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  1. So why is there such a disconnect with the Democrats / MSM with cause and effect. The repeatedly demonstrate that they have no understanding of Americans in flyover country. I think that President Trump will Win Bigly and they will be just as shocked as they were in 2016.

    1. “No understanding of Americans in flyover country?!”

      Ahhhh–perhaps you don’t understand.
      They loath people in flyover country.
      They look down upon you as uneducated, low-class scum.

      Just look at most of the popular media and films regarding people who live in flyover country. They are portrayed as low-class hicks. This is what they think of you.

      Wrap your skulls around this please.

      All of these onerous laws that they pass in DC and on the state level is specifically designed to punish you for your beliefs. Grok this please. The operative word is ‘punish.’

      And of course Trump will win bigly and they will collectively shit their pants on TV.

  2. So personally I don’t care what happens in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco nor New Yawk and the like. I have no reason to go, no family friends or business there. Now if they feel like starting their dumb shit here they will be in for a surprise. We don’t cater to the dumbasses.

    1. It get better. People are self-selecting to bug out of these urban hell holes. New Yawk is slowly becoming a ghost town, especially with the rich of which they need for a tax base. Portland is simply crazy. Seattle can amply be described by this — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw .

      These cities have two large problems. 1) They have long tail economics in the form of decade long bonds to pay for. 2) They have pension commitments that are also decade long. The old adage of `never pay a long term obligation with short term notes comes to mind`. Many of these cities will reach a point that they cannot meet their obligations due to the fact that the tax base is no longer there. They will all become Detroits.

      Long term this will force a shift in politics. The Left wants to kill Suburbia. Based on what is going on now that is not likely. Fact the very opposite is about to happen Bigly. The people bugging out have to land somewhere. If we wanted a long term change Trump ought to propose the equivalent of the REA for the Internet. The tech is there to do that now. Implementation would mean that one could work anywhere one pleased with nearly the same parity as living in some expensive city for a job.

      1. Oh no no goyi-I mean, my fello White person. It’s just a coincidence.

      2. Shhh…. you and others WEREN’T supposed to notice (((that)))….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      3. Yup, more Anglicized Yids.
        Went from Russian or German Yiddish to NYC bastardized jew. And I think 1/2 of them are clueless how truly fuk’d up their new names are.

  3. Hey Brownstain – Who is making it incendiary now? Conservatives? No. It is pantifa and blm.
    And who will make it ‘more incendiary’ if Trump wins a second term? Conservatives? No. It will be pantifa and blm, once again.
    Do you really think main street America is that stupid?

  4. “If Trump wins a second term”…

    Let’s all hope the fuk so.
    I think these communists are overplaying their hands.
    They are children playing with gasoline while holding a lit road-flare.
    To say they will be completely crushed in the end is an understatement.
    Please refer to Madrid at the end of the Spanish Civil War.
    Franco showed no mercy to the Bolshevik scum.

    Not only will they be crushed, totally and completely–the MSM networks will be dismantled brick by brick, server-by-server and abolished. And these fecks think they will be immune from the chaos and violence that will ensue. The Hollywood and MSM talking head collaborationists will also suffer greatly with no room in the bunkers for these useful idiots.

    Just some happy Thursday morning thoughts.

    1. From your keyboard to everyone who ever frequented these pages,
      or whoever wishes ti live free or d.. er kill comunists, every other stripe of tyrant.

    2. Will it really be any different if Trump ‘loses?’

      I’ve been considering if it may not be better if he does lose.

      Let’s deal with what needs to be done so our children don’t have to deal with it.

      There certainly are those who claim that it will be the end of civilization, and they certainly may be right.

      But why delay it? I’ve got all the ammo I think I’m going to get, or be able to get. I’ve got food, and water, and the best plan I have been able to put together.

      If it’s coming, let it come to us, and not our children.

