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  1. HA! BFD

    who gives a rats ass about any federal courthouse to begin with?

    tfA-t would take a dump on the steps every morning to pay tribute to the “just us” be delivered there

    fuck the entire system- it is corrupt beyond repair

    TL has long ago cancelled himself due to cognitive dissonance

    i bet he waves that fucking flag too

    1. Of course you easily missed the educative point. No surprise there.
      Hint: acta non verba (Team Globohomo Red) on all fronts…..winning, one little cut at a time.

  2. Ca….forgive me if this is inappropriate but I want to keep this issue at the top of the page.
    I want to beat this dead horse till it is actually dead !

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Ronny Barret stop selling a certain rifle to the LEOs because they banned them for you and I ? somebody correct this so we keep it honest and real….no mythology.
    What would happen if all the manufactures said you banned these to the people so we will not sell to you either !

    What would happen if ammo, parts ,accessories were all denied to the man? no new barrels no new optics no ammo ,nothing for them that we can not have .

    What if Mike Glover stood out on the gravel in his drive , arms folded across his chest and said you banned training for patriots so none for you.
    What if the range master said NO ! you banned people at the ranges so you are not welcome here.

    ………………..you know Bill of Rights and all that……………………………………………………………………………….

    And for any that may think I am just a complainer…that I will not put my money where my mouth is I have approached several patriot groups here in Montana and VERY VERY tactfully and politely offered any assistance that would be helpful ie training etc, FREE OF ANY CHARGE……!

    No takers, well a couple of men and several women , really families in need took me up but unfortunately it is exacti-fucking-lutly as SemperFi 0321 said if you don’t sell ball caps have a web site and a day at the range doesn’t come with fries and a cold drink then fuck it that’s no fun !

    Chuck Baldwin is the only person that actually and seriously approached me about training a patriot group/MAG type situation but couldn’t put together any people…..I guess they never pursued it.

    And no I am not some lame, toothless hillbilly prick.! I have the skills the training and experience so no I did not turn them off …other then I found out that MOST people do not want the truth, it is way to painful.

    Deny the enemy men and material, hinderance and interdiction is a key here…………………….
    All these companies could shut down the enemy in a short time frame with no resupply…but I fear they won’t.

    Read Johnny Paratroopers post this morning on his choices. spot on !all these things are available , understandable and workable…will anyone be able to communicate this to the common man that hasn’t had the experience ,training or exposure to these items ?

    Virginia for example: Deny them the very things they think they can deny you …go down the list…
    ……..just trying to help………….time is short and it is all up hill for the near future !!!

    1. PS.still beating that horse
      I forgot to add this in, I EVEN went to several gun stores and offered them the opportunity to offer to any customer that purchases a hand gun a free CC course ! a FREE concealed carry course at NO COST to either party ! no thank you , no takers HUH ?

      I won’t out those people but how does this play into helping educate, train and gather the people !
      …………my motivation you ask…………”to meet chicks ” what do you think ?
      No actually I am done with them and wanted to canvas the area for like minded people with heart and desire to train and form a group…………..fuck it I’ll just go weed my garden !

      I am not Rex Tibor, but I am a school trained sniper and offered to help some guys with basic sporting rifles and glass and loads to accomplish the mission with little expense (don’t got to buy that Accuracy International to fit in) nope that wasn’t useful either ! I am truly at a loss ……………..

    2. M Rapp wrote:
      “And no I am not some lame, toothless hillbilly prick.! I have the skills the training and experience so no I did not turn them off …other then I found out that MOST people do not want the truth, it is way to painful.”

      The only thing I’ll add to that is that besides the truth, MOST people DON’T want or love freedom;
      they want ‘security’ and ‘being provided for’; their lip flapping about freedom is 99% barnyard
      fowl noises…it’s what NPC’s do after all.

      How can I state the above with such accuracy?..
      Simple,..observe WHO are the MAJORITY of people that always
      howl for themselves ‘to be provided for’ and want ‘security’?…
      They also happen to be at least 56% of the electorate of current ‘Mureica’….

      The answer: women. The vast majority of ‘Mureican’ women DON’T want
      or love freedom and certainly not the daily RESPONSIBILITY to keep it.
      They have proved in real time, time after time, that as physically matured
      children, their only practical daily concerns are for being provided for both
      in survival necessities [food/clothing/home] and the continual satisfaction
      of their desires [wealth showered on them/having a vehicle provided for them/
      being the center of attention/] without having to have ANY responsibility in
      regard for being the reiceipiants of such. This is also why communism is so
      attractive to an overwhelming majority of ‘Mureican’ women [those that
      lived under communism however, have been schooled on it – and they hate it!!]
      communism’s ‘sirens call’ is for “equality and fairness” and ‘Mureican’ women
      flock to it like a moth to a bonfire’s light.

