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  1. Just watched the NFAC shoot each other on livestream.. Grandmaster shitshow must be proud.

    1. Just more kabuki theater….

      Cue the cut to the other niggerball entertainment….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Hitler did not defund the police, I see this in a lot of articles written by right wing pundits. In fact most of the Weimar era police were kept in force, their funding was increased and eventually the SS was given total control over them in 1936.

    Many senior police officers were promoted, and lavished with perks and pensions. Just like today.

    The 1938 German gun law change Actually relaxed Many Weimar era restrictions.

    Gun ownership was only restricted to illegal immigrants, communists, foreigners, and Jews who were considered enemy combatants.

    At the end of the 2nd World War Germany was simply swimming went privately owned firearms, swords, daggers, flintlock, etc. Just ask any Ww2 veteran that served in Germany during and after the war.

    What we are seeing now in America is not fascism but an insidious form of communism colloquially known as cultural marxism which has merged with a form of anti-White racism.

    If you are a straight white male or female you are a Kuhlak and will be exterminated come the revolution.

    I believe it is important to understand history, and the meaning of words and not mix and match them for emotional effect.

    We need to see more or more article written by men who have been properly schooled in history.

    And by all means buy guns, ammunition, food and whisky. We are going to have a long hard fight ahead of us and victory is not certain.

    Hals und Beinbruck.

    1. Most Americans don’t even know the difference between a Communist and a National Socialist, they interchange the terms and pictures constantly. As well as the Red Cross and Swiss flag. Not a fuk’n clue what they’re talking about.

      The piles of German civilian weapons stacked in the streets when the Allies rolled in is staggering, most of which ended up here in the duffel bags of returning G.I.’s. But guns were forbidden in Germany according to the NRA/(((media))).

      We have been under the media control of the Bolsheviks since before WW1, but it isn’t apparent to the masses since we’ve been brainwashed to believe we’re free and have the Constitution to protect us. We do not live in a nation of Constitutional freedoms, but rather an oligarchy of thieves and have nots. What’s sad is the have nots want their oligarchy, it’s all they know and change scares them. So they keep voting for the same thieves over and over again, instead of hanging them and facing an unknown void. Who will control and lie to us tomorrow?

      1. The man I am named after was an engineer in the Army during World War II and he told us how they bulldozed piles of firearms, including priceless antiques, in Germany. Not to mention a ton ended up in America.

    2. Valkyrie 19

      Welcome to ‘Das ShieldWall’!
      It is good to have another here who understands REAL history
      and is not afraid to speak of it to others.

      Yes, get ones preps of ammo, food, water, meds and other
      useful things and gear up!

      The bolshevists won’t be content to merely hold and own
      the cities they currently inhabit..no more than their predecessors
      were to merely have Moscow and Stalingrad..they want it all,
      including the little flyover towns like Worland, Tensleep, Thermopolis
      and Dubois, Wyoming among other places…and they want to do there
      what ‘Trotsky’ (((Lev Bronstein))) did to the Ukraine and elsewhere…

      Holodomor ring any bells…and if so WHY aren’t there any
      memorials to it?….

      ‘Bela Kuhn’ (((Moritz))) in Hungary…and the (((Frankfurt School)))
      here…same folks…same ideology…same goals….

      Speaking of Adolf Hitler and (((gun control))) here’s this
      little gem to wake people up to the truth!:

      The Lies and Myths of Alex “Judas” Jones (Gun Control)

      Here’s something for educational reading, courtesy of M.S. King:

      “The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2” (2nd Ed. complete pdf)

      “Interview with Hitler: An Educational Parody”

      “Meinside of the Story”

      also this:

      “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton L. Bradberry”

      and this video documentary:

      “Europa – The Last Battle”
      (choose the bitchute option to watch as (((jewtube)))
      HAS ‘shoa’ed’ it for sharing too much truth!)

      I have a feeling that you may already be acquainted with
      the books and documentary above but if not, there’s a
      treasure trove of info in all of them to be found.

      It’s said that if the American, British and French dead
      could have seen what the victorious communists have
      done with their countries today, that if those dead were
      returned to full life and health with that knowledge,
      that they would have gladly joined their German brothers
      and sisters in full support and not only helped achieve
      a full victory for Germany and her allies but went on to
      completely wipe ALL vestiges of communism and it’s
      support and enablement permanently from the planet,
      no matter what the cost!

      Again, Welcome!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. Great selection NG!
        See as well:
        The CODOH, IHR, Counter Currents, Justice for Germans and Wear’s War websites and
        the video ‘Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’ by Dennis Wise.
        All offer excellent rebuttals to the standard jew and allied WW2 garbage.
        Better copy as much as possible very quickly because the motherfuckers are censoring everything they consider heretical – which is everything to the right of Gomer Pyle.

