5 thoughts on “Is It?”

  1. Why would anyone respect whites? We slaughtered each other in front of the whole world to make the world safe for the money changers who yes, are mostly jews/Sabbateans and their goyim helpers.
    Then ‘we’ knocked out any country that stood up to the bankers and installed muslim wackos or grifters as ‘governments’. All to the applause of the History Channel experts who ‘fought racism’ in the ’60s.
    And no , the Axis weren’t my cup of tea either. Buy physical silver and kill the beast.

    1. ^^^ this is modern history in a nutshell ^^^

      Everything else is a smokescreen for who controls the levers of war, business, banking and politics.

  2. It’s not just okay-it is simply awesome! So, that’s my slogan: It’s awesome to be White!
    That should stir the pot good.

  3. No worries mates

    Dick the corrupt senile back-braced cop and his band of ricockulous geriatric paytritards will save murka!

    and then you’ll be sorry you, you, you haters, you traitors…

    oh thank Dog, here comes shawn and his grey haired war buddies to save the day

    they’re so dreamy


    if you want to know what the future looks like

    imagine tfA-t stomping on a human face- forever

  4. Here, exactly here, and now. Anywhere, including on the moon. It’s ok to be white because without us there would be no here and now. And like one of my compadres has spoken, it’s absolutely smashingly great to be white.

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