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  1. well there you go………….this video is for …”if you are a cop or military” you need to sweep through the patriots home with a red dot and come out the back door and be able to engage his wife and kids at 2 or 3 or 4 hundred yards ……….always about the cops……always about the military…………..feed and fuel the enemy…..that’s just great……….glad to see all you special_______________fill in the blank dudes helping to , as Pro Gun Fred said, arm and train the enemy………this is just so romantic and movie like it will just never end……….out

    1. Well,..what else would one expect from “Mr. ‘Stache ‘n Dash –
      ‘De Morocco Mole from ‘da Spec Ops Hole”?

      One who’s taken “The (((King’s))) Coin is STILL the (((King’s))) Man”.
      Especially if “Spec-shul Simpanzee ‘Stache” is STILL reading from the cuckservative
      playbook and trying to hold the cunts-ti-pooption civ-nat unicorn turd by the ‘clean end’…..

      One gets more value via re-reading “Unintended Consequences” or “NPNP”….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. And where do you think this training should come from? The Girl Scouts, the Cub Scouts, I’m at a loss as to your thought process.

      Are you angry with the trainers per sae, or is it you don’t have the big dollars required to go to those schools. Not knocking you, trying to figure your baseline.

      My friend, I’ll bet you have those kinds of trainers right their in your community, friends associates who if asked would love to share with you, what they learned in the mil, or ?

      Got shooting clubs available, hang out their, get established within the community, in short order you will be invited to participate.

      Heck start shooting three gun, work on your skills sets, under the pressure of the stop watch. If you go that route, several things will manifest.

      Understand it’s a shooting game, zero realistic cover vs concealment.

      You will learn to better minipulate your pistol, rifle and shotgun. Your shot placement, with improve, your speed will improve and your confidence in your overall skills sets will improve.

      Those three improvements along are pure gold.

      Sir, don’t get huge up on what others are doing, focus on the things you control, can make change in. ALL good shooters have a solid fundamental baseline, to grow/learn off of.

      When it’s time to learn to read wind, a simple .22 or 17 HMR, are as valuable as their big brother rifles.

      Learn your rifles, learn their capacities, set realistic shooting goals.

      A couple of us here have a friend an orthopedic surgeon, who saw what’s coming, took up shooting about four years ago. God it was painful to watch him on the line, we all hid behind trees. The fella looking like he had teretts syndrome, what a mess.

      Doc, stayed with it, set a weekly routine, stuck with it. He’s now smooth accurate and lightening fast. Admire his tenacity to stick it out. He’s methodical in his approach, admittedly he was shooting 8/10 thousand rounds a month to achieve his goals, he has the income, most of us don’t have.

      My point is, MRapp, don’t fall for the trap, make a realistic training platform that works for you. That could be as simple as doing pistol presentations, ” dry firing” 1000/10000 times a day, same with mounting your rifles stock, practice clearing your home, when you master that, turn around do it from the other direction.

      Learn that stick home walls don’t proved cover, shooting thru a wall if your in the shit is a reasonable way of taking care of business.

      Driving down the road, work “What If” drills. Stores banks, houses, corners, alleyways all present training challenges.

      I’m trying to be positive, I’m sure one of the haters will be along shortly. Contribute some charming witty slang, then depart without any valued input.

      Life goes on.

      Another thought is this, what state are you in? Perhaps others here are close looking for a shoot partner?


      1. FUCK……….I just sat here and wrote for 40 min what I thought would be an appropriate response.
        can not send it it sounds like I am defending myself.fuck that shit so to be clear here goes.
        Not angry with these men other then they train my enemy.
        the training should come from these very men ! fucking warriors.
        …but they should be training patriots…………..
        thanks for your concern.I am a certified firearms instructor……..
        I have multiple combat tours in RVN with LRRP/ Rangers and SF one in Latin America
        several years as a civilian contractor training same ..
        Humped the jungle highlands and swam the cold water with equipment and weapons.

        ………..Safe to say I am one of them………………….but I will not assist my enemy for the shekels …….

        was an Army survival instructor desert and cold weather……..been there and done that…………….
        so thanks don’t need to join a shooting club…………just need some counseling !!!!!HA HAHA hah
        maybe to much drain bamage……………
        Don’t help my enemy and I am your brother…………..

        What I ask that Seal to say at 29:40 is NOT “if your a cop or military you need this bla bla bla”
        I want him to say “If you are a patriot you need this bla bla etc’
        ………………………………………DO YOU READ ME ?………………………………………………………………………………….

        1. m rapp,
          Your comments already outed you as a vet, just wasn’t sure when.
          Very impressive resume I might add. Sounds like you were one of my teachers in the early 70’s; USMC Recon, SF, UDT/SEALS.
          But these assclowns won’t listen, they’re more impressed by self promoting gunfighters/gun salesmen on Jewtube, collecting shekels from their loyal subscribers.