  5. Win, lose, or draw for Trump, I don’t consider either to be good, the Left will never stop. This Revolution is 100 years in the making. The only good thing about Trump that I can see, if you have a notebook and pencil handy, is the commies outing themselves Left and Right. (see what i did?)

    1. Trump, love or loathe, if he had never done another single thing, he has been the instigator and agitator of the revelation of the the Tru-Left. Driving them insane with his victory, keeping them insane and acting up with his blatant naming of names, making them show their ruddy RED baboon asses and their evil intent for even the more sleepwalking normies to “Say, what?”

      Thank Trump for all of that. Who else could, or would, have done that?

      He deserves a Rushmore all his own, if we win.

      So we better fucking win. Trump, whether he knows it or not, has set the stage and handed us the baton…………………………………………………………….

  6. F**K The Atlantic-that Leftist rag. Portland and Seattle are going to escalate until the Communists are put down. This is about Power, this is about Control, this is about MONEY!! Even my elderly neighbors now understand that part. Ride your bike, exercise, eat a good diet, and stay hydrated. You will need these skills soon. Thank God I have dogs-they destress me.

    1. Really! This article blows! It’s not even vaguely attempting to be unbiased or factual.

      All the left has are the few liberal elite Communist at the top in places like the press, education, etc…Who spew their talking points and propaganda to the morons on the bottom begging to be used as useful idiots.

      They will likely meet the same fate as Lenin’s useful idiots if the left ever succeeds.

      I won’t know, I’ll be lying in a ditch with a .308 sized hole in my head before I see that happen, Lord willing!

    2. Word. We use the barking swiffer duster and the barking dust mop as trip wires. Kendra the Wonder Dog(Lab-Shepard mix) handles the heavy lifting. They give me and the tribe just enough time to grab shotguns and move to our pre-planned sites. Please, SS watch your six if you are still in Sacto. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Can we say “projection”?

    As though anyone to the right of Mao would remotely consider Rahm Immanuel anything but politically divisive at best, and a seditious bastard at worst.

  8. Well until ken and karen cuckenberg feel any direct pain, or their neighbors norm and nancy normystein do, it will be bidness as usual in the usa. The frog in the pot will get hotter, but realisically who here is stepping off the porch to go on the offense? Most murikans want this shit. The masses are asses. They believe in the kung flu. They will believe in mandatory vaccines. They have a fit if someone aint wearing a mask. They will have no problem with digital currency. There aint no holding action here. Im not taking the vax. Im not getting on the boxcar. Thats my deadline. If anyone thinks the republiks getting restored , youre higher than a muddaphuccin kite. 9 11 was the test to see what we would put up with. Murikans will go very well along with the gubmint. T fat is right. His presentation is just a bonus. Most of us here will live a bit longer than the average murikan dipshit, but in the end we end up like most of the signers of the declaration of independence did. Broke, bereft of friends or family and just plain dead. Damn few of them saw it end well. Im not saying dont fight to survive, but thats all it is. The murikan ride is way the fuck over. Kinda like vietnam. The end we got is the end we deserved. Now, enough of the sad shit! I got niggerball to watch!

  9. There is virtually nothing I could write here to adequately describe how clueless this city fuckwad is. The following is an attempt, however inadequate.

    American cities exist on top of the greatest pile of fragile complexity ever assembled by humans. It was all designed to exist on a society that is entirely composed of cooperative people. None of it is secure or can be made secure. Disrupting it would be child’s play. Breaking things that would take months or years to fix would in some instances take minutes, without the use of explosives. The complex systems are inter-reliant, and so loss of one is devastating to the rest.

    The author flips his light switch and the lights come on, and believes they always will because they always have, not able to comprehend what an absolute miracle it is, and how many people work as hard as they do under challenging conditions to make it so. The author opens his kitchen tap and clean, drinkable water comes out in a seemingly endless torrent, and believes it always will because it always has.

    The author has never been in a power station, a tank farm, an airport control tower, a water purification plant, down a sewer, in a server farm, a wiring closet or a central office, down a ditch, run a backhoe, slaughtered an animal.