        1. Thank you saoirse!

          Yes, I’m definitely familiar with those websites and have already
          archived AH:TGSNT! offline as well as Europa. I’m very well aware
          of how “The Hostile Elites” [to quote Dr. Kevin MacDonald] have
          been largely successful in their campaign of deception and outright
          destruction of history that DOSEN’T accord with their ‘narrative’,
          let alone their bolshevik/zionist globalist pedo-bankster objectives.

          There are several here who have made use of Europa – The Last Battle,
          and M.S. King’s “The BAD War: The Truth NEVER Told About World War 2”
          in educating the younger generations about REAL history…much to the
          chagrin of those who can only conceive of continuing a life of meek service
          and compliance to their Talmudic/Bolshevik/Zionist “Betters”..they don’t
          even deserve to be called helots for such service of betrayal to the rest of us!

          They ARE the ‘heads of the hydra’ that direct the domestic enemies that
          we are increasingly facing…something that the ‘Karens’ and other ‘useful
          idiots’ can’t or won’t see…and that goes triple for those who are still mired
          in outright jewish created indoctrination and propaganda that’s been in use
          since Germany was stabbed in the back both before and after the faux ‘Treaty
          of Versailles’ – if you aren’t familiar with former jew Benjamin Freedman’s
          speech of 1961 in NYC give it a listen…he WAS there with the zionist delegation
          and saw their perfidy first hand!!

          While out and about, I saw a magazine that was supposedly talking
          about ‘new’ information about Anne Frank’s “Diary” and her life;
          more outright bullshit, crapaganda and deception..especially to anyone
          that KNOWS the truth about that utterly horseshit postwar fraud..ball
          point pens anyone?…..

          Again, thank you for your comment and recommendations; shows
          that you’re well informed about truth and REAL history…no matter
          how much owned controlled opposition/gate-keeper cucks like
          Mutt Cuck’n and Alex ‘Judas’ Jonestein howl like scalded banshees
          with their REEEEEEEEing.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. How To Prepare For A Communist Coup

    Ignore the shilling gate-keepers, sacred cows, self-appointed leaders of infallibility, and LARPing turds of Cuckservative Inc. Most often, they’re one in the same.

    1. Or they’re feds, whether agent provacateurs, snitches or plants.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. the communists are enabled, protected, and encouraged by the cops

    any badged thug is your enemy

    NOW. even the medical peepul can be considered fair game 🙂

    that’s right

    dr, nurse, and healthcare worker john and jane doe have exposed themselves to patriot justice

    ‘Shut it down now:’ U.S. health experts call for 2nd coronavirus shutdown

    these scumbags still get paid and enjoy all the benefits of freedom while the rest get locked down- FUCK THEM

    they’ll also demand you get a vaccine, wear masks, and go along with their BS program- to keep you safe

    don’t think they are playing politics with your freedom?

    “Since May, more than 3,000 health care providers have requested kits to register their own patients to vote”


    and because most HCW are commies deep down…. they get the tfA-t treatment

    add them to your files and plans

    1. Don’t forget all the Bolshevik indoctrinated schoolteachers sitting at home collecting paychecks.

      1. this is rapidly shaping up to be the Killing Fields II murkin style 🙂

        these are folks who don’t actually “work” for a living and do not really “produce” anything their entire lives- aka parasites…

        and they hide behind the protection of the state and their wall of traitorous badged thugs- aka parasites…

        and then there’s the hundreds of millions of dumb fat unhealthy lazy dirty rotten disgusting tattoo’d pierced dyed mutilated useless human filth littering the Fusan landscrape who hinder tfA-t’s peace, solitude, recreation, and leisure


        tfA-t will have his 300 million

    2. Hey too-fa-t,
      It’s obvious you are a plant, trying oh so hard to stir the pot…

  5. Tyrant: Noun “a sovereign or other ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly.”
    Sounds like some Mayors, Governors, and Dem/RINO DC.
    We must not suffer tyrants. I pray we have a peaceful solution. Often. But always know we have another option that we must use if need be.

    Ronald Reagan: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

  6. There is nothing in their way.

    If they could have fielded 15000 soldiers of any training at all 2 months ago they would have taken DC to little resistance, the only thing resisting them then or now are Barr’s Federal Cops.
    The Military Leadership like the Dem mayors caved and distanced themselves from Trump.

    There is a Left wing, there is no Right Wing.

    As for all the keyboard talk- gas. No 214 or equivalent – gas.

    Who needs a coup? They can do as they like.

    As for the WW2 resistance – few in number and would have disappeared in weeks without the British hanging on.

