9 thoughts on “White Propaganda”

  1. The real numbers, always, are 1:1.
    One you, one me.
    Threaten me and you’re dead.

    1. The Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was written only for White people. It’s intent was subverted to it’s present coverage. Making it almost worthless. It was a Free Constitutional Republic, limited franchise. The important part was, limited franchise.

      1. To any and all that it applies, you’re welcome to get the fuck out (of this “Free Constitutional Republic, subverted to it’s present coverage”) and go elsewhere, independent and separately sovereign of America and it’s (albeit degraded) governing Constitutional Republic.
        Moreover, you’re most certainly welcome to go inform the ghetto foot-soldier wing (NFAC) of Team Globohomo Red of that factual truth (the Bill of Rights, was written only for White people)
        Why you desire to hold in such passionate rage, from the source of it’s enmity, is beyond me.
        Let it out, cleanse your soul, the truth shall set you FREE!

          1. He is black I think. Like Rhodesia and SA many blacks fought on with the whites,then received ‘special treatment’ after ‘reconciliation’.
            White land-owning head of households were the voters back in the day.
            Central Banking and the Universal Franchise got us to this point.

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