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  1. Meh. Another Ivory Tower egghead who is very late to the party. I have a news flash for that city boy. He and his will be killed and eaten first. I hope he has a fallback plan. And, I hope that plan does not involve refugee status in my A/O.

  2. Unreal how supposedly switched on people are just now tooling up . The coin thing is important . If you want to kick the system in the balls , buy and hold physical silver. This is the Achilles heel of the beast.

  3. “The government has acted decisively to meet the threat by having the Federal Reserve convene a 22 strong U.S. Coin Task Force to “mitigate the effects of low coin inventories caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.” 🤣

    This is some priceless soviet style central planning and management. I’m sure they’ll fix the problem any second now.

    Oh, and a bit of advice from Tennessee, DON’T set up a still in your basement!!!! There is a reason we make them out in a shed or a little way off in the woods. It’s NOT the liquid that goes boom, it’s the fumes. Don’t learn this the hard way.

    Consider this a training film, although it’s gas and a car, the principle is the same.

  4. What i’d like to see is, that riot stick spilling those white communists brains with there brain matter flying threw the air.
    But, thats me.

  5. Taking about 150 appropriate actors out and giving them the 13 knot necktie award would just about solve every social and political problem in the US within hours.
    And that would give way to solving a whole raft of other issues, including the economic activity problems we are plagued with.
    The rest of this great Republic do not do the kinds of things you skumm do.
    And, you all, know exactly, whats being said here.
    Good folks do not do what you all do.
    Good folks do not burn loot murder their cities towns and villages, we do not tear down or desecrate symbols of our codes and history long learned and hard won.
    Good folks no longer care what your complaints are.
    Good folks complied out of all reasonableness with your imprudent and selfish grievances.
    Good folks get real mean when you violate our codes like your all doing.
    Good folks who get mean like that, we don’t bargain, we don’t give or accept quarter, we have no mercy, we do not care about anything but stopping you permanently and eternally, we do not stop nemesis, until we decide to stop.

    There’s another cure which would be highly appropriate. You all are so hung up on that living founding document crap which you can arbitrarily modify at your whim to suit your absolute lack of prudence, well there’s a perfect solution, may be a ‘final solution’. And provide a ‘living monument’ to our wrath. Since you all are really into that whole statue thing. We can accommodate.

    These people who hate America and want to destroy my country and way of life, our great history, those who hope to turn my civilization into some unicorn fart dystopian fantasy land, well I got a really good deal for them.
    Take the whole lot of them, every 5th columnist academic, red diaper baby shit-stirrer, ideological maniac, the useless ghetto rats and pasty white soy spoiled brats, the entire yellow media, the swamp scum and deep cabal, all the masters of the universe corporate tech crowd, the virtue signalers and race baiters, put them on a desert island, surround it with a fenced in zone stocked with trained man eating White Sharks, salt water crocks, electric eels, poisonous man of war jellyfish, around the entire island, patrol outside the fence with a picket of hi performance jet boats armed with racks of hedge hogs, belt feds, and grenade launchers, flame throwers and crates of hand grenades. Nobody leaves the island dead or alive, nobody goes in either, no exceptions, give the aforementioned scumbags some shovels, hoes, axes and saws, couple pigs and chickens, a few handfuls of garden seeds, and a Bic lighter. Have at it. You can show us how it works out.
    I know you perved out NPC insects are slinking around watching the alt-media FreeFor blog comment threads.
    You all want your utopia so bad, go for it. You all can have your cloud cuckoo-topia any way you like. Even have couple name for you can use for your new society free of White Peivilege, The Land of Lord of The Flies. Or Virtue Signal Island. Victim Stance Archipelago, thats talking truth to power right there.
    Everyone of you start out equal, all the social justice you like, and diversity, oh yeah, talk about enriching yourselves. Plus! No guns. No Police. No White Man technology or conveniences, none of that awful White Man cultural symbols of all the slavery and hate you all are obsessed with.
    A more lasting durable fitting social justice for you and your comrade lickspittles is not available, except for free helicopter rides of course.
    In about ten years we might check in see if any of you want to swear allegiance to the flag, or some other such horrible Christian symbol of racism.


