Fundraiser For Dave Lauck


If we asked Dave Lauck who he was he would probably say he is a person too busy for such nonsense questions and be off to whatever he was currently working on.

We decided to listen to what people who have known him the longest have said:

I was most impressed the by the low key, professional, soft spoken, seemingly simple man from ‘out west’. Beneath the unassuming exterior of Dave Lauck is a true genius, inventor, tactician, patriot and warrior. He has led the way in many areas and has made a life of sharing his developments for the benefit of others. This is why military, LE, protective services, and armed citizenry have all sought him out.

                                                                                                         U.S. Army Special Forces

Dave Lauck has trained hundreds of U.S. soldiers going to Iraq and Afghanistan, and they were all better prepared to fight and survive because of Dave’s knowledge and leadership. He gear is great, it is needed, and always, he is years ahead of others. It was Dave Lauck’s vision on training, shooting, and equipping that saved many lives in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We all agree that Dave Lauck’s training would save so many more lives if we could get more soldiers to his programs. All the troops wanted to tell him thanks!

                                                                                   U.S. Army Colonel, Combat Vet, U.S. Senator

I was inspired by the standards of Dave Lauck, he became my most trusted resource for information, I have experienced his generosity in sharing his public safety and life-saving tactics knowledge that all police officers need. I have personally witnessed his generosity to others in our community. He is the most dedicated public servant I have ever met.

                                                                                                                Deputy Sheriff

Dave Lauck is one of the finest officers and trainers that I have observed in my 40+ years in the criminal justice profession….he is a daily example of honesty and integrity…has an unwavering commitment to the truth. Mr. Lauck has defused many potentially violent incidents without endangering the community.

                                                                                                               Attorney / Police Supervisor  

With Dave Lauck, fair and equal treatment for all is assured. He is professional, dedicated and practical. He has advised me on hundreds of occasions, and his expertise is well known in many parts of country. He is the kind of guy I want beside me in the war on terror…honorable and trustworthy.

                                                                                     Detective / Military Security Commander

Dave Lauck’s devotion to duty and willingness to risk his life to save another’s life is admirable. I commend him on his bravery….I hesitate to remind him that he is not equipped to enter into burning structures.

                                                                                       Police Commander

Dave Lauck has an international reputation as a firearms instructor and master gunsmith…he has trained many elite police, military and civilian weaponeers. Calm, confident and focused….a good family man. No one you will want by your side in a gunfight more than Dave Lauck. There is no question of his personal courage, tactical skills and teaching ability.

                                                                        Police Captain

The above comments made by people who know and have worked with Dave Lauck are a mere fraction of the hundreds letters, commendations and notations about Dave Lauck and his performance history.

When it comes to needing emergency assistance, Dave Lauck is the type of person who you hope shows up to assist you in your time of need. However, in a sense it is now Dave Lauck who is calling for assistance.

After 40+ years of specialized training, 27 years of which involved frontline response to police emergencies, he has accrued compounded spinal injuries so severe that major spinal reconstruction, fusion and an internal support structure were required.

Dave Lauck and his wife have provided us with over 50+ years of professional public safety service, yet still lost all medical benefits after separating from their state agencies. A major fundraising effort will be required to help pay incoming medical bills and life expenses.

Dave’s training and equipment has directly and indirectly saved countless lives over the course of his lifetime. We are asking that you dig deep and help us give back to a man that has devoted his life’s mission to protecting and serving those who Protect and Serve. Any and all donations are graciously welcomed and appreciated.

100% of the donations made will go directly to Dave Lauck and his loving wife Bernadette to cover medical and cost of living expenses.

More of Dave Lauck’s background can be seen at

32 thoughts on “Fundraiser For Dave Lauck”

  1. He helped build the standing army police state and I’m suppose to help him, why?

    1. Fred, how about this. It’s the Right thing to do.

      Imagine your friends admired YOU enough to reach out to a community to assist you in times of need. Your down, hard times, a little love would go along ways.

      I get it, your one of the haters here. Without those nasty ol poopoo, some big dog would have kicked your grill in, Multiple times. You HIDE behind your constitution rights, while hammering the men and women who defend those rights.

      Why is it your bloggers always think, your righteous? Historically I’ve heard exactly two admit it when they got it wrong.

      One being Culpeper, recently. Respect out for a man who corrects issues small and big, the other Was Hershel, was impressed with his humbleness when he excepted the responsibility for his words, realized they were close but not entirely correct.

      Fred, are you capable of that? I,don’t know the answer.

