26 thoughts on “Max Velocity Tactical: On Plates & Carriers”

  1. There will be no respawns, no matter your get up. Little shit will be lethal for both sides or anyone else.

  2. What is the weight of all of that kit? And who is fit enough to wear it for any length of time?

    1. I’m nearly 50, metal knee and pretty roughed up. I make sure I can use it working through a lot of training. Get fit, stay fit. The weak will die faster. And the other side is actively working on the same ends. True believers are serious.

  3. I like to support local companies-these folks are in Bozeman and I’ve had great experiences with. Currently, I’m using this as a plate carrier:

    With these level IV plates:
    Level IV, multicurve plates, and they fit the carrier perfectly. I’d love to have super lightweight III+, but I’ve got other things to spend my $hekels on.

    Very similar to what I used overseas…albeit over a decade ago. I liked the idea of being able to scale up and down; however I also see the utility of a dedicated plate carrier as a combat rig, loaded down with ammo, hydration, signalling, etc. I’ve got a TYR Tactical plate carrier as well; perhaps one day I’ll have the 11×14 plates to go with it.

  4. Civie here with a question. The overt plate carrier appears to be carrying mags. From experience has anyone ever taken a round such that it set off the rounds in the mag?

    1. Rounds won’t set off rounds. They are only ignited by primer strikes. Even cartridges tossed in a fire don’t “fire” their bullets, that requires the tight pressure from being contained in a chamber and barrel.

      1. Same reason firefighters don’t worry about ammo going off in a blazing fire. Their jackets are enough protection.

        Matt B – when’s your next podcast with Fernando?

        1. Matt, Centurion,

          Thanks for the replies.

          DMV, the only dumb question is the one not asked.

  5. JUST, purchased a set of the ” shot stop IV plates. Their at my home, but I’m not home. Went with the crye 1.5 pound carrier in multi cam. We’re out of OD green.

    these new poly hibred plates are lighter and apparently more effective. Went with the IV, which is pretty impressive in stopping power.

    End of the day your alive, but your ribs are gonna be fucked up, for awhile.

    Was running level 4 Saapi plates, in a London bridge carrier. they timed out. My newer set, I gifted to my nephew, who’s LEO, told me recently he wearing them almost daily down in Placer County Ca.

    The London Bridge carriers very good kit, but it’s a few pounds more then I’d like.

    Anyway got a 25% discount with my mil ID discount.

    1. My first Iraq deployment we had a guy get shot either 7 or 9 times total in both front and back plates. He didn’t know at the time that he’d been hit. Didn’t know till after the fight he’d been hit at all. Wasn’t till the next day that he found out how many times he was hit. No pain, no bruising from any of the rounds that struck the plates. It’s a myth that plates stopping rounds is going to hurt you at all.

  6. I was a squid so even on the VBSS team we only had kevlar or old flack vests back in the 90s, no plate carriers. Is it usually just a plate in the front or both front and back?

    1. Plate front and back or the carrier sits unbalanced – AND you get killed.

      1. People in Texas are starting to where ‘no mask masks’, eg you can see thru them like a veil. The Guvs order was so vague that such a contraption sufficed.

  7. would like to see how the gt2 plates stack up against those dm11 rounds from the mp-7s that the border patrol are seen carrying in portland. nymag had a picture of unidentified federal agents detaining protesters. 4.6 x 30 is made to defeat kevlar vests at a goodly distance. in flesh, it would very likely make you stop whatever you were doing at the moment.


  8. Who makes carriers for gi sapi 12 x 14 inch plates? All the ones I see out there are for the smaller plates.

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