    the murkin females are nothing but cum slut whores and their male counterparts are pathetic cucks who worship STD infected black cock receptacles

    great job you asshole parents who spawned raised these abominations

    no man in their right senses would procreate with these disgusting examples of vile filth- no wonder there are so many “single mothers” what possible reason is there to stay with and support rotten cheating nigger loving drug addicted loose cunts?

    tfA-t wishes all the pain, misery, and death that bad choices and poor upbringing bring these dis-united states of garbage and trash.

    it’s truly the most entertaining donkey fuck show i have ever witnessed

    have fun LOOOOOZERS! and make sure and nourish and care for tyrones little niglet baby that your daughters produced in their precious little wombs 🙂

    oh, and pray to your worthless goD – that should help a lot…

    1. I’m just posting continuous examples of Team Globohomo Red’s commitment to ‘acta non verba’.
      The Cucks, posers, LARPing fatbacks, and fossilized Boomers hate it. It wedgies their panties something awful.

      1. most know what tfA-t posts is all true and they are responsible for it

        shamed is the only word i can come up with

        but hey! the Big Game is on tonight!

        wear your damn mask

        and get those damn antifa terrists- those traitors!




        reality? what do you all know about reality?

        tfA-t is reality BOOO!

        1. Oh look… t-FaTC and Gringa in the middle of a circle jerk.

          You two make such a cute couple.

          The only question is: When will Jarhead/Dollbanger jump into the mix?

  7. I was going to post this on another thread…..but kindly accept it in the spirit intended. After a while, it all blends in. Waving a Constitution around does nothing……but slinging lead is just…..orchestral.

    Like intel, all information – including historical and cultural knowledge – must be verified in order to take the appropriate action.
    Unfortunately, most individuals make decisions based on incomplete and often fuzzy information. An 80% solution today versus a 100% solution tomorrow.
    Most of the time, this process works and the ends justify the means, unless a key piece of intel – or history – is missing and the process fails (for lack of a nail, the shoe was lost……etc).
    You go to war with the assets you have at hand – not with the assets you wish you had.
    To delay is to be defeated. All plans must stay fluid, since all battle planes go to shit after the first five minutes.
    The left/progrs are sooooo smart that they think they have a “fool”- proof plan. But any fool/useful idiot can get a brain fart and their whole “plan” falls apart. The left/progs have baked in the mechanism of their own destruction. Just give them enough time and you just might just blow on them and their plan falls apart.
    The discerning leader will know when the time is right and require only minimal effort to obliterate the opposition. The key is in infiltrating their OODA and intel network – using the exact same tools to weaken their premise. You must disrupt any momentum the opposition has. This was what was ignored with the French and Bolshevik revolutions. The problem will just not go away on its own. Find the weaknesses and exploit them. A premise based on false information has no conviction once the falsehood is exposed to the blinding light of truth.
    And then…….watch as their widdew bwains go……poof!
    The worse thing we can do is to let the progs have their way, while the right has truth in hand as the ultimate weapon. We just need to take action. The effort is not as difficult as most think. Truth has a momentum all it’s own. Our problem is that we have not organized.
    We need to stop looking at each other for who is going to make the first move. Just start small and more will form ranks. I believe that just the right beginning to assemble will give the progs reason to reconsider their silliness. It only becomes serious if we do nothing and thus defeat ourselves.
    Just start kicking ass and not take names. Let the left/progs know we are serious. The left will only stop when they are completely eliminated from hearts and minds.
    So – who is going to get a group organized ? If you just sit on your hands waiting for someone else to make the first move – then we’ve lost before we’ve even started. You build a legion and go to battle, not wait for a battle to show up and then try to build a legion.

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