    The Coup’s over, the war just came and went. They can do as they like where the power is – the cities. There is nothing to stop them, firearms are a wasted asset on Americans.

    Bullshit, in a word.

    1. “..As for the WW2 resistance – few in number and would have disappeared in weeks without the British hanging on..”

      The great majority of the ‘resistance’ were outright communists or communist supporters;
      bolsheviks, if you prefer that name.

      They WERE the ones that were gleefully turning Russia into a ‘Hell on Earth’ via
      “Trotsky’s” (Lev Bronstien’s) orders in the Ukraine and “Bela Kuhn;s” (Moritz’s)
      in Hungary and Rosa Luxemborg and Karl Liebknecht of the “Spartacus Uprising”
      in Post WW1 Germany.

      Those commie bastards and bitches DESERVED every round that sent them
      to their ‘dirt naps’…fuck them and their globalist juden bankster handlers
      and masters!

      antifa, blm, bamn, nfac, jbgc, ect….same group of bolshevik bastards and bitches…
      serving the same globalist juden bankster handlers..even if they’re to retarded or
      stupid to know or understand it…

      Yes, it is a replay of the ‘Weimar Republic’ all over again…and the local and feral
      badged orcs and orcettes WON’T appreciate “The Freikorps” trying to step in
      and solve the problem..because the “Hostile Elite” doesn’t want the problem
      solved..certainly NOT by another iteration of “Freikorps”..not in their desires
      or goals…no, certainly not…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. I see the shit toss here at the chimp house has not subsided. The NAZI’s and the nut bars and whatever planet ATFAT is from. For the few humans that still read this. It is not the weapon it is the man. A good MAN with a pump .12 ,a good revolver, and a sharp Ka-Bar . Can still be MORE effective than a guy with 500 thousand dollars worth of range Barbie and no balls. AND just in case none of you shit stains ever had the honor of training with the IDF. If you fuck with them they will seal your fate. You dream about the good ol’ days gassing kikes. while you get fatter and slower. They train to be lions in a land filled with jackal’s. This is truth. Your first try at killing Jews will be your last. They will fuck you up and you will never hear it coming.

    1. You and Dirk need to swap meds, maybe it will work itself out.
      Bipolar ramblings that make no sense but to the deluded.

      1. Hmmm..telling them to ‘swap meds’ may NOT be the smartest advice…
        I don’t have my copy of the PDR right at hand, but mixing Valium, nitro tablets
        AND thorazine sounds iffy at best….

        Especially if either of them try to convince themselves to grab the keys for
        their ‘Assault Rascals’ and head off to their imagined “Major Offensive”
        during rush hour with their speakers blaring “The Bridge Over the River Kwai”
        over the various honks, squeals, breaks locking up around them…

        Look out it’s “Goompa’s Assaulting Societal Pantyfacers” (G.A.S.P.) —
        Onward to retake the beach head at the local Walmart!!

        After that, group planning for “The Big Heist” at the local food
        distribution hub and then planning for “The Train Job” (important
        question is if the ‘Assault Rascals’ can deal with the tracks…).

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

      2. LOL, he thinks we want to gas ‘kikes’ when no kikes were gassed. None more deluded than the jews themselves as to the big picture. Us ‘Nazees’ ( students of real history) are the only ones to tell the jews the truth and they hate truth.

    2. are ewe still sucking air?


      everyone was hoping ewe died

      soon rayboi soon

    3. Good news Ray, no one is forcing you to visit this page nor to read the comments. On the other hand, kudos for posting the most incoherent diatribe, complete with apparently random punctuation, any of us have read on the internet today. Go back to fapping in front of an Israeli flag.

    4. Yo Ray, how’s it hanging my nigga!

      Go on and keep stumble fucking in the dark where reality
      and REAL history are concerned. It’s obvious that you’re
      a “good goyim” via your inbred indoctrination via the
      jewMedia, jewEducation, and jewEntertainment..most
      likely also a addiction to the various offered kabuki
      theater niggerball distractions and diversions….

      Don’t forget to beg on one knee to your “Talmudic Betters”
      for your complimentary schekels for you being such a ‘good goy’.

      As for the fucktards in ‘is-ra-hell’ fuck them and you both.
      May the both of you attempt self-impregnation with a cholla
      cactus slathered with ghost pepper juice as lube. Enjoy!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    5. Fuck you and your IDF lovers Ray! You kike sucking groupie piece of shit!

  8. BTW; many of you here are nothing more than Chosenite lab rats, thinking and doing exactly as programmed. Living inside your boxes of myths and lies and attacking anyone who dares stray outside. Not everyone can live in that mental cage.