      That is why one sees and overwhelming majority of women involved with
      bolshevist front groups like antifa, burn-loot-murder, and by-any-means-
      necessary…same reason that Rosa Luxemborg headed the post WW1 bolshevist
      Spartacus Movement in Germany and also spearheaded the fight there for women’s voting.

      Rosa Luxemborg and all the female bolshevists and ‘suffragettes’ WERE the ‘Karens’
      of the day…

      And the ‘Karen’s’ and ‘Nancy NPC Normalsteins’ are the bolshevists of today…
      Funded and supported by the (((same))) globo-pedo internationalist bankster elites.

      And their utterly simpanzied face-pantied cucked males that dutifully
      follow behind them..only allowed to be ‘men’ when they watch the
      ‘pay per view’ niggerball kabuki theater distraction entertainment..and
      call the 1-800-snitch line on any male they or their ‘Karen’ observes
      NOT immediately falling into line to ‘follow the narrative’…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. NorthGunner……. thank you, can always count on you for clarity…

        …if your comment on” beware of feds and plants ” is directed to me……Roger that….I am already on the NO FLY LIST ……….was assisting the National League of Families MIA/POW and gave then some info on the Casualty /recovery commision post ceasefire 1973 back around 1982 and the feds have hated me since…God it’s fun

        1. Amazing the number of vets who fly the POW/MIA flag and won’t listen to the truth, their own gov’t threw them to the wolves. Colby/Bush/Kissinger deserved a noose.

        2. Rapp, your falling into piss poor company around here, in no,time at all you have singled out the deviates, the loosers the propagandists.

          Nice work dumb ass.

          In fact while I’m here, so you were a SF, then a Ranger, then aSERE, instructor, then in South America, o yea, before that you were a LURP, in Nam was it? A pretty action packed 4 years their friend!

          I’m frankly confused,

          1. First.. not sure what you mean by singled out the deviates ? do you mean communicating with readers at WRSA ?
            Now I am a dumb ass for _________?

            After US training /part of training was sent to Ft Sherman canal zone JOTC , scuba course and and some other schools then did 8 months in and around the area. then ! orders for RVN

            First tour was with Co H Ranger 75th Inf. (Airborne) 1st Cav Div Garry Owen Brigade those were LRRP teams , you may not know the organization and how it worked then so I will not insult you with jabs. We ran 4 to 6 man recon / ambush teams . ……………………………………..BEST MEN I EVER SERVED WITH………………………………………………….
            A book was written titled “Inside the LRRPS the Rangers in Vietnam”
            I am in that book, was interviewed while in the hospital.
            Rangers were in Company strength at that time , not formed into Battalions until 1974 I think….
            at the end of the tour 5th Group came recruiting and I went and was assigned to Army Advisory role with ARVN / KHMERE FANK troops start second tour .
            was a team leader with recon teams etc.
            I am not a JFK special warfare center graduate but I was awarded a 11B4s MOS
            .because I showed up when called………..

            I wrote those post with that information and tried to answer your concerns about what I said and if you go back and read I made a point of saying FUCK I just wrote for 40 min etc then erased it all because I like my privacy.

            Go ahead and challenge me on the POW issue … I will let this go…….but not that !!!
            I stayed in RVN / Cambodia until two months after the cease fire …..still in contact , find other who were there and they will tell you the same. We were assigned to the JCRC Joint Casualty Recovery Commission, fuck you look it up. They did not do their job we were restrained by DOT GOV men could have been found……….BUT NO !………………………
            ………………………….POLITICS !
            League of families got some of our names and contacted us, some remained quiet , I did not..brought terrible grief on my self…………but you know what Dirt, not near the grief of being left behind by your country…………………………………………

            Came back to states was in Madigan Army hospital for awhile when I got out people I had served with were there at Lewis and had pull got me a job as a survival instructor.


            later I got offered a job (again people I new )as an instructor for same………

            Thanks for pulling the stolen valor bullshit on me ! Happy !

        3. M Rapp, no, thank you sir.
          Yes, I was mentioning that for you to be careful of them and theirs.

          And how many are still languishing in either Laos, Cambodia or North Vietnam
          IF they’re still alive and being used for slave work?….

