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  1. A Cuck sucking LARP fest of ‘white’ mangina’s…..hand-holding, skipping, and singing kumbaya with the (useful idiots) ghetto foot-soldier wing of Team Globohomo Red. Oh yeah, the streets of Louisville are overflowing, but it’s with ‘white’ Murikan’ tubs of shit…..decked out in expensive, just opened, first time worn and only dropped once LARPtumes du jour.

      1. Still waiting on the video of Gringa doing some of the non-cucking, non-LARPing crap he’s so famous for.

        1. GO AWAY!


          ewe are not wanted, needed, or tolerated here


          can ewe not take a hint?

          1. Speaking of which…

            Still waiting on the video of glowfag t-FaTC doing some of the non-cucking, non-LARPing crap he’s so famous for as well.

            Tick Tock.

          2. Who decides who is wanted, needed, or tolerated HERE?
            The owner of it or someone else?
            This is ca’s rightful property.

        2. And the Bishop lets Bonnie Venture (his baptized name) out from under his cassock so he can chime in for the cuck and cop groupies.

  2. I will go out on the proverbial limb ……………this is “DEALEY PLAZA II”

    ….third party will initiate contact between 2 or more parties…….step back and point fingers

    .back out to weed ! got’s to be done

    1. ^This^

      We are being led, fed and separated by a 3rd party and the masses refuse to see it happening. Soros is being used a a false front for the left, when in fact there are even bigger forces playing this nation against itself. And whatever happens, the media always points the finger at some new squirrel hunt to take the attention off the actual Bolshevik players/manipulators. Every single time.
      The conservative masses are doing nothing but run in circles chasing false fires fed to them by their ‘own’ side. It’s a no win situation unless folks wake up to the false narrative they’re being fed, and that’s unlikely of anyone digging deep and seeing what’s actually going on here.

  3. This guy is a “conservative” or even a lefty. He’s lost in a sea of propoganda.

  4. Globohomo Saturday running wild!
    Once again, Buffalo Jump Bracken, frightened by his shadow.

    1. DMV, what is it you want? Your bright, why not lead from the front rather then cheap shot others who are engaged.

      How about you tell us how you would address these things, always up for learning.

      Seriously what and how should you do this?


      1. Dirt… haven’t you figured it out yet?

        Gringa has nothing but criticism.

        Everyone, but Gringa, is a total cuck/LARP because they’re not out there walking around with fresh scalps in their pocket.

        But Gringa has no scalps, either.

        Gringa is a total glowfag.

        1. Bon, yes I get it, I just can’t Imagine being so miserable with my life, everything in it. What makes a man so so bitter? So despicable. Filled with hate.

          I personally don’t even know what the words he uses means. I do know this, he daily uses the words, their meaning daily. When you use the language of the enemy,,,,, you have become the enemy.

          Wont be long they will find these guys dead in an alleyway, or roadside ditch, hands tied, two small caliber rounds into their brain. A cardboard Packard with the single word ” TRAITOR” written in black marker. Ashame really.

          Tee tard, he’s another story, when the tribe ” disappears him” he’s just gone, legs over their, torso, far side of the island, head on a lance middle of the forest, the look of shear terror on his eyeless face. The crows will have pecked his eyes out.

          The tribe will quick clam his castle, their on fantasy island sell it to the next white sucker at a discount. That’s after they’ve carried off all the preps, ammo and guns.

          The chief, other elders will look good rolling around the island in his cars, riding his jet ski, commuting to the mainland in his boat, well his ex boat. Cuz we all know the tribal poopoo, could give a shot that another” white guys”, missing.

          Idiot thinks he’s their friend, that is the height of stupid.


      2. “why not lead from the front rather then cheap shot others who are engaged.”
        Because they’re not engaged in shit. ALL parties involved are LARPing Bullshit artists, Snake-Oil shitbags, Posers and shilling Con men ginning up fear, offering nothing but fever induced angst….and today is another stark example of that.

        1. Fuck you looser nigger. You stay in the basement at moms much longer,folks gonna think you a white coward, not a black coward.

          Then you won’t get your share of free shit. What’s a basement nigger worth rhese days?

      1. Says the ‘Special ‘Stache Gun ‘n Dash 4 Royalties Ca$h’
        who likes to hang out with fellow controlled op Alex
        “Judas’ Jonestien..the ‘gate-keeper’s gate keeper’.

        Don’t you have a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ to attend
        and sign auto’s for more sheckels at?

        You can’t even get WHO did the attack on the Towers right!…

        They Did It Dr Alan Sabrosky Jewish Israel did 9 11 (Mossad)
        (Oh btw, Dr.Sabrosky IS jewish..like former jews Brother Nathanael
        and Benjamin Freedman, good jews willing to stand up against their
        globalist-pedo bankster brothers and sisters)

        “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and
        will do that….I want to tell you something very clear. Don’t worry
        about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control
        America, and the Americans know it.”
        — Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon

        “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
        — Rabbi Stephen Wise, American Bulletin, 15, May 1935

        So Matt, WHO was it that attacked the USS Liberty and her
        crew in open international waters with BOTH air and naval
        assets again?…..

        **** crickets chrrrrrrp’ng in the growing dark *****

        Yeah…that’s about what I expected from a bought globalist shill
        and cuntserv-a-cuck….”It’s the EEEVILLL CHINESE!!..NO!! It’s
        the EEEVILLL RUSIANS!!!..It’s the EEEVILL MUSLIMS!!!”