      By the way, I’m in for 50.00 for Dave. I’ve stepped up many many times when men their families are down, many were not friends, in fact we had fundamental differences. My families contribution in each wasn’t much, 50.00/100.00 it’s only money, if it helped even a little, was a worthy investment.

      Fuck I’d even send tee tard money if he was in a jam. And I hate that fucker.

      Open your heart, give if you can. If you can’t, no worries.

      I, don’t know Dave, but I do admire his contribution to a better world.


      1. Right now , TODAY, there are all these ex______fill in the blank retired SPECIAL whatever guys building websites starting training sites/ranges writing books selling videos giving lectures and their #1 customers are .gov I say again DOT FUCKING GOV ! local state and federal POLICE and then they build rifles that shot minute of Randy’s wife and child and then hire them as spokesman at shot show and then show up at the PRO 2A rallies and tell us to support the very police who are just iching just rubbing their greasy little hands together to come kick in your fucking door, shoot you in the face steal the wristwatch and cash off your dresser and stomp your cat on the way out the door…………..and when they get the illness you want me to feel sorrow , you want me to dig deep into my over taxed beat down wore out carharts and fork over some cash.

        I say FUCK THAT SHIT………..traitors all………. sell their shit to law enforcement at a discount that you and I do not get….fawn over all the LAW you get it …….not peace officers….NO ! …. ENFORCEMENT …………!

        Only words they know are “Hey , just doing my job” !

        Well I guess you should have saved some money from from your JOB ! all your special shit you sell and all your expensive classes you gave and all your book sales.

        Dirt, you have tried to be a gentleman to everyone hear you have eaten a lot of shit in the comments and came back politely …………….but you have to get real……………………………………..

        They are all traitors………selling their soul to the highest bidder……….and that would be DOT GOV

        ………I have said it for years on here HARDEN YOUR HEARTS GENTLEMEN…………………………..

        Harden your cold miserable fucking hearts………give no quarter
        and revel in the pain and misery and death of your enemy !!!!!!!!!!

        1. HEAR! HEAR!

          fuck that rotten bastard with rusty rebar up his scumbag POS ass


          this wet fuckspot wouldn’t hesitate to kill you and then get drunk and have sex afterwards- all while getting paid leave….

        2. my friend, I don’t see a spook or a snitch behind every tree. I to have had the opportunity to train at many many of these high speed facilities.

          While a rock star trainer may be running em, it’s not about him, it’s about what “You “as the trainee, put into the training which builds the desired end results.

          I see it simply as life, we are all trying to live a decent responsible life, retire in relitively comfort, these trainers what nothing more then that.

          Over my 25 years, I’ve become friends with many of these men, their families. They are welcome here, as me and my family are welcome at their homes.

          It’s a job, for most. MRapp, I have experienced what your saying, that the ” job” becomes a lifestyle. I guess I was lucky. After 7/8 years was simply a job for me, didn’t attend choir practices, or parties, I valued my time away from Law Enforcement.

          If men and women entering into the business are not constructive, careful, it’s a job which will consume you. My average work week was 84 hours or more. Rarely at the station, my place was the streets, I had citizens counting on me to get it right.

          Sadly, I didn’t always get it right. Those for me were the ” teachable moments” my fuck ups were also my learning curve.

          When I was on RDO’s I was out in the mountains, on my sail boats, doing family stuff. The majority of those serving as LEO’s value quality family time, more then any other thing in their world.

          I was to say the least a wild assed hell raising young man. How I ended up in Law Enforcement confuses even me to this day. I NEVER took a promotional test, wasn’t going to sell my soul to some jerk off chief, or Capt, or LT.
          To this day I wouldn’t piss on those in my command even today. Really really piss poor cops, even more so as leaders.

          Look at it as I do, perhaps it will soften your view. Even if your hobby eventually becomes your job, end of the day it’s just a job.

          Keep in mind many of these men and women, are truly shit hot trainers, can assist trainees to become switched on, make even better wiser choices.

          I no longer attend these high dollar trainers, I’d rather spend the money on kit, and more training bullets. FOR ME, I’ve discovered that in a training cycle, if I’m fucking something up, in the mechanics or presentation, etc etc, I eventually find the reasonable solution, requires slowing the roll down thinking thru EVERY component in that cycle.

          Eventually a physiological fix, is reached. Over the years I’ve found that problem solving, to apply across the board to everybody training.

          It’s that light going off moment.

          My friend don’t be to hard on these guys, their doing what they know.

          I’ll close with this, a really smart trainee, works harder on what he sucks at, then his strengths. That’s the “Zen” of the training?