          Something tells me more than what have been ‘officially documented’,
          could be why the ferals have hated you ever since…

          They want such to be ‘forgotten’..and left behind no longer to be
          known or thought about.

          Problem is that all these ‘wars’ were fought at the secret behest
          of the global bankster elite for (((THEIR))) enrichment and grasp
          of power..and their desires have NO satisfaction..they ALWAYS
          hunger for more and more without end.

          pawns like Matt Bracken NEVER see or understand this…

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          1. NG, I can answer your question right here right now……….ready !

            How many languished?……almost 4000 know to be alive not returned……..think shit like john McNasty……..got the heroes welcome.
            NVA kept those men until Nixon payed the Reparations/ Reconstruction money agreed to in the Paris Peace Accords……..woops Watergate trouble on the home front NVA moves in for the kill and DOD sits on its hands EVEN though again part of the accords was we BOMB THE HOLY FUCK OUT OF YOU if you violate the accords several years go by , live sighting reports all dismissed by .gov and it fades to black ….as I said I was a 1zero on a recon team and had to leave my body guard and my interpreter in country……later they escaped with rebel Montagnard tribesmen to fight in the hills waiting for us to return…………..
            they gave credible evidence of execution of the Americans once victor charles new he would never see the money…………………………………….so the answer is none !…………………………………

      2. “Freedom” ? “Freedom is just another word….”

        Have a mortgage on property you THINK you “own” ?

        Paid off the mortgage on the property you THINK is now yours ?

        Failed or refused to pay .gov the property taxes on land you believe is now yours ?

        Guess what….the sheriff’s stack of armed deputies is coming to evict you from HIS (i.e., local gov) property. You do NOT own property, land. You only RENT it from the scum one calls “government” !

        Until Citizen Patriots execute a 21st Century Lexington Green opposition and send today’s Amerikan Lobsterbacks to hell under a hail of lead….FREEDOM will be a figure of one’s imagination !

        Visit an Amerikan law library. There is one’s “Freedom”. “Freedom is just another word….”

        Oppose tyranny of the scum of government….cease calling it “Freedom” !


    3. Ronnie Barrett held back two M 82 rifles he was overhauling for LAPD SWAT when CA banned the .50 Cal.
      He publicly dared them to come for them after they checked in with the Sheriff in Tennessee. Don’t know the outcome.
      Police , .mil and their supporters need to get real. The only reason we can’t take out the trash is because a standing army is in the way. You are protecting the gang in charge.

      1. exactly what tfA-t has said all along

        it’s the cops stupid

        get rid of that scum sucking gang of bloated TREASONOUS cowards and their families- re-distribute ALL their wealth and belongings- kill the dog

        by any and all means

        no mercy on them or their spawn

        1. Tfat,

          “….kill the dog.” Okay. Fine. But, you seem to dismiss the dog’s “owners”, that is the unbadged, elected career politicians and their appointed tyrants. Career politicians that the rabid pack of dogs known as “citizens” continually support year after year; term after term.

          Police are a sympton. Politicians and appointed/hired .gov, tyrant scum are the disease.


      2. Thanks, for clearing that up ,……….. wish we could make it policy !

  3. m rapp and others, Don’t Quit. There are others out there, you may have not met them yet, or don’t know or believe they exist, but they are there! Some may be new converts to freedom. Some may be freedom minded but still haven’t awakened. Some may be unlearned, unaware, and not interested, YET. People need leadership, tenacity, and g-u-t-s. The animating contest of living and freedom demand it. It will be a thankless and costly job. You may not even be remembered, or compensated. But it is worth it. That is your oath. Freedom will cost you more than you are willing to pay. Be without fear in the face of your enemies, boredom and apathy. Yours are the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Suffering them and forging on is what will make you noble. There are generations unborn who need you now.

    1. I’ll buy you a whiskey !
      …and I will take this opportunity to say something I have wanted to for years now….Would you consider sitting down and writing a post…a gut level post of your experiences in RVN so these same young men can get a feel for reality …..if you are the same Sean I think you are……you and I saw things that few can comprehend……..maybe you were at Quan Tri / Hue ? I don’t know but wherever is worth the tale !

      we are talking urban warfare ………………….

    2. Be especially wary of being approached by plants/feds/rats.
      Know HOW to id them, and terminate any association with them asap!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. Northgunner,

        The “rats”, snitches, are EVERYWHERE ! They are not just “plants” or “feds”. They are your fellow citizens, even members of your own family !