          1. …maybe I was ? I was the tall tan handsome muscular guy with the Panerai on my wrist, that was smarter and kinder then everyone else……………could hold my breath until I got what I wanted……oh wait that’s something else.
            thanks for the support and the kind words……..but HOW in Gods name do we turn these men
            they are us and we have to fight together.?

          2. tfA-t learned from these kind also

            early 80s army NCOs was nothing but RVN combat vets who told us to shitcan everything we were taught in basic…

        1. Your comeback has worn itself out Brachstein.
          Running interference for your handlers and attacking anyone who questions the role of the Juden in this Bolshevik overthrow.
          As I’ve brought up many times before, why is it OK for you to denigrate ragheads, Russians and Chinese, but if anyone questions the Jews, you label them a Hitler lover??? If you even had a clue of real history you wouldn’t be so protective of your Bolshevik friends.
          Must be part of that Judeo-Christian brotherhood you suffer from.

          1. SIG, go fuck yourself, your a self serving lump of shit. Mil service 30/40 years ago, yet your still living those glory days, you were someone.

            “Might have been one of your instructors, yea right” . You Tee and DMV, have got to be the most misrable sons a bitchs I’ve ever learned about.

            Bracken,,,,, , “Adolf!! ” pure Gold. I shall here forth refer to DMV, as Adolf. Shoe sure fits.


          2. Go Eff yourself, Adolf.
            You would join Antifa today if they would let you wear your Einsatzgruppen uniform and machine gun Jews in ditches.

          3. (((brackish))) loves him some jooooos

            and his fanboy Dick is a scumabag pig cock gazer

    3. Don’t you just love the fucking gall of ‘Buffalo Jump’ Bracken? @WRSA(This should be posted for wider distro and WRSA comments)
      Here’s a (WRSA) comment for you, keep self-sucking yourself, stop bothering others with your pandering for cucking aggrandizement.

    4. Easy Francis. These guys have done pretty much what you say. But are you going to squash the signal by being the bigger dick. Take all of this stuff in context. You, I and a metric crap ton of us everyday swinging Richards are likely going to have to do it in our Mayberry lives. Better learn how to do it harder, faster and better than the other guys. Our families are counting on us to salvage and remake a country worth living in.

      I’d rather have a door kicker keep me from screwing ol shep before the consequences are terminal.

    5. Ya, these people are not our friends.
      All the gear stuff makes sense I guess but in real life Deploristan not so much. A 20” barrel is light , has very little flash , max velocity and bearable sound if /when you get caught without muffs . They are accurate and no longer than those front heavy abominations they are brandishing.
      All the lasers, Nods , Illuminators are neat but complicate any real life supply and support in realistic scenarios outside of offensive operations the average joe will be in.

      1. Take what works, leave what doesn’t. The overall point is that long barrels are a handicap for CQC, as when you are fighting the gestapao/KGB at close quarters in your own house. And when you neutralize them and live to fight your way outside, you might find it handy to be able to return fire at 400 yards with the exact same platform.

        Or work it in reverse, when you are returning to your house that is under attack or occupied by a communist squad. The guys made this point over and over, if you had paid attention.

        Sorry you were not able to glean this information. Maybe watch it again, more carefully.

        1. I was able to ‘glean’ this. An SBR with can is almost as long as a 18” barrel with flash hider or 20” pre ban.
          Tax stamps and ATF paperwork are not my thing. Velocity especially with heavy slugs matters too.
          Ever since . Mil switched to the ridiculous 14.5 ( so the bayonet would fit!?) everyone is trying to ape and rationalize that configuration.
          Whatever floats your boat.
          Fred at Appleseed laid down the first and last word on what every yeoman needs – a rack grade rifle and lots of ammo and training. On the Day you have one rifle in your hands, and not . Mil CC funded candy store arms room and global supply and support.
          The rest is fluff. All these supermen haven’t returned victorious in 70 years unless victory is measured in shekels.
          The Adolf retort is infantile also.
          As far as the Seal guy mentioning the deplorables in passing- that’s nice. However they are both .gov pensioners and the bulk of their business is from tax-payer funded

      2. Running a stock plain A1 or A2 is still 6.5-7 lbs and works as designed. As does an XM177E2. These gear queers are obsessed with tricked out credit card guns and fail to remember KISS is what prevails on the battlefield, not some $3k safe queen. I’ve seen enough of these expensive guns and the operator isn’t fit to run it.
        I’m a firm believer in simplicity, who fuk’n cares if your bolt carrier cost $450 and is shot peened? T-34 vs Rolls Royce. Think Iwo Jima or Con Thien, what would work?
        Stop listening to gun salesmen, listen to those who been there, done that.

