m sure IR is the cats ass if you have nods and all that.

  5. Dbal is notoriously difficult to retain a zero. Ask John Lovell.
    Peq15 , proven issues kit for many reasons and years. Ask any troop whose been there.
    Russian Perst. Just do it. Jess sayin. Ivantactical ftw.
    Green only, red sucks.
    With Perst you get actual usable vis laser. Usable ir laser and the unicorn, a usable ir illuminator that works close AND long range. Something you don’t normally find as a civvie. Thanks FDA.
    The major benefit with dual band lasers is the bus and it are slaved. RE: zero without 2 people or even firing the weapon.
    Before the butthurt get on here and try to qualify their gear or worse yet their lack of it,
    After dark you are a useless victim without this base level gear AND the practical use/understanding of it.
    There are more folks out there with it than most realize, some of them are not your friends.
    If they have it and you do not.
    Anybody who has ever used it will agree.
    And for those who say but,but,but, I ain’t got the money/need/or whatever excuse, bet you have other useless shit that makes you feel good that costs less than a quality nvg setup, matter of fact I’ll guarantee it.
    It’s currently the best force multiplier out there, along with quality cans.
    As I stated in an earlier post, serious folks have, use and understand this gear.
    The rest are fucked 1/2 of a 24 hr cycle.
    Think about that for a second, seriously for once.

    1. Sig, interesting, I’ve not found your observation of DBAL requiring a re-zero, in fact just the opposite.

      I’ll have to re check. Only have two, DBALS, a PEC-15, which is slowly dying.

      Agree only IR, for me.

      SIG,,,,,thank you for the PVS 27 tip, missed a couple over on the hide. Checking daily now.


  6. My personal thought is visible lasers are a bad idea on long guns. I think they have a role used on CCW as a backup aiming device but they are mostly unusable daylight.

    A dual beam ir/visible laser aiming module can be useful if they are slaved together, allowing you to sight in the IR laser with the visible laser.

    For night vision use, an IR laser is essentially a requirement. The dbal i2 9007 model is a decent option that is more “affordable” than others, around $800. Holosun has a model that looks promising around the same price point. There are better units out there but price quickly rises to $1200-1500 and up. At normal ranges for defensive use, civilian legal ir lasers are perfectly adequate.

    I mount at 12 o’clock and prefer a dual function tape switch like the unity tactical model to be able to activate either the ir or a white light.

    Zero for constant offset.

    1. Nope, not necessarily.Re: 1200 etc.
      Read my above post, check out my recommendation, Intel is good, accurate information is best.
      This shit matters, spend the time it deserves, it’s only going to help you.
      Agreed on your parallel/constant zero.
      But that only matters at distance beyond a usable 14/7/15 etc.
      A poi zero is fine < 300.
      But having either is better than nothing for sure.

    2. I forgot to add this to your post.
      The peq15c is perfectly fine for any head mounted nvg, carbine, subgun work. So I second that for sure.
      Anybody using a clip on nvg, which is anyone interested in shooting > 300 or out to 1500, they need high power variable is best ir illumination.
      Back to perst again, unless you have access to full power 15 that is. But buyer beware, many are stolen, damn few aren’t.
      The peq15c is good to <300, better at 150, great at 100 but no high range for dual use on longer ranges.
      My favorite shooting is nighttime.
      Separates the men from the boys very quickly.
      Hardest ranging, trace, target identification you can ask for.
      Again, many, many people are learning and perfecting this gear right now and have been for many years now. I've been surprised tbh.
      Again, if you don't have any nvg capability,
      If they DO have it.
      Im done adding to this thread.
      25 years of actual experience posted above, in hope someone gets it.
      Tick tock.

  7. If you have a sight mounted nicely, and PVS-14’s you can use your regular Red Dot.

    Just put your NVG mono on the left if you shoot right.

    Ready Up. Bang Bang.

  8. So this one time playing Airsoft…

    Now, anybody who has been around airsoft knows that the cheap Chinese plastic guns always come with a chintzy red laser sight -a glorified laser pointer. They run on 3 button cell batteries and are basically good for nothing until you look at them with a tactical mind.

    Long story short, and this is the relevant part to this thread… at a bigger OP, on a frago, we breech a door, bang simulators, the whole nine yards and the stack starts to rush in. However, some smart ass decided it was a good idea to take all those cheap ass lasers that they had accumulated over time, turn them on, duck tape them to the walls, cabinets, other doorways etc, all pointing at the one exterior doorway we were crashing through.

    The first two guys in almost shit themselves and it was the first time I seen a freight train stop on a dime. And the best part was, nobody was even in the room or the next 6 rooms down the hallway. But we lost the element of surprise, our momentum and worst of all, because the stack stalled out bunched up in the doorway we got lit up from across the street and had to go back to re-spawn.

    But artistically, all those beams sure did look purdy in the smoke from the flash-bangs…

    In this case, the Laser was more powerful than the mind.

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