5 thoughts on “Herschel: Two On Ammo”

  1. The screen began at 1000 boxes of 200, and tonight it was at 150.

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    I have come to not trust online retailer inventory displays. They appear to be more of a marketing ploy to get buyers to make a purchase “before it runs out.” Many-a-time I’ve seen similar displays where inventory goes to zero, and then automatically jumps to its “full” number, only to again be depleted in a short time.

    Ain’t saying that ammo isn’t being purchased, but when it comes to the actual amount heading out the door, I have a feeling only the retailer knows the true number.

  2. In my experience, the numbers of boxes available are accurate. I was at https://www.targetsportsusa.com/, looking for some Federal Fusion. The page said it had 10 boxes. I bought all 10, and the number went to zero with an out of stock notice just about immediately. I’ve had the same experience at other on-line ammo vendors. The only time I’ve not seen the numbers change is when they use, “99+” available. I bought 1K M855 from a particular vendor, and his number didn’t change, so when I made that purchase, he had a lot of it. Now it’s sold out, of course.

  3. New gun owners over the recent months are 12+ years behind the curve that have dealt with ups and downs with availability and pricing. Remember the .22 ammo a few years back? But coordinating with local shops, online specials during the non-neurotic times, allowed many to keep stocks up, even with range time. Shoot 1 box buy two. Etc. Nobody ever has enough ammo, but my AO will be like Fallujah if it enters my street. And 99% will be outgoing.

  4. Most of us here are stocked to the gills, but the amount that our normie friends have is about nil.
    This kid comes over a few days ago to show me his AR, huge plastic case, pretty nice carbine with all the bells, whistles and doodads, six mags nicely fitted into the foam and when I asked him how many more mags and ammo he had,…….zip! And he’s clueless how hard it will be to stock up on more.
    I have many friends who have a few boxes for their hunting rifles, and that ‘s it. No AR/AK’s, couple other friends have an AR, no extra mags or web gear. And I’ve told them to stock up, they don’t care because they don’t think anything will change or go wrong.
    And how many guns are in this country?

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