        1. With all due respect,
          All of my Personal AR’s are better than my military M4.
          What these guys say is true.
          My AR’s are all mission specific.
          I have a mix of AR weapons.

          CQC, Stock(Night sights), Hyperfire(MG Barrel/variable optic), Squad Support(ACOG), and an M4gery with CCO/3x

          They all have lights on them. Even the bare bones.

          My 16 pound LMG Hyperfire style AR can do mag dumps till I run out of ammo and have zero Thermal shift on the barrel(plus I zeroed it hot anyway)

          My M4gery is a regular “Omni-weapon”

          The Squad support one is perfectly dialed in Using the ACOG and is a heavy version of my M4gery.

          My Stock gun is just a regular AR. It doesn’t even have a flash hider or break. It weighs like 7.5 pounds load.

          By far, the M4gery is my favorite.

          Everything else is has a dedicated role.

          My CQC weapon is zeroed for “Varmint” rounds in a 10.5 inch. I carry it with me everywhere, and it never leaves my side.

          It’s my CQC weapon, and it’s model after the same stuff Delta Force/ Rangers/ Seals/ and Airborne are using.

          Also, if all that extra tactical stuff is useless, why did I purchase it?

          Can you see in the dark? Can you spin around in a closet with your weapon up? Can you do mag dumps and not miss your targets?

          I can do 10 different things with my 4 AR‘S very well. And I can do anything with all of them if I had too.

          If you wanna talk about perfect weapons, let’s discuss this new M1A-in 6.5 Creedmoor.

          Has anyone fired one of those yet? What an amazing rifle. The 6.5 M1A is worth bragging about.

          Your bare bones M-16 is just that. Boring, and only useful from dawn to dusk.

    6. No it probably won’t end as you say, but that doesn’t stop people from taking the knowledge in the videos anyway.

    7. Sometimes I feel the same. BUT take what is said and apply it. Works the same…

    8. Sorry, not buying a lot of this. My go to rifle is what won WW2, the .30 Garand. I can load it up with AP which takes away ALL cover from the enemy, walls, concrete, bricks, trees, cars….API and incendiary which defeats all lightly armored vehicles….

      1. So when you run out of your Special ammo for your M1 Garand and you accidentally put a 180 grain bullet in there and it bends the OP rod, or you’re 15 pound gun with its 10 lb load out go goes ping on empty after eight rounds and someone with a suppressed M4 and night vision at 300 round load up that weighs less than yours hoofs it and puts a few in you. All because your gun announces when it’s empty. There’s a reason we do not still use Sherman tanks and Mustangs great tools of the day but they’re better but you do you good luck.

      2. Actually, my M1A in .308 is superior to your Garand in every way.

        -20 round mag steel magazine
        -Rounds are ballistically the same
        -I can mount sights(And Did)
        -less recoil
        -better ergonomics
        -2-4 MOA with M80 Ball
        -NATO caliber

        Your Garand is a dinosaur. My M1A is the 2.0 version. Also, my steel core ammo will go through a 28 inch pine tree and hit with more energy than a 9mm on the other side.

        I have a Mauser that I consider equally matched to your Garand.
        The Garand was designed to be handy and effective. It didn’t win any wars. Otherwise, Korea would be resolved.

        My M1A is

    9. M Rapp- I get what you’re saying but having listened to the Fieldcraft Survival podcast for quite awhile I can tell you these guys are patriots not Jack booted thugs. Now what their students choose to do with the training they receive later is not really their fault. Next to Radio Contra I would say Fieldcraft Survival is one of the best podcasts out there and they do share a lot of great info from their experiences. For example they do a couple episodes on “bug out” planning and equipment and they had a really well rounded approach.

      1. I listened to an episode of their podcast. Pretty good. Still any lifer costume wearing stormtrooper has some explaining to do.

      2. What the SEAL says toward the end is why they made the podcast.
        Listen carefully starting about 29:40 to 30:20.
        Start at “Or if you’re just a dude” and end at “tribe.”
        Listen about 10X.

      3. …not saying they are jackbooted thugs…………I am aware of Mike Glover and FCS
        I am saying they are training the thugs………………..thanks for taking the time to address me on this issue……….I have the training the skills and the experience …..and yes I continue to watch as much youtube shit that I can always something to learn.

  2. Nice!. Anybody notice zero BUIS, AGAIN!. Hats off to these guys contribution, but anybody not running BUIS, sights, counting on the Tech hanging on their rifles,,,,,, is wrong. These guys creds, are awesome,

    Secondly, all that weight, changes the dynamics the carry-ability of a simple rifle.

    I’ve got a few rifles set up like those rifles, while their Bob bitchen’s, best friend, their just a different animal now.

    I agree with the lil Irishman, these m4s, ARE 500y, shooters all day long. And just as effective as a CQB, in a tight dark enviroment.

