28 thoughts on “On NFAC And Tomorrow”

  1. these nigger groups are nothing but a sideshow

    keep your eyes on the cops, feds, dhs scumbags

    drumpf is rolling them out and tfA-t has little doubt they are augmented with private contractors/mercs

    these turds only have loyalty to their FAT paychecks

    all these so-called “good” cops are your mortal enemies

    always were

    always will be

    tfA-t’s is the superior mind

    join the honorable tfA-t and help stomp out tyrants 🙂

    1. ………but wait ! are you suggesting our dot gov would trick the patriots into supporting a police state /Martial law to stomp the antifa fucks ? to go after the dirty commies ……..arrest armed protesters on the street ? stop this despicable opposition to the standing Government………oh shit that’s us ! …….

      Where is POGO ? ……………………” we have met the enemy ……and he is us” !……………………………

      ……….I unsubscribed from American contingency…….once I found out they are training swat teams
      and more FED agents………………………….that is why they can afford $1800.00 1×8 scope and $900
      red dots……………………………..I have got to pay better attention

      1. Some of us see thru the deception, but most of these cucks keep sucking away.
        Bolshevik/Hollywood psyops and the masses are too dumb to figure it out, most won’t see the light even when their TV screen hits them full on at 90+.

    2. Go right on ahead with yer bad leadership self, mufucker.

      Examples set, lead from the front! … er, shut the g’damned hell up.

      Post yer talley of badges…………………………………………………… crickets.

      Or just mock God, call me a cucketycuckcukcuckcuckcuc, use the oh! so clever “ewe,” wish anyone notyou to die horribly and, y’know, repeat the same tired shit you spew here so tiresomely and uselessly.

      Or, go on out and actually kill some of those enemies of all man kind, cops, you so predictably consign to the pit… while waiting for someone NotYou to do it for you.

      Fucking pusillanimous (look it up) coward.

      1. fine have it your way

        ewe are a cucketycuckcukcuckcuckcuc

        there are ewe happy now?

  2. Simple arithmetic evades them.

    However, do not dismiss them all as buffoons (or is it baboons?), these BLM dog and pony shows they’ve put on are quite possibly SunTzu in action, deceptive to those of even a lower IQ. There is no reason to believe they don’t have heavy backing from their Bolshevik handlers and that includes heavy weaponry and military advisors. You’re seeing a deliberate clown show as a response to the Bubba show in Richmond that the right declared an overwhelming success.

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY!!!!!! Ask G.A. Custer how arrogance works on the battlefield.

    1. Agreed!

      As I and others have said before, what all of us, especially the NPC’s, Karens and Normies
      are being constantly presented with is an elaborate Kabuki Theater. By it’s very nature
      and the intentions of those who erect and portray it, it’s meant to entertain, deceive,
      distract and divide all at the same time.

      Now ask yourself, WHO stands to gain the most in seeing ‘Mureica’ attacking
      itself like a starving and rabid animal?….

      Hint: It’s NOT the Chinese, Russians, Iranians or Syrians (‘Super ‘Stache’ – “the
      wonder warrior” you can go back and sit in the corner and wear the idiot cap..again!).

      And as we all know..the badged orcs and orcettes and their ‘feral’ friends
      are NOT our friends..they’ve as much telegraphed such to us via their
      overheard banter among themselves when they thought we weren’t listening.

      Daniel Sharver, Lavoy Finicum, Jack Yantis, Sammy & Vicky Weaver
      Jose Guerna and many others are not available for comment…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. “‘Parata Vivere’-Live Prepared,” they say, but there is blow-back humor in it (kind of like the dorks in school who asked the Asians how to say “F*ck you,” but were instead taught how to shout, “I’m an assh*le”).

    Latin is an inflected language, so gender and number must agree.

    “Parata” ending in “-a,” the thing “prepared” could be one woman, or two or more neuter things, but not a man or men.

    Their previous articles spouting Biblical exegesis are equally half-assed.

