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  1. Eye doc appt am. Expect drops. Will post after I can see again.
  2. Just fatfingered and lost a comment wrongly in spam re bank shenanigans. Contained reference to the effects of a massive silver buy by deplorables. Repost if you can please.
  3. Comments are S/N ratio pretty lousy lately. Default may revert to comments as the exception, not the rule.

Have a good week.

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  1. You’ve got a couple commentators on here who basically derail every post. Other than those two or three, I really enjoy being able to read all the comments.
    Hope the eye doc goes well, hate the damn drops.

    1. I get real value from the “what are you doing / using” comments. I skim most of the rest, bypassing the obvious trolling.

    1. the problem as tfA-t sees it is

      the trad cucks won’t take any other point of veiw into consideration other than the one they were indoctrinated with since birth

      NO most of the world no longer follows religions- of any flavor

      that is so pre-21st century and no more enlightened than than living in the bronze age

      and what’s up with the cops who actually think they have done and are doing good?

      they have destroyed more decent folks lives, families, and freedoms enforcing bullshit made-up laws than any other tyrant or illness in history

      the entire cuntry is on fire right now because of THEM/COPS- yet they fail to recognize they are the problem

      you damn rotten murdering lying thieving filthy scum cops and their supporters ARE the only real problem america has- PERIOD

      fuck them and no mercy on any cop or their family- give them a taste of the same shit sammich they have been shoving down the peoples throats since they were conjured up

  2. Re: You can take at least one with you
    But even better –
    After the first one, the rest are free.

  3. My congrats on your analysis of the current signal-to-noise ratio here. You have in the past cut off comments completely more than once for the obvious shitting-on-the-host’s- carpet reasons. You brought comments back sort of as one-time needful things, and got your generosity abused once again as you opened up comments full-time. That opening allowed a couple of people to basically hijack your whole place.

    I like the concept of comments as the exception rather than the rule. It will give a couple of shitbirds here the necessary time to go off and start their own sites.

      1. Banning people for dissenting opinions really doesn’t square with the idea of returning to the Constitution and Traditional America. It’s a bit odd that I’m always called a NAZI, yet I never call for anyone to be banned.

        1. Words are just that.

          They are nothing compared to what will be done to try and destroy the Deplorables.

          I expect that most folks do behave differently in person versus online.

          Funny, that.

  4. I used to have a Thorobred mare, bought off the track as a coming four year old. War Admiral was her fourth sire. She had a pulse while tacking up at 20 bpm. Normal resting pulse for a horse is 30 bpm.

    She got settled down with targeted training. To a point where she, a hot-blood, could be galloped cross-country with no restraint on her head or mouth, just one piece of bale twine held across the base of her neck, plus leg aids per old cavalry manuals. Some trainers used to call that piece of twine, a progress string. What a person was on, was a crotch rocket, that rocket asked to perform with twine pressures easily evaded.

    I do think that our host here has tried the progress string, and it has proved to be futile. Some folks can’t learn to not shit on the host’s carpet numerous times per day. Perhaps Thorobred horses are smarter than some people.

      1. ^—

        Some folks can’t learn to not shit on the host’s carpet numerous times per day. Perhaps Thorobred horses are smarter than some people.

      2. We here you say that multiple times a day
        Message received
        Now add something positive to the conversation or shut up and go the fuck away.

    1. Yep. There is always that one guy at the party who sits there and gorges on the shrimp tray. Later they complain about getting HepC.

    2. A rare view into the mind of a weird ass control freak, if nothing else.

    3. A wise man told me once that one can lead an animal to
      water, but if they are not thirsty, they wont drink, but
      with humans of sound mind and conscience, even if not
      thirsty, will even take sips.

  5. Uh oh, the Cucking clique is short-leashing and jerking necks.
    Shut it off then. The LARP’s, Cucks, Shills, and Boomer Fossils have unfettered access to countless media platforms that cater solely to taint swabbing commentariat…..especially those of Cuckservative Shill Inc.
    Damn right, my finger points most directly at Buffalo Jump Bracken.

    1. yup

      if you don’t toe the line of their indoctrinated beliefs…

      stupid shits won’t accept they’ve been had and they’re WRONG

      that’s why all the flak being shot up at the tfA-t bomber

      tfA-t tells it the way it REALLY is

    1. “Silver is the bank killer. Deplorables buying and holding physical will do more damage than all the tacticool fairy dust.” — boss21

      Mind elaborating on that? Silver is in a squeeze right now, but I don’t see how holding a stack threatens the banks. So what am I missing?