        The only example needed are the vast array of common Amerikan snitches. Citizen snitches turning good Citizens in to .gov scum for failing to comply with the tyranny of the scum’s Scamvirus diktats ! Those snitching folks are not feds. They are the common man on the street who have swallowed the lies of .gov hook, line and sinker ! They are your enemy. Citizen snitches are the front line fighters for the tyrants of government.

        Trust no one.

  4. Kenneth Royce has covered the topic of “The Constitution” and America slowly
    and successfully being transformed into a defacto communist country in his
    previous works, which T.L. conveniently chooses to dismiss out of hand…

    Since he (T.L.) wants to continue being a cheerleader for the first, I’ll share
    what Kenneth Royce had to say about such via a part of his book “Molon Labe!”
    I state that the following is protected under “Fair Use” and is not an attempt
    to violate Ken’s copyright of his published work.

    “Molon Labe!” pp. 297 – 298:

    “Federal Interstate Commerce Power vs. Wyoming Intrastate Activities

    History of US Interstate commerce power

    The alleged rationale for the Constitution – the stated exigency that
    caused the 1787 Convention of Philadelphia – was the “crisis” of commerce
    between the states. Every American history book agrees on this. As the
    mythology goes, the States were squabbling sovereigns which got into tariff
    wars with each other and prevented the emergence of a true nation, and thus
    was at risk from England, France, Spain, and the Indians. Although tariff
    wars certainly occurred they were hardly a “crisis.” They could have been
    solved by incorporating into the Articles of Confederation the following
    clause which was later written into the Constitution:
    No state shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any imposts or
    duties on imports or exports, except what may be ABSOLUTELY
    NECESSARY* for executing it’s inspection laws;….
    — Article 1, Section 10, Clause 2 of the US Constitution [the apostrophe
    after the words in full caps denote where Ken intentionally highlighted
    these words in the novel either via boldface or italics, keep this in mind
    as we go on – NorthGunner]

    If the point of the Constitution was to eliminate tariff issues, that clause
    alone would have easily sufficed. However this was not all what Hamilton
    and Madison had in mind. They wanted the new government to “REGULATE
    COMMERCE*” – a power that extends (as time would prove) FAR* beyond
    mere nationalization of tariffs.

    To that end, the authors also included a clause that SHOULD* have been seen
    as unnecessary to 1:10:02:
    [The Congress shall have power] TO REGULATE COMMERCE WITH FOREIGN
    – Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution

    The unnecessary clause of 1:8:3 is “Smoking Gun #1.” It is the DNA of the
    future behemoth. Not even the antifederalists of the day suspected this
    camel’s nose under the tent. It was generally a dormant power until activated
    in the 1930’s. Today, the commerce clause energizes over half of all federal
    legislation, most of it antithetical to the Bill of Rights. For example, nearly all
    of the anti-2nd Amendment gun laws stem from 1:8:3.

    Now, to the “Smoking Gun #2.” In order to allow for what would later be
    termed “elastic” or “implied” powers of the federal government, the following
    clause was inserted:
    To make all laws which shall be NECESSARY* and proper for carrying
    into execution the foregoing powers,…
    -Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18 of the U.S. Constitution

    During the 1791 battle over the first Bank of the US, Jefferson and Hamiltion
    argued ferociously over the meaning of “NECESSARY*.” Both correctly
    discerned that the future of America rested, by implication, on the outcome.
    Since the Bank was neither explicitly nor implicitly authorized in the
    Constitution, Jefferson rightly declared it to be unconstitutional. He argued
    that “NECESSARY*” of 1″8:18 meant “necessary” and not, as Hamilton
    asserted in a 15,000 word rebuttal, “expedient” or “helpful”. Hamilton
    wrote that Jefferson’s definition “would be to give it same force as if…

    Naturally, the States had NOT* been informed of this looming ambiguity
    during the ratification debates. In fact, The Federalist went out of it’s way
    to calm the people that the proposed system was not injurious to State
    sovereignty or their rights. For example, Madison, in #39, promised that:
    The powers delegated to the proposed Constitution are few and defined.
    Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and
    indefinite…. [Federal] jurisdiction extends to certain enumerated subjects
    only, and leaves to the several States a residuary and inviolable sovereignty
    over all other subjects.

    Two centuries later we are the debauched virgin who sobs to the morning after,
    “But he said he loved me!”

