20 thoughts on “Mask(ed) Science!”

  1. the terrorist organization calling themselves PANHANDLE HEALTH DISTRICT have mandated masks and social deprivation for Kootenai county, largest county in north idaho.

    Divide and conquer, neighboring counties to follow.

    Forget about relocating here, it has all been an illusion, the karens reign supreme with tearful appeals to emotion from the professional politicians.

    Reason, logic, rational thought have no home here.

    1. First rule of civics: vote locally, prepare strategically. Those “Karens” only get elected when local people vote party instead of voting on neighbors.

      1. Those karens were not elected, they were appointed.
        They answer to no one.

    2. Yep. It’s now everywhere in Rawles Land. Sheriff Wolfie is on record saying he will not enforce the ban. However, under Gem State Law, he can be arrested by the County Coroner for NOT enforcing the ban. And of course, the Coroner is all for the masks. I am waiting for the first lawsuit, when someone with COPD or other lung-related issue collapses at work or inside China Mart due to re-breathing all of their own CO2.
      The elephant in the room will be the schools. How can a teacher conduct a class when they are mumbling like an anteater behind their N95? Education will go viral. I am already setting up my old side business as a tutor. The “teacher” chaff will be winnowed out from the “educator” wheat. These property tax-funded monuments to socialism, sexual deviancy, political correctness, and white hatred will be standing empty, with no more bond issues voted in for their continued existence. The only fly in the ointment will be the white-trash obsession with organized sports, which have nothing to do with real physical fitness and everything to do with parental projection of their own neurotic fantasies onto their children. We do live in interesting times! Bleib ubrig.

      1. Good insights there, I have normie neighbors gearing up for home-school. I am researching the intricacies of putting the school property tax for my places in escrow to starve these fuckers.

  2. EVERY person out there screaming against masks needs to MAN UP and put their money where their mouth is. That means the next time…and EVERY TIME from now on they have ANY type of surgical
    procedure they need to insist that the surgeon and EVERYONE ELSE in the operating theatre NOT WEAR A MASK because MASKS DON’ T WORK to prevent the spread of pathogens. It’s not complicated. Either masks WORK or they DON’T. If you believe they don’t then step up and insist they not be present when the doctor operates on you. Whether or not the government has the legal authority to require them is a TOTALLY separate matter from whether or not they actually WORK.

    1. you sound very stewpit

      and i see the rotten pig copscum with the broken spine didn’t get much love here or at murkin partysin


      poor little piggy got himself hurt

      fuck him and his whore- both are copscum who deserve everything they are NOT getting LOL

      tfA-t poops on cops and their supporters/cups/jocks

    2. There is a difference. In an operating theater most likely my guts are flayed out like a bad version of ‘Hells Kitchen’. Out on the street you can sneeze on my a$$ all day long and the chance of me getting The Crud is < 3%.

    3. you sir are a likely NOT a fucking idiot, but statements like yours are made by them every day.

      Masks in the OR are for patients open for inches to feet, to the interior of their body cavity and incised to a much smaller degree at times, from BACTERIA. they do nothing for virus’, and in fact when we have a suspected virus, whether symptomatic or testable, we DON’T operate or present ourselves in theater.

      for this very reason elective surgery was shunted upschedule whenever possible because in the early stages we did not what virus was causing the symptoms, how it was transmitted, and had not testing mechanisms for defining it’s active, infectious state. Masks do NOTHING to protect staff from infected patients. this is such a common problem that patients are routinely given doses of antibiotic, which does NOTHING to affect viral loads, before surgeries.

      WE STILL DON’T. Virus DNA can be present from anything to a childhood cold, to an active covid infection. Masks protect patients from US, not US from them. To make it worse, the masks YOU buy are cheap phoneys like a $4000 kit put on a volkswagon chassis, to make you look like you actually live more than paycheck to paycheck.

      Now that cooler heads are prevailing, the masks themselves are labeled NOT to protect against viral loads, and rather the common 25 micron dust one might encounter seweeping the basement floor. They are also a BIG source of disease themselves, if you breath cultured bacteria, and other infectious particles in the mask. Some have impact-able growth rates in as little as 4 hours, so if you aren’t changing it 2-3x every 8 hrs. you are likely inhaling large amounts of very harmful staff, tubercular bacillus, and a host of other not very good things to have concentrated in your lungs. Why do you think doctors and other medical personnel remove or drop their masks every chance they get? They know that the wearing of masks FAR, FAR outweighs the chances of getting the virus, which for all intents and purposes, when treated with the proper protocol is 99.973 harmless and fatal or even serious in only the most mismanaged cases.

      If fact, many legal challenges will soon become public, where people have died from denied treatments which have a very good success rate, because politicians have bet their survival and reelection in a horrible win or lose it all gamble on making some one ‘look” bad for gain.

      this is not medicine of any kind.

      so do a bit of research, especially if anyone listens to you, which based on your reasoning devoid of research, i doubt, thankfully. Still if you think a loose fitting mask or 600 denier cloth will protect you from a virus by all means wear it. Fear and stress are powerful immune suppressants. The reality is like an open window stopping a cathair in a breeze, but don’t ever discount hope or fantasy for that matter.

  3. Not to mention I personally know people who’s masks have ridden up causing two to drive off the edge. Another dear friend of 30 plus years actually walked off the edge never to be seen again.

    I GUARANTEE you the mask Karen’s are the same people as round earth Karen’s!

  4. Here in Hoosierville, starting Monday, the rumor is a $500 fine for mask infractions.
    Well, that’s one way to start paying for that giant debt hole, eh?

    1. i still haven’t worn a mask in MI- i go there for mail and groceries every 10 days or so

      fuck that rotten cunt and the cucks who wear masks

      people haven’t figured it out yet

      but those who masks have put a target on their backs

      just shoot them asstards in the back and let them drop- no. loss. at. all.


      1. I haven’t either.
        On Monday I may start donning a stagecoach robber bandana, or just stay the fuck home.
        The idea of mingling with the retarded masses makes my skin crawl.

        1. I use the bandana at my work. I can breathe better. And, when no one is near me, I just lower it. This hysteria will be short-lived when the local economies start to tank again. But nothing is really going to drastically change until Amerika goes full Weimar, including Freikorps vs. Antifa on the city streets. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Some men can shoot accurately way past 500 yards. That won’t be good enough. Most of you are more than 500 yards away from the enemy. Come to the cities. You can’t defeat them, if you don’t engage them. Defense isn’t good enough.

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