      1. Above ground silver tonnage is equal to gold. In ground is around 1:9 and price ratio is retarded. They are selling paper contracts like maniacs to flush the price . It used to work.
        Deucshe Bank is the weakest link in this rigging game hence the desperation of blocking discovery in court of their inner workings .
        The judge attempt is huge.
        Physical delivery is Kryptonite to them. Not just silver but it has the wildest numbers of all the commodities.
        Most people are buying paper promises. They will regret it.

      1. LOL

        I don’t post under numerous aliases.

        What for?

        Like one anon/pseudonym ain’t enough?

        Why don’t you and your gang (e.g., t-Fat/Jarhead/Dollbanger) ever get the message?

        People here are just tired of your glowfag crap.

        1. more like people are fucking tired of your useless impotent goD

          the shit couldn’t deliver a pizza yet the fools think it will deliver their so-called souls

          they wait their entire pathetic lives just to find out they’ve been cucked- and then die



          1. more like people are [expletive] tired of your useless impotent goD

            And yet, you talk about the subject more than anyone else here.

            Funny that.

            Everyone here is so, so, so tired of your narcissistic CancelCulture and glowfag crap, and yet you still refuse to even acknowledge it.

            For others out there having to deal not only with the narcissist t-Fat, but others like him in real life, A/C provides some decent advice:

  6. Hear ya, Brother. Them “dilating potions” the eye exam uses makes your pupils big as pie plates and heaven help you trying to drive back home. Tiniest bit ‘o sunlight makes everything you see one big glare.

    Time heals all such; wait ‘er out. Grab a cold one and contemplate.

    P.S. Make sure them “headlights” can work 24/7 behind a firestick. If ya need a red dot or scope, so be it. Irons for we seasoned-citizens are just a fond memory. Don’t fergit NV–own the night.

    Peace and blessings, CA.

    1. 2nd all above , CA. Remind that I’ve been advocating some sort of restraint for long.

      Imagine, in the “Aftermath,” the survivors trying to have a meeting to decide nearly any sort of planned reconstruction, physical or social, with any of the usual shit disturbers here on hand…… Bang! Bang! Bang! Either that or less than nothing would ever get done.

      Good outcome with the eye doc!

      1. That’s right, in the wilds of the ‘Aftermath’, what will be needed is a return to stoning dissenters, especially those deemed so by Cucking copsuckers, geriatric fossils, and degenerate sphincter leeches (you’re all three).
        Bang, Bang, Bang (especially applies to the likes of you)!!!
        The world is a two way firing range.

      2. yeah…

        must control the narrative

        must save the lies…

        only the simping cucks POV is the truth


    2. All “signal”: Mydriasis aggravating glare is only part of the problem. Paralysis of the ciliary body causing loss of near-vision accommodation (not that folks over 40 have much accommodation left due to presbyopis) is the other part.

      Let there be no “noise.”

  7. it’s always the jeebus freaks and rotten corrupt cops who cling to their worn out version of reality and can’t tolerate any realistic point of view

    tfA-t exposes what others fear to tread
    cucks will perish and tfA-t will inherit the earth

    1. Another round of ‘rambling from the rubber room’ with resident LARPer t-fag. It’s obvious you’ve been a source of great sorrow for whatever poor souls in your life can claim they’ve had the grave displeasure of knowing you. Just another termite, chewing through the frame of what’s left of the country. How many poor souls did you sire? Do you have any skin in the game or did they block your worthless ass years ago? You’re not even the poor mans Noah preparing for the coming flood. Just another basement Nazi with daddy issues so you lash out at strange men on web blogs because it’s a sort of release valve that feeds into your narcissism. For a guy who likes to point the physical inertia of modern society you spend a lot of time typing about it online. As for his boyfriend NorthGunner—even Biff Tannen had his goon squad.

      1. alright there Depends

        now go change your adult underwear, your breath is stinking again


        1. ^– More CancelCulture on full public display from WRSA’s resident diabolical narcissist.

          Cancel Culture: A desire to cancel out a person from a social media platform for not sharing identical views. It is characterized by the sophomoric response of an evil individual when said evil individual is shown to be wrong. It is an attempt by the evil individual to get his sycophants to jump on the subject person, rather than discussing the criticism or showing by evidence where the criticism is incorrect.

          Narcissists make up the majority of the people who engage in cancel culture, and the sycophants who follow the narcissists lead tend to be immature individuals.