  9. ….God Damnit, I get pissed at actors like Dirt, my hands are shaking right now ., I do not even like to think about those days let alone justify my existence and explain in a public forum my past life,
    ….just for trying to cause a change……and like Sean said “help the young ”

    I served then because I believed……makes you feel like a fool when you get the truth, and then you get challenged about your own foolish choices WTF, did Dirt serve his country in any capacity ? other than LEO ?

    It’s OK Dirt, the Air Force is a fine alternative to military service ……………………………………………….
    Civil air patrol ? maybe ?……… NO ?

    OK !

    1. you call being a dirty rotten scoundrel thug bastard lying thieving baby raping extorting evidence planting POS traitor to the People- serving his country?

    2. m rapp,
      Dirt served as Army or AF, said something about flying recently. Got 100% VA disability and then spent a full time career as LEO. The VA is still looking for guys who really aren’t that messed up and revoking their benefits, but those cops seem to have a scam going on where they collect several retirement packages. tfAt is totally correct, they are cop scum who defraud the taxpayers while they work.

      It’s become apparent he has a hard on against SF types since he never pushed himself to that level when he was in, settled for a mediocre job as he did in LEO. Now he calls us pussies and liars because he feels the regret of not running with the big dogs.

      1. How do you get 100% when you are still able to work. I got seriously fucked up ……never asked for or received a thing……until I ended back in the VA, FT Harrison bone fragments stuck in my spinal cord in 1998…….18 months in the hospital lost everything but as much as I hate the VA they took good care of me and awarded me 100% Permanent and Total……Plus Congressman Rick Hill made the effort to come see me in the hospital…..had an awards ceremony at the sate capital building and awarded me another Purple Heart……hate to admit it but made me feel pretty good ! I mean you know being a POSER and all…………..

      2. OH ya….also for those who do not speak Vietnamese the saying is from my body guard his name was Vinh……he had SAT CONG tattooed on his chest ………he used to say…

        ………………….”Do not let that tiger mouth run away with that butterfly ass” !…………………………………

        I thought about that last night, that about sums up Dirt !!!!

    3. Mr. Rapp, all I asked for was clarification, as to your career status, as stated for a guy who did four years, you covered a lot of ground.

      That I suspect your a stolen valor kinda guy, is moot. I always love it,,when you answer a question regarding service and ones honor, with another question.

      Hey Rapp, you sold your sole here, to traitors, and Marxists propagandists. O and 0321, silly man, but then you prolly trained him!. Fuck I love it. Yea right!.

      Send me an address unlike other stolen valor operatives around here, I’m happy to send you a copy of my DD-214. Covering 8 active and 6/7 reserve time.

      Of course you don’t have to tell me or anybody else here Dick. But then I think that would seal your fate.

      To make it clear, I’m calling you a fucking poser SF then Ranger, then SERE, then time in Republic of Vietnam, then South America.

      Dude, your history don’t add up!. You’ve been there,,done that,,,,,, and your whining, BULSHIT!.

      Tic Toc


      1. there are (2) that’s two Ls in BULLSHIT…………but you spent them all long before you got here.
        I am a poser and I am calling out Mike Glover and friends ? that would be foolish if I couldn’t back myself up HUH ! and no comment on the POW’s……I think I remember you now ! you were one of the soy boys shouting insults at returning SOLDIERS …..I’m a poser and can rattle of my units and details of the POW debacle ? yes these are questions ! I will bet dollars to donuts most guys here will agree that people like you are true posers , always trying to insult attack and put down other MEN…….what’s the matter Dirt, mommy didn’t love you enough…….I read when people write about distance and the keyboard make you brave…now I understand it. No, it does add up Dirt , I served five years, listed my units when and where I am 100% service connected from my wounds/ have a Purple Heart license plate presented to me by Congressman Rick Hill at the capital building in Helena Montana. Gen. Pentigrast pinned the medal on me and the people cheered !
        People like me (and damn few of them ) DO volunteer and cram a lot in to there lives, because we
        cherish life……..people like you Heh ! you eat shit then die…………………………….you are not worth the time spent so I will leave you with this.

        ……………….đừng để cái miệng hổ đó chạy đi với cái mông bướm đó!…………………………….

        I served the

        ……….đừng để cái miệng hổ đó chạy đi với cái mông bướm đó!……………………………

        1. PS. fucked up the typing, so to finish my reply, So how do I fake all these events Dirt?

          this proves my point, this isn’t about me, it’s about you…..YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT…..
          sorry you don’t like yourself……sorry you have no self esteem…..here is another question:
          How do you get 100% VA and are able to work full time ?? twist an ankle in the coffee room, I hear you served with the 5732nd Mess Kit repair company…..Bold my man Bold !

  10. YEAH

    FUCK DIRT the copscum traitor and biggest looser across all the interwebs


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