    None of those things matter because he’s smart.

  10. Matt Bracken, disagree, regarding temp and rounds explosions. Powder gets hot,,,,,,cooks off, the bullets gotta go somewhere.. I’ve experienced this many many times.

    Locally it’s always been a big deal, so many people here are re loaders..


  11. “…Trump appears to be trying to provoke clashes with protesters, which he can use to convince white suburban voters that he’s the last line of defense between them and the chaos allegedly incubating in cities…”
    Heh. Last line of defense, huh? Apparently they’ve neutered themselves.
    There was a time when that line was demarc’d by K98’s, Lee-Enfields or, in my house, an M1, an ’03, and a can of M2AP. Nobody in my piece of the valley was waiting for “Authorities” to come save them should Watts/Compton-I spill over the hill.

    Article was a good window into their thinking though.

  12. There is a dynamic here that cannot be ignored. It seems that in all the comments I’ve ever read, there seems to be a consensus that “Something” or “Someone” is going to happen.
    Our usual suspects in this case are: Trump, The Deep State, The Progressives (in which I include all delineations thereof).
    I read about CW II, revolution, secession, economic and societal meltdown and a myriad other calamities.
    Fact is…NO ONE has a solution. NO ONE of conservative, right, traditional Americans is going to do anything about it……except talk, write, blog, bitch, wail, lament……. all show, no go.
    The only side getting some traction is the left and it’s various minions, while the right just complains and keeps drawing their line further and further back to the buffalo jump point.
    Too much braggadocio and no pipe hitters…….I pick my nose in your general direction !
    This is why the left may win this battle with little effort because the right will just roll over into a fetal position.
    Don’t expect a savior. I seriously doubt Trump is. Like someone else said ….. no one is coming to save you.
    Son, you’re on your own……. If I could only get two more just men with me, that would be a blessing.

    Some one else once said ” There are three kinds of people in this world – Those who make things happen, Those who watch things happen, and those who say “What Happened ?”.

    I know I’ll be all right, but I have it on good authority that most of you are fucked.

  13. Faxed my pre-cert w/ 214 for burial in the Sacto. Nat. Cem. to the VA today.
    Time is short.
    After the first the rest are free.
    Ephesians: 6:12
    God bless America. God, Family, Country.

  14. ‘white Commie Inc., putting in work.
    Blah, blah, blah….blah, blah….blah, blah, blah!

    Taylor Charles Lemons was charged by authorities w/felony assault of a federal officer in relation to an antifa riot on 22 July outside Portland federal courthouse. The affidavit says he used a shield as a battering ram to strike an officer. He was also carrying a loaded pistol.

    Nicholas W. Kloiber, 26, was arrested & charged by federal authorities on 23 July in relation to the antifa/BLM riot at the Portland federal courthouse. He’s been released on pre-trial.

    Zachary Roy Duffly, a 44-year-old Portland-area attorney, was arrested & charged by federal authorities at the antifa/BLM riot at the Portland federal courthouse on 21 July. He was released by court order.

    Jennifer Lynn Kristiansen, a 37-year-old Portland-area attorney, was arrested by federal authorities at the violent antifa/BLM riot on 21 July in Portland. She is charged with assaulting a federal officer & more.

    Cody Beau Porter, 30, a school instructor for Multnomah County & an open communist, was arrested & charged w/assaulting a federal officer at the Portland #antifa riot. He was given a pretrial release & ordered to not possess weapons, fireworks or lasers.

    Bailey Quinn Dreibelbis, 23, was arrested & charged by federal authorities on 23 July in relation to the antifa/BLM riot at the Portland federal courthouse. He’s been released on pre-trial.

  15. I thought it was a bit amusing that this twit was mealy mouthed venting about the Governors confronting and slapping down some ludicrous demands of the mayors.

    Whilst at the same time, supporting sanctuary cities and the scheming clods that rely on it to get elected

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