    1. What a carping, substitute teacher, librarian little scold you are.

      Half assed, indeed.

      Get thee to a nunnery.

  4. I just…I can’t. I mean I can’t even. Like, I just can’t even just not even right now.

    What a phony SGM; he never once blade-handed or told someone to get off the grass.

  5. This evening multiple BLM and ? arrested blocking traffic at rush hour.

    Police have set up multiple areas to keep groups apart for tomorrow. LMPD states BLM, NFAC, 1%, 3%, Missouri Militia, and a couple of other militias will be on hand. The mayor has not requested state or federal assistance for security. As mentioned before LMPD on no PTO for close to two months since george floyd. System is strained, mood is tense.
    In other unconfirmed intel NFAC and 3% are said to be going to Grayson county, Leitchfield area. I have no clue what is there. No notable Confederate monuments. No notable all white we hate black people anything that i can find.
    There has been no mention of antifa in the news or in official statements, i find that interesting. Agitators getting a pass.

    Weather tomorrow is up to 90, low humidity, should be a really nice day. Louisville sits on a major crossroads of east/west north/south interstates, so far those have not been compromised. Downtown area is mostly business, residential on the outskirts. NFAC not locating at Central HS as was reported. Likely Baxter Park as a rally point. If video is broadcast look for blue armbands i am told. Those NFAC are your cadre.

    1% coming to town is what i find so very interesting. They are not known at least by me to make public statements. They are self serving criminal gangs in my experience. Having known a couple local too old to do much but tell stories Hells Angels guys, they generally are interested in criminal enterprise and getting hammered.
    Not finding much right now on social feeds, but if you do look, at the last big event here i found much more information on the pro commie threads than on any patriot type.

  6. The biggest mistake you all will EVER make is to underestimate your enemies. Over estimate your skills sets.

    The other HUGE life altering mistake is listening to,tee tard, but that’s a fools errand, not life threatening.


    1. you will die believing in lies and deceit of cops and thugs

      you’re a dirty rotten despicable human who has served the enemy of the people

      you will most assuredly burn forever in Hell fire

      you have sentenced yourself

      be it known to all- tfA-t tried to save ewe

  7. Pass the popcorn and grab me another beer will yu?, the skinny little black guy with the poor fitting nose piece on his cheap sunglasses is back and talking again.

  8. in the end…

    if any of ewe live to see it

    tfA-t and his wise prophecy will be celebrated as the path forward

    after all the killing and dying

    tfA-t’s words of truth, and love will prevail

    those who chose to believe in the lies and deceit of a jewish carpenter(yeah right, like a jew would ever labor- gimme a break) will perish in the funeral pyres they so carefully built with the sticks and planks of their false gods words

    tfA-t is the true GOD of righteousness and deliverance

    let us kneel and pray for his forgiveness

    Oh GREAT tfA-t

    we have sinned against you

    we were not worthy

    but now your light has healed our blinded eyes and warped thoughts

    we can now see your goodness and glory

    in tfA-t’s name we ask for salvation

    only thru tfA-t may you enter into the Kingdom of ever lasting life

  9. It was an Army reservist, a supply guy, who outmaneuvered Dallas PD, killed 5 of them and wounded 9 others. They had to send in a robot with an explosive to kill him. Now, did he learn those skills as a supply clerk? Probably not, so where?


    Christopher Dorner evaded capture for almost two weeks, killed 4 and shot 3 others. He targeted the families of police officers. In their pursuit, the police themselves shot 3 innocent civilians. They had to burn the cabin down rather than shoot it out.


    Another factor being completely ignored in this is the network of 22 Islamic compounds all across the country. One of the primary source of recruits are black prison inmates. They have been filmed training their members on firearms, tactics, and explosives.


    And remember too, it was a 2 year old toddler in Idaho, sitting in a shopping cart and messing around in his mother’s purse while she was shopping, who shot and killed his mother with her own pistol. So spare me how untrained individuals are not a threat.


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