    The clue that Federalist assurances were disingenuous is found in the language
    difference between 1:10:2 restricting the States with “ABSOLUTELY* necessary”
    and 1:8:18 allegedly restricting Congress with “NECESSARY*.” This is “Smoking
    Gun #2” and the Founding Lawyers of 1787 never meant to create a perpetual

    What they REALLY* desired was a mercantilistic state protected by a national
    government in full power of both purse and sword, but since about 50% of the
    people did not share that goal, the Founding Lawyers could only achieve their
    scheme over time through constitutional artifice with the collusion of federal
    judges. By successfully designing the “rules of the game” they were destined
    to win eventually.

    And every bit of it was and is “constitutional.”
    The whole thing was a fraud from the very beginning.”

    And speaking of ‘Mureica’ being transformed slowly from within
    into a communist state, Ken addressed this topic in his book,
    “Goodbye April 15th!” Chapter 16, pp9-10:

    “Avaraging those percentages [of how many of the manifesto’s planks
    HAVE already been adopted/put into power via “law” – NorthGunner] shows that 73%
    of the Communist Manifesto has been accomplished in America!”

    Sorry TL, you’re several decades late on announcing the danger that
    already has happened – ‘Mureica’ IS a defacto communist country
    and you’re completely and utterly off course as to the nature and reality
    of the ‘cuntstipooption’ and it’s “Founding Lawyers” even though Ken
    documented such in his “Hologram of Libety” and in the section above
    (one could almost call that excerpt of “Molon Labe!” a Cliff Notes
    version of “Hologram”..it’s still necessary reading though!)

    Perhaps you and others will have an epiphany awakening to reality
    during your next ‘Morning Constitutional’.

    And the globalist juden bankster class continues to laugh and
    reap untold treasures and resources….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. the Doctrine of tfA-t is the only way

    step into the light

    it is very satisfying 🙂

    furthermore all cops(and their families)are scum and shall be destroyed


  6. m crapp 🙂 says

    “we are talking urban warfare ………………….”

    tfA-t KNOWS urban warfare…………………………………….

    coming at you Live! on saturday night from Harper Ave and I-94

    “ya’ll can live on beer n bread- sheeeeit”

  7. Commies destroy a legal fallacy in federal property and I’m supposed care?

  8. TL, nicely done. These left wing homos hanging out here are nothing, other then annoying.

    They hate themselves, more then anything. But then rather then contribute something positive, they create more hate. These are not men, their fucking parrots on a pirates shoulder, sqwaking left wing,,Marxist flotsom.

    TL, I appriciate what you do.

    Dirk Williams

    1. you are a fucking communist Dick- a rotten dirty cop

      you are HATED among all other white trash

      when will you face this fact?

    2. For you the whole world is seen as a 2 sided coin, your way and the commie way.
      Never occurred to you we live in a multi dimensional world?

      I guess that’s what happens when you’re bi-polar.

    3. Keep on the cunt-serv-a-cuck larping dirt, it’s what you
      do best.

      Btw have you managed to get your ‘Assault Rascal’ to self-start
      so you can attend the nearest “AARP & Larp Meet ‘n Greet” at
      the local Denny’s..or do you need to have your loyal cadre huff
      ‘n puff it down out of the garage and onto the street so the ignition
      can get enough spark to engage?

      Cue the soundtrack to “The Bridge over the River Kwai” as you
      all go ambling into traffic…heading off for your objective….

      Don’t forget that Denny’s has a “No Guns!! – Masks On!! policy…
      don’t know how Karen Finkelstein and hubby and their dinnermates
      the Normalsterns will feel about you and the ‘Goompa Armed Surburban
      Patrol’ (G.A.S.P.) showing up while they’re there with their grand kids…
      especially with the multiple backfires from your gathered “Assault
      Rascals” and no masks…

      Onward men…we take the beach head objective..”Operation Capture
      Denny’s for FREEROR” is a go!!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Northgunner,

    The “rats”, snitches, are EVERYWHERE ! They are not just “plants” or “feds”. They are your fellow citizens, even members of your own family !

    The only example needed are the vast array of common Amerikan snitches. Citizen snitches turning good Citizens in to .gov scum for failing to comply with the tyranny of the scum’s Scamvirus diktats ! Those snitching folks are not feds. They are the common man on the street who have swallowed the lies of .gov hook, line and sinker ! They are your enemy. Citizen snitches are the front line fighters for the tyrants of government.

    Trust no one.

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