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  1. Today, July 25th, Chicago. Anti-BLM rally where the Columbus statue once stood. Near the lake front. It will probably make the nightly news.

  2. Also, Chicago is on par to hit 700 homicides this year. Yippie! Black, lesbian, racist, communist Mayor. The County Prosecutor is Kim Foxx. A black, racist, communist who refuses to charge black offenders with any felonies. She calls it Restorative Justice. Sorry about the off topic stuff, but there was a schedule and time issue.

  3. Ham Radio Crash Course is a decent channel; I’m a subscriber.

    But a good number of his vids can get quite long and rambling.

    I’m still looking for a vid which explains amateur radio to the total noob in 15 minutes or less without getting lost in equipment and technicals. Something that explains what amateur radio is, what it is not, the differences/capabilities between HF/VHF/UHF, ARS vs. GMRS vs. FRS, etc. Most introductory vids I’ve seen presume some working knowledge of radio.

    The search continues.

    1. Bon, I’ve got old tube stuff, in going thru it, don’t think,it’s salvageable. A quick list of kit that’s effective, does what’s needed, at 1000.00 or less.

      I’ve got calls into the local Ham club, to source local equipment not being used, used gently but still in decent shape. all members over three hundred years oldish.

      No word back. ,


      1. The club most local to me meets mid-morning during the week.

        And they do nothing but scratch their heads as to why no one under the age of 60 is joining.

        Go figure.

        1. I’ve visited my local off and on for about 8 months now. A few meetings, a couple night outs, meets at a restaurant for dinner, winter field day and summer field day. ….Mixed group of about 30, some female, mostly older than 40 and friendly overall…… Ok so good and helpful, most volunteer to provide communications during times of disaster but not, that is apparent anyway, awake to what’s around the corner.

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