    Well done, vid, my dislikes are personal choice. One could do worse in their rifles set up. Some here have seen many of my rifles, testify to the quality of the tools hanging all over em.

    Environment is critical, were in open turf. A500y m4 is a valued tool, for me, the open distance warrants the 308, all day long. While 500y is reasonable, here the 800y to 1000y shot is money.

    I’m older now, while my health is coming back, I still need that stand off distance to even the odds. Either that or in tight, where its a guarantee, only one of us is coming out.

    Was once an entry guy, cuz I loved the ” high” recognized my limiting factors early on, went to long distances. In a personal assessment, I recognize my contribution to the younger more flexible men women, I’m able to support those guys with measured accurate longer ranges, allowing them to,focus on their duties. Which is the point of the sniper, marksman, whatever you want to call it.

    My fierce position on a set of BUIS sights comes from experience, simply a rookie move, a failure of disipline to not mount a set. Cheap insurance.

    After stepping on my dick with my simply observation, just trying to suggest my friends think about the utility, the practical application of a very simple very effective tool in the BUIS.

    As more and more tools are developed, for our m4s,,,,,,we tend to get away from the basics. We tend to believe these NEW tools are magic, that may be, but applying the new stuff, supported by the old stuff, is just

    I’ve never been the guy who adds kit to my weapons cuz, someone says it’s the shit. Has to work for me, in almost every enviroment.

    Thanks Matt, good stuff.


    1. BUIS needed on red-dot equipped weapons. Quality scoped weapons not so much. A friend has a fixed 6 power S& B from the ’80s on a beater. Still rock solid. Daniel Defense fixed sights in the buttstock for the scoped weapons. Fogging the ocular lens in the cold can be a problem but the offset dot takes care of that.

  3. Tfat,
    Continuation from Lauck thread.
    Don’t misconstrue my understanding of men with a blind obedience to authority.
    Not everyone wearing a uniform is a bad guy. Some are yes, but not everyone and I know you realize that.
    It’s the broad brush that bothers me. You’re not stupid, you know this. We both wore a uniform at one time, are we part of the problem?
    No, we are not. And we’re not the exception either.
    The world is dark and evil and corrupted, but good men of all stripes keep it from eating itself.
    You know this too.
    Again, why don’t you check your fire man?
    We don’t need allies or friends, but we do need good men.

    Your old buddy Sig.

  4. tfA-t has the superior intellect

    fuck the poop-lice

    and ALL who support them- ALL

    even the little dog…


    1. tfA-t has the superior intellect



      Face it.

      Without daddy’s trust, you’d be lucky if you could find a job pumping gas right now.

      1. christer

        ewe have TEE TEE (very little) time left to spew your non-sense


  5. acta non verba

    *Off Our Streets
    July 24TH 5 PM
    Colorado Stare Capitol*
    3 ppl shot at homeless/mob camp. Now barbarians who trashed Denver Capitol are going to finish it off tonight.

  6. I had embedded this on July 21. I think the goal is to learn from them and figure out whether a 45 degree mounted MRD along with a LPVO is a good combination when used like he said he uses his. Yea, I don’t like the tight coupling with LEOs at Fieldcraft Survival either. Mike Glover is a good man from what I can tell, but still, training SWAT teams is a very, very bad idea.

  7. I will watch this at least twice more. Very interesting perspectives presented here.

    I fully grasp the ” get trained” core messaging. While emphasis is placed on “cops and ops” they do leave room for ” concerned citizens” at the table.

    That aside, I did pick up a couple of pointers for consideration regarding my next purchase.

    Overall, I find this helpful.

  8. The thing is, clearing a house and shooting the occupants as they flee does not sound like our gun fight. I’m thinking we have a better chance of being the occupants.

      1. I don’t see the Spineless Majority making any moves until ANTIFA starts paying conservatives visits at their residence in the middle of the night. ANTIFABLM has told us that’s their plan. Maybe after that happens we will be kicking some doors.

      2. Ah yes, asking the questions no one wants to ask out in the open. OPFOR will be everywhere, because they already are.

      3. Breaching , clearing and otherwise fucking people up in houses is not likely unless you come home and your own house is occupied.
        Can’t think of any other scenario.
        Stormtrooper tactics are used against deplorables who won’t bend the knee to empire worldwide throughout history.
        Not much to learn from them outside of technique.

  9. the only way to victory is to burn EVERYTHING down

    and tfA-t means EVERYTHING!

    times a wasting – gasoline is still available and very affordable

    if it’s flying a murkin rag- burn it to the ground


    1. the only way to victory is to burn EVERYTHING down*

      *Except for daddy’s trust.

      If that burnt down, then t-Fat would be just another Joe Nobody instead of a trust-fund baby.

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