28 thoughts on “Barnhardt: On Gates”

  1. Fuck yeah, Ann!

    “Bruce Jenner is a man. And

    furthermore I consider that islam

    must be destroyed.”

  2. Dirk,
    From the Bracken thread, you said

    July 24, 2020 at 23:39
    SIG, go fuck yourself, your a self serving lump of shit. Mil service 30/40 years ago, yet your still living those glory days, you were someone.”

    Explain how it came to this from anything I posted, I’m genuinely interested.


    1. Sig pro, should have read 0321, I get to typing and this computer changes things, it’s 12/15 yrs old now. Noexcuses, buck stops here.

      Was not referring to you, anything you said.

      Part of the culture is the cryptic writing. I personally don’t understand most, such as Cuck, or cluck, or whatever the fuck the young hip fella’s here are Trying to get across.


      1. Stop lying, you know good and hell well what ‘Cuck’ means. And you most certainly know that to ‘cluck’ is ascribed to the annoying, whiny, mouth running of (hen clucking) womyn.

      2. Lol, good enough.
        Was just curious how I stroked your fur backwards.
        Keep your powder dry,

      1. Gotcha, I learned something today.
        Some shorten my screen name down to “Sig”,
        Just made me wonder.
        Peace Sig 😉

  3. ” tracking, and sterilization of women and girls”

    and this is a problem?

    all i see are white trash whores with nigger babies

    or white trash whores with white trash babies

    white trash whores are

    not married
    married to white trash boys
    married to niggers
    married again every 5 years
    have tattoos
    are fat or drug addicts
    live off the tax-payer
    fuck a different scumbag every week
    live in shitholes

    why isn’t Ann married?
    how many children did Ann have?
    is she still a virgin?

    people in glass houses….

    1. Stop pissing on my worship!
      Yes, Murika’ is that desperate for a hero. That’s why, time and again, any shilling Cuck (mesmerizing the Cultists) will do.

    2. Yet ZERO women, will carry your seed!

      Fucking Trash with Cash. Really ashame, tee tard, my gut, tells me you would have been a fantastic father. Who you are here,,,,,,,,,isn’t who you are in your real life. I’m told your a decent man, a gifted man.

      You have greatly underestimated the Indians their on fantasy islands, hatred of white folk. You need a solid back up plan. You need it quick. I doubt you will get many offers so ya better get creative.


      1. Dirk, for at least the third time……Tfat claims to be half Injun. And no he wouldn’t make a good father.

        1. only a FOOL would put themselves and their fortunes in jeopardy by impregnating a whore murkin bitch

          they will take you to the cleaners and ruin whatever you have worked for

          then give it all away to some tatt’d up scuzz or nigger for a nights worth of cock

          fuck those kids- they are your making..

          and what a mess you’ve all made

          burn the fucker to the ground and start over

          next time use the sense that tfA-t gave you

      2. You have greatly underestimated the Indians their (sic) on fantasy islands, hatred of white folk.


        But more importantly, I know what small communities are like. No matter what you bring to the table, unless you grew up amongst them, or have been there for at least 30 years, living AND toiling with them, as one of their equals, not some rich prick, they will never consider you a part of their tribe. Nor should they.

        And in hard times, once your usefulness has waned, so has your welcome.

        Something to consider for all the folk who think they’re going to get up and move to Smalltown, fUSA and think you’re just going to blend in and be immediately accepted because of a shared interest in firearms or what have you.

      3. your spawn will die in chains and ewe will get to see how it will be implemented before your weak tired ass dies


        there isn’t a decent woman left in murka worthy of tfA-t

        they’re simply all hookers n whores

        starting around 10 years old they get their first cock shoved in them- some younger

        pretty much FACT!

        no thanks- i’ll keep my $

        must suck to be on the hook for a junior commie and your/their cheating mother

        ewe would certainly know Dick

  4. Looks like gates needs to meet some fast flying lead. But who am I kidding, were all pussies now…

  5. Another perennial loud mouth who should have stayed in her lane the kitchen.

    “Also, chicken pox doesn’t mutate. That’s why the antibodies I acquired from chicken pox forty years ago mean I didn’t get chicken pox again, and am likely also immune to shingles. ”

    Shingles is a delayed reactivation of the original “chicken pox” infection. Since the VZV is not eradicated from the body, but merely driven into “hiding,” shingles occurs when the mnestic immune response fades. When that immune response fades the original chicken pox virus merely resurfaces in a limited fashion. So, if Barnhardt had “chicken pox” she can certainly get “shingles.”