          1. there is no such thing as evil

            but there is perverted, sick, and twisted- you know the christers way of thinking…

            tfA-t over target area-

            BOMBS AWAY!

      2. Really D-PENDS:
        fags, daddy issues, strange men, boyfriend….
        You were undoubtedly wearing Bonnie Venture’s high heels whilst typing this screed.

        After the chimp-out and oy veh brigades get a hold of your ilk you’ll all be having second thoughts about who Murka allied with in WW2!!

  8. I’m here for the comments as much as anything, and I’ll take the bad with the good. Ultimately, it’s your site, though…

    1. I agree, sometimes the comments are the best part, other times it’s just walking through weeds.

  9. Best of luck with optometrist appt.,hope the peepers are OK.

    I hope you keep the comments @ least in articles in regards to gear/tactics ect.I find I learn as much if not more from comments then articles that get the comments going.

  10. Uh oh, the bad-ass cucks, cop suckers and religionistas are demanding censorship SJW style – which means that their critics are the ones over the target!
    The comments are what make this forum.
    I’m stable enough to take the most vile criticism and dole it out as well.
    If you don’t like the commenter then scroll on down pussy!

    Best of luck with your vision issues!!

    1. @saoirse Well said Sir! That my friend is the entire point. Don’t like someones opinion move on down to the next. Hate that one move to the next, don’t care for that one either well then DO NOT CLICK ON THE COMMENTS. If your ego and femininity are easily bruised then by all means go some where your soy ego can be soothed to your little hearts content and spare us the soy boy bullshit change rhetoric.
      As always stay small, do what you can.


  11. Your site means you make the rules. That said, even though I don’t comment here much, I do enjoy reading most of them, as the informative ones add greatly to the article subjects. As to the rest, well you know…

  12. Good luck with the eye doc..better to get such things squared
    away now, while it’s still easy to do..same with dental fixes.

    Will continue to share truth bombs and
    skewer the fudd’s, mangina’s and cunt-serv-a-cucks
    with wit and a biting tongue as necessary…living in
    their vapid heads ‘rent free’ is SOOO much fun!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. Sometimes interesting/informative links are posted in the comment section. Only good reason for the comments section. CA he’s your buddy.

  14. I’m old enough to remember a time when the internet was still not quite considered real life.

    And most of you folks are a good deal older than me.

    Strange that your feelings should be so thrashed by comments you read from strangers.

    A good number of the people reading and posting here are complete sissies. Somehow I manage not to miss any sleep over it, and skip the comments from a handful of people that I consider to be a waste of my time. It’s pretty easy. You guys that are so worried about optics in a time/place where even your biggest/only political parties are openly anti-white and tell you in no uncertain terms that they hate you- are pathetic.

    That said, this blog is great. I’m glad when I have the time to check it out. Glad it’s back, for sure.

  15. Some are disrespectful fools, but I think most of us try to screen ourselves. I can understand getting tired of wading through the cesspool. You are pretty lenient when it comes to big mouths.

  16. I got a good eye doctor, and take drops every night. No big deal. Remember that about 10% of the population has a reaction that raises eye pressure to high levels with the use of steroids for other problems. Can lead to glaucoma, or other symptoms. G*d be with you.

  17. Best of luck. I’m going soon for my annual check up. Got to take a day off work because of those drops. As for the trolls here, your life must be very boring if you have to spend time getting your jollies by peeing all over a sober discussion. My guess is that such types won’t survive the Boogaloo as they haven’t the skills to form alliances with other patriots.

  18. Had some pretty serious eye probs a couple years back. Turned out to be a real stubborn bilateral infection.

    Had to spend big money for three courses of drops and nighttime ointments. Each refill cost well over $300.

    But hey, ya only got two. Hope that’s all it is for you.

    Good luck.

  19. You can increase that S/N considerably just by using the admin options. Sure…free speech. But there’s also no reason to tolerate people shitting in your yard and driving all the good people away. Tolerating yard shitting is what got us here. Stop.

    1. LOL!
      ‘Sure free speech……. But’.

      LOL again…..
      ‘driving the good people away’

      If cold hard criticism makes the church ladies and cucks wither and run away then they/you are not good by any definition if the word!

  20. Just scroll through the idiot posts. They’re just trolling you. When you respond, you feed their inner 10 year old.

  21. the B- tfA-t bomber is a death sentence for mangina cucks- just listen to them cucking and cucking and cucking…

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