          Hope this helps, my friend.


      2. “By the way, I’m in for 50.00 for Dave. I’ve stepped up many many times when men their families are down, many were not friends, in fact we had fundamental differences. My families contribution in each wasn’t much, 50.00/100.00 it’s only money, if it helped even a little, was a worthy investment. ”

        ” 20/40/60/100.00 is nothing to us, why are you, such a Dick, do a good deed every once in awhile. ”

        Why not feed some starving africans and post about how great you are on twitter because of it.

        1. Anon, why don’t you try leading from the front for once, your a cheap shot artist, let my define it for you, a fucking coward!

          How about you go fuck tee tard, and give him a reach around while your at it. Keep in mind that would be multi tasking,,,,, your fucking shit for brains, likely doesn’t comprehend things in double digits.

          Don’t go away mad, just go way you fucking looser!.


      3. Fred has got his priorities straight

        fuck that jackboot thug bastard who made his way thru life helping other jackboots to more efficiently kill and destroy the common mans life

        this turd probably believes in some god- lol

        let his almighty god heal him and pay the (((man)))

        it’s a miracle i tell ya!

        oh wait…

        there is NO god

        tfA-t was right again

        carry on 🙂

      4. Thanks dirt for your reasoned and calm approach. I respect that. I’ll decline, not because of the man, I don’t know him. It’s not personal. I measure good by the Holy Writ. A police state is not biblical therefore training and equipping it is wrong.

        “I get it, your one of the haters here. Without those nasty ol poopoo, some big dog would have kicked your grill in, Multiple times. You HIDE behind your constitution rights, while hammering the men and women who defend those rights.” This statement is completely wrong but your sentiment is not.

        But do, every man, give as your heart would have you. And remember sowing and reaping runs deep and is scaleable. For all I know one day I may come up short with no help in sight. Be wise.

        1. Fred, my apologies, tough night, zero sleep. Not my place to ping on you, your a good man, I know this to be true. This is STILL the United States you still get to make choices as I do.


    2. Thumbs up Fred. Once a popo….ALWAYS a popo. Never forget this. Everyone get past the puppy eyed begging and sniveling . PoPo is not your/our friend, current and “former”. Beware, be aware!
      As always, stay small. Do what YOU can.


  2. he was SOOOOOO great he has to beg for shekels


    with ALL his accolades, he didn’t save any $- sounds like piss poor priorities

    also sounds like a rotten cop AND bootlicker

    and both he and his tramp are now out of their free shit gubmint gimmes?


    and then there is tfA-t….

    a TRULY GREAT MAN who has to beg for NOTHING- NOT A THING

    let’s all re-examine who the REAL great man is m. k?

    1. Not everyone has the luxury of falling back on daddy’s money, such as yourself.

      You know, the more you talk, the more you sound like a (((crypto))).

    2. What a fucking selfish looser, a lonely man, with his priorities all kinds of fucked up, but then boiled chick with 4.00 delivery hell of a business plan.

      Your a fucking marketing genius Gump!,,, err tee, you me, others here are in a position to help. 20/40/60/100.00 is nothing to us, why are you, such a Dick, do a good deed every once in awhile.

      Mommy Daddy would be proud of the progress you’ve made, with your improved “sandbox 101 super skills set.”

      Na I thought not, try not to drown yourself today when you brush your dentures please.

      Your Ol pal Dirt.

      1. fuck that dirty rotten pig

        i’d bet everything he was a crooked as a dogs hind leg

        they ALL are

        no exceptions

        i wouldn’t piss on him er, well, yeah i’d piss on him

        ‘remember your tfA-t’

        1. And by ‘betting everything’ t-Fat means all his daddy gave him via a trust, which you couldn’t get your hands on even if you won the bet.

      2. Reminds me of the old saw about how a person can recognize a retired schoolteacher: she has no class. Our resident troll can see that in himself every morning as he shaves.

        To this thread’s first replier, Fred: there is tens of millions of people who have helped to build the standing army police state, most all of them contributing at a fairly low level. Perhaps your male ancestors and all helped with the creation of such. Certainly our resident court troll can be counted in this number, he’s getting 100% VA disability for his prior efforts at supporting the current police state.

        I’d hazard the opinion that Lauck’s contribution to the above, is fairly low level also. The lower levels of the great pyramid are handy but really non-effective points for your attack. Think hard on the various aspects of the spear, if pyramids don’t work well for your analysis of where problems lie.

        I did a week’s worth of schooling with Dave Lauck in maybe 1989. He was real focused on his work, unlike many cops who due to their BMI, provide humor to jesters like myself. He appeared hard even in those times.