        Don’t forget to give jared kushner his worship along with drumphschtick…
        (((they))) enjoy it…and you need the scheckels….

        Oh, and (((their))) NFAC useful idiot ground forces will do what they’re
        told to do..until they’re no longer useful to “the cause”…
        What is going on is merely more ‘Kabuki Theater…for now…

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      2. “Says the faceless and nameless keyboard kommando.”
        The fucking nerve! Where do you get off insulting anonymous/Bonaventure/DrDog.

    1. Yeah, saw that.. Looks like grandmaster shitshow is now grand master sideshow.

      1. “An We had mind controlled Super Space Pyramids that
        shot righteous lazerbolts out from the points ‘n sheeeit!!”

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. “accidentally discharged”

    Explain to me how a modern firearm “accidentally” goes off?

      1. Mr. Sobchak, It was less at you than in general. They guy on the live feed used similar language. It’s important to NOT let the enemy language indoctrination creep into our lexicon. I’m certain I’ve been guilty myself at time.

    1. boogerhook engages boomswitch.

      Now you know…and safety manuals AREN’T written
      in ebonics (no assurance that they’d be read anyway…
      something about ‘reading is being white’ and such).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Yep, they are dangerous to themselves!

    The problem is that the 3% should be marching in protest as well. This shooting was another no-knock warrant that was completely wrong. This case is totally different from Floyd, she was innocent and a decent person from everything that’s out there.

    1. Was quietly wondering to myself the impact of NFAC & 3% joining together to protest for Breonna Taylor & others murdered by TPTB….

      1. That happened already in Richmond a while back. Bracken and co weren’t impressed.

  7. Although this has the potential to get ugly, quick. And give the MSM their wet dream.
    A Rainbow family gathering looks scarier.

    1. Impatient to be culled early?

      We’re surrounded by these low IQ folks who want to fight at the drop of a hammer, no idea what’s going on, no idea what a preliminary recon is for, they just want to rumble like at a niggerball game. Let the dumbmasses cripple and kill themselves, they’re of no use to anyone anyway.
      Remember the tall nail.

  8. You know what would be funny; if some honkies were walking there yelling Mayonnaise.

  9. Watched the “speech” from Jay… this guy may appeal to Black crowds but that’s nothing special these days. He has zero appeal to anyone not Black. I can’t see his popularity gaining any steam outside of that crowd. He made some kind of 30-days-from-now threat, I can’t figure out what they wanted before that time limit.

    Why am I not surprised someone shot themselves during their “formation”?

  10. What truly speaks from this little outing is the outrageous spewage coming from GM. He is making terroristic threats of violence, yet is ignored by police. Having fought against racism many years ago, I am truly stunned when I see whites get hassled or even arrested for far less than what this clown is doing. This clown is a self-promoter, having seen himself as a presidential candidate before. This seems to be the next generation of race hustlers, following in Jesse’s footsteps to enrich himself while leaving ‘his bruthas’ out to dry. Listening to some female yelling ‘das rite’ and such was hilarious.

    Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life on this planet.

  11. I counted about 14 III percenters standing their ground in the heat, waiting for the J character to get done spewing about what’s on his mind and what they intend to do (burn the town down if they don’t get “justice”). A rough count of NFAC = about 100+, couldn’t tell too much about armament, ammo load, water carriers, etc. J boy says they’ll be back in 4 weeks to execute judgement or “party like a muhfucker”, in his words. Saw the ” REVOLUTION-NOTHING ELSE” sign being carried on the side walk. Couple of drones. 3 of the NFAC people managed to shoot themselves/others, accidentally. Couple of people went down from the heat. Show of force, crowd not whipped into a frenzy. It could have been much worse, thankfully, nobody pulled a trigger on the opposition. I don’t know how many of these can happen before somebody DOES pull a trigger on the opposition, and the ball commences. J boy is full of himself and self importance, I think he really does envision himself as an instigator of CW3. If this many NFAC shows up with an equal or greater number of some kind of white opposition, look for things to get kinetic. Too many dumb asses on both sides for it not too. NFAC has already shown themselves to lack discipline and fire control. They were locked and loaded, without proper supervision. Just think if only one of them had pulled a trigger accidentally, as they did at their assembly area, in that square, less than 100 ft. from the armed white guys.

  12. Well according to Grandmaster train wreck, Louisville has 4 weeks to trebuchet the cops and the mayor over the wall, or the N-ot F-ire A-rm C-ompetent’s are going to go full on and turn Louisville into Atlanta- 1864… So, everyone stock up on popcorn and sodas, and let the cat out. He claims the 25th of August is the white mans deadline to meet his demands.. Lets see how many show up for the shit show.

  13. The pics of the NFAC crew in “uniform” was rather priceless. No one appears to have missed a high-carb meal in awhile, nor has any member darkened (forgive me) the entrance to a training gym. The gun handling was more like gun mauling-no wonder there was an “accidental discharge”. Calling the police for help was the cherry on top of this sundae.
    Kentuckians used to be able to mop up a shitshow like this in 4 minutes, but with all of the fleeing refugees from the Liberal Demonrat states and the pussified numbskulls that they have elected to office….I honestly don’t know. My father’s generation has been gone awhile now, so cleaning up a mess and then leisurely enjoying some first class Bourbon is probably a thing of the past. Keep training and prepping…………….

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