      1. What a dork. Your own dumbed-down reference confirms that both you and Ann are full of baloney:

        “Once you’ve had chickenpox, the varicella zoster virus hangs around in your body. “The virus will hide there for many, many years–and then we see it show up as shingles in some people,” says Margaret E. Parsons, MD, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Reactivated, the virus affects the nerves, creating a painful red rash.”

  6. Whatever you say, ‘anonymous’, Bonerventure, DrDog.
    Your complete lack of training in medical and physical sciences speaks (soundless) volumes.
    Copy and Paste, copy and paste.
    Not surprisingly, you conveniently neglected (honest forgetfulness on your part) to ‘copy & paste’ information from the article you plagiarized as your innate knowledge, which mostly validates her quoted claim.
    Copy and paste, copy and paste, anonymous, Bonerventure, DrDog, suck that Gates dick, you degenerate faggot.
    (11 Things You Need to Know About Chickenpox and Shingles – https://www.health.com/condition/skin-conditions/chicken-pox-shingles)

    1. Haha…. if you can find a single post where I’ve had nothing but praise for Ann.B, please provide it.

      Otherwise, looks like, in addition to tFaTC, I’m living in your head rent free as you do this: https://youtu.be/zfBG0d5Oj3c

      1. your last thought before you die will be tfA-t



        1. That’s the second time today you’ve made a veiled threat on my life.

          1. As is par for the course, you don’t understand.

            Flak is heaviest when one is directly above target.

            With your latest threats, you’ve unwittingly confirmed what I’ve been asserting about you.

            Like I said , a narcissist convicts himself with his own tongue.

  7. Ms. Ann was right from the beginning.
    Gates as mark of the beast oh yeah.
    Hellmouth’s Gate too, what with his clinton/branson ties and funding for their rural island and 3rd world child trafficking pipeline, the Devil Mouse, #Pizzagate, globo=pedo, pedo-wood, the pedo=elites… the expression of ultimate depravity, ultimate raw naked power, using children and babies in satanic blood drinking/torture/murder rituals, as instruments of ultimate control thru extortion & blackmail. Follow the money, the lucre in human trafficking and organ legging has no equal. Every child related NGO and non-profit organization on Earth is converged and run, controlled by the pedo=elites.
    Why it is such a mind bending puzzle why time after time we are betrayed, our most essential foundational irresplaceble concepts and ideas of America are betrayed so completely, why they violate our codes, why they can maintain this illusion of something that appears as legitimate, why you look at these people and say WTF are they doing? What planet are these clowns from? In what reality do they live?
    Just why else do the swamp creatures, the black robbed Nazgul’s, betray our foundational precepts and codes at every turn, why do they create out of whole cloth “Laws” which create a system of baby genocide, murder of 65 million fetus’s, betrayal our fundamental rule of natural law and the entire premis of sanctity of innocent helpless human life?
    It’s right there to see. Children.
    Let it sink into your soul how foul and hideous these poisonous insects are in human skin suits.

    You understand as Men of The West we are going to have to do what needs doing with these depraved promethean’s.
    You may not be interested, into the precepts and virtues, of Christianity, but if your gonna survive and have any civilization of ordered Liberty and the codes behind it, which without Christianity even the mere idea of Liberty and what it is, America itself no less, is not possible, you want something resembling civilization as we know and have enjoyed beginning in 1609 in Jamestown Virginia, Christianity is very interested in you.

    Why else is Gates and the mark of the beast scum he is connected to an instrument of Hellmouth.

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