        His work involved playing hard at night, one-on-one, with the bad people. Most all here other than a couple of sociopaths, do recognize that individuals such as Dave Lauck are necessary for their ownselves to sleep comfortably in their beds. George Orwell was talking about Dave Lauck as a copper.

        People can talk all they want as to who they will generally support with cash. Local is always nice. Family is even nicer. Maybe, if it can be afforded, a small contribution to a person who has spent his working years dealing with bad people and who likely has never set foot in your AO, might be rewarded, somehow.

        Dave Lauck as a copper was about winning a fight. He was in good enough shape when I knew him, to win such. How’s his critics doing on that?

        I sent what I could, not because he’s a bud. I barely know him. But money sent his way is better spent than on the more local things.

        As to other voices on this thread saying that he should have planned better when him and his wife left the State’s employee insurance cocoon: how many of you could do better right now, if you’d gone beyond your current personal comfort zone of your job and its perks? Could you pay cash for major health costs without your current employee comfort zone? Does this current comfort affect your judgement of a stranger’s circumstances or of the past life he’s led?

    3. Tfat.
      Ordinarily I just read your shtick with a smile because you troll folks for fun.
      But this time you are wrong sir.
      Plainly said, IF, you actually meant what you said above, then you truly have no real honor.
      I think that matters to you.
      Respect and honor is all we have, it’s all we can give and really all that matters among men.

      1. just remember your sympathy for these shitstains when they are going door to door and killing kids doggys while terrorizing the people for not getting a vaccine or confiscating guns- because “it’s my job”

        these lowlife fuckers just let entire cities go ape shit while arresting decent folks for not wearing a mask there’s something about COWARDS!

      2. You must be new here.

        t-Fat has neither respect nor honor.

        t-Fat is a diabolical narcissist who is concerned about one, and only one, person in the world, and that person is his putrid self.

        And what he hates the most is that if it weren’t for his daddy’s money, the best he could aspire to in life is pumping gas.

  3. Are those testimonials? Because if those people are friends, why not get their support, and not a bunch of random internet people? And a US Senator, ffs.

  4. I’m not one to give to go find me random people, too many scams out there. Family, friends and neighbors sure…..

  5. Why does everyone on the blog misspell the word “Loser”? It’s not looser. That would mean he’s not tight, or something. Geez.

      1. Sorry, Pete, it’s not merely a WRSA injoke…it’s all over the comments many places and it’s plainly counterproductive.

        Newbie’s who might find knowledge, advice and encouragement here, who also happen to be basically literate, are at least suspicious/skeptical when the see “lose” and “loose” used bassackwards nearly 100% of the time. It’s not limited to those two words alone.

        Words have meaning. Bad usage alters meaning and deters comprehension, diminishing language. When a joke, or what once might have been wit, is flogged to death, it’s no longer funny, and when poor usage becomes the standard, the lesser lights accept the “new normal.” Sound familiar? Words ill used also betray and reveal intent, ability, sincerity or the lack thereof….
        as is usually the case with some of the most useless, insolent and offensive comments ever posted, anywhere.

        You cretins know who you are. Can’t write or think? Refrain from demonstrating your lackwit in comments.

        If this place has the purpose to enlighten and prepare folks for the inevitable, and I know that that is your intention, I ask again, why don’t you raise the standards just a little?

    1. Brad, Brad, Brad… Would that ‘loser’ is the only word so often misspelled here. There’s a tremendous number who don’t know the difference between ‘two’, ‘too’, and ‘to’. Then there’s ‘there’, ‘their’, ‘they’re’… I could go on, as I have in the past, to no avail. Herding this crew is harder than herding cats, though quite (not ‘quiet’) a lot (not ‘alot’) more fun.

  6. If this gentleman is as popular and well-known as the post says he is, then he should have no problem getting contributions from all of the LEOS he trained. Newsflash: LEOS get paid on a regular basis, whether they are dodging incoming fire and bricks, or getting a blow job in the back alley from some “barely” 18-year-old DENNEY’S dolly.
    Yes, it is unfortunate this man is ill. It is also unfortunate that Mrs. DWEEZIL has to have knee replacement surgery in Spokane next week. We all have our crosses to bear. I wish this fellow well. I have my own concerns. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

  7. Wow, I am amazed how many John Brown Gun Club folks follow and then take the time to comment on WRSA. Concerned American, you are attracting an interesting new group of folks. Have you become ‘woke’ while your site was down? 😉

    73 & God Bless Brother

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