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  1. If anyone points an AK or any other firearm at me and/or mine, I will dispatch them.

    1. Just so you know, that SHOULD include ANY badged orc or orcette that attempts that.
      THEY’RE the largest “Gang” around.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. the cops scum don’t think they are scum…

        go figure

        scum will be scum

        criminals will be criminals

        cops are BOTH

  2. Lesson: Buffalo Jumpers are easily frightened, frantically jumping from one spooky shadow to the next, their feet powered by fear induced delirium.
    But, ironically, they are calmly secure with the knowledge that (as always) there won’t be any accountability for the problems created by their panicked fear mongering.
    No critique. No healthy criticism. No sensible critique of this repeated process, of inventing theory first and fabricating supporting evidence after the fact. Smoke, mirrors, no substance at all.

    Garrett Foster, ‘white’ commie Inc., an actual boogeyman of 25JUL, WAY DOWN in Austin, removed from the gene pool for proactively threatening a motorist with his (semi-auto) AK variant “because they don’t let us march in the streets anymore.”

    1. Two questions:

      What the fuck are buffalo jumpers?

      Are you saying the motorist was wrong?

      1. Two possibilities: At a minimum, you have not been paying attention, and I don’t mean my comments. And at most, a disingenuous and poorly camouflaged response of ‘Mangina’ outrage.

      2. The fucker can’t stop talking in riddles. If you can’t crack the riddle you are a cuck, pussy,plant, mangina or just a Fed. No collectivist is he. A wanna be cracker as well.

    2. Bigger lesson what up nigger, say hi to your mom, how about you send your baby momma’s their child support. Typical Nig, expect everybody else to carry your load.

      A good start would be get a fuckimg Job. With your sweet skills, I’m sure Their’s a bed pan needs cleaning somewhere close to the GETTO you represent.

      Act like a nigger, your gonna get treated like the house nigger you are.

      took a vote here last night, go back to Africa, where they will greet you with a necklace, full of low grade fuel. No sense wasting the good shit.

      you run your mouth here from the safety of your mums basement, hit the streets, run your soup cooler to your fellow Africans, na, your a coward, you know those fuckimg savages will put a bullet in your head for just walking different.

      Tic Toc motherfucker.


          1. He has his ups and downs, writes a really good comment and the next one is out in na na land. Think his meds get supercharged when mixed with alcohol.
            And he’s bipolar.

      1. I would accuse you of being a drunkard who imbibes with his bloodstream flush with Rx.
        But you have offered equitable and polite discourse in the past, so I won’t.

      1. In the videos already being disseminated and circulated, the sound of three to four rifle shots happening first is clearly heard.

  3. Most likely the young communist had a non-selective fire AKM. If he pointed at a person in a car, what is one to think?

    Threat, opportunity and capability are the three factors to determine a defensible shooting. I am amused at the way the young commies run to the coproaches for protection.

    Unfortunately, once a defensive shooter is in the “just-us” system, all bets are off for justice.

    1. I differ some with your choice of words as the angels are aligned on the pin’s head.

      The way force escalation was taught to me was with a different set of words. I was taught thusly: Means, Opportunity, and Intent on the part of the other guy constitutes Jeopardy for me. That Jeopardy place is where the legendary ORP-man (an ordinary, reasonable, and prudent person) must make his choice.

      ‘Course, if the rule of common law has not existed anymore for x- number of years, then we’re back to stacking angels on pinheads. And to figuring whose campaign contributions bought the current county prosecutor.

      The long-term and recently-retired prosecutor here used to teach law at the local college. He once ruminated to the class on the hamlets and small communities in this county which are more than geographically far from the county seat. He said, people are different out there in _______. They solve their own problems and I sometimes prosecute the winner of the fight.

      1. you are OBVIUOSLY cop scum

        you and your ilk have destroyed America

        now it is a shithole and everyone HATES you

        good job assholes

    1. Not defending DMV, but how about you stop calling people cowards for having the temerity to disguise their identity online. Have you ever used a screen name or pseudonym on the internet, Travis?

      The mob that you’ve offended, online or in the classroom or in the grocery store, with your failure to genuflect to that mob, will follow you home and kill you. Or, perhaps poison your dog or rape your daughter.

      A UNC-Wilmington (Criminal Justice & Sociology) professor named Mike Adams was killed a couple days ago. He was outspoken against the globohomo and the scamdemic, but he was very much a public figure. Although the officials haven’t released the nature of his death, the term GSW (gun-shot wound) was listed on the police report. He was a healthy 55 year old. God bless ‘im for being outspoken and a willing public figure in that regard. But his public outspokenness got him killed by the mob. I’ll betcha.

      I use a pseudonym online. I post things for which the mob would stalk & kill me, or see me unemployed, silenced, cast out in the street, etc. Am I a coward?

      The proprietor of this very blog uses the pseudonym “Concerned American.” Is he a coward, Travis?

    2. Your BEST is pathetic.
      Regardless of the content of my comments….whom they’re directed at, the opinions, the beliefs, there is substance and volume. The BEST effort of your counterposition, each time, is your rote regurgitation of “so brave he hides his face and his name, coward.” Typical.
      Know this, it’s politics, not personal.
      ~With apologies to Tom Hagen, Michael Corleone, and Mario Puzo.~

    3. Mr. Bracken, I wasn’t aware you were a consumer of the site. I love your writing. Castigo Cay was AWESOME. The Enemies series and your other works are great, as well, but Castigo really resonated with me. Following the Epstein case after reading it, I wished real life would imitate art a bit more. On the other hand, I wish the Enemies series seemed more like imaginative fiction than reading current events. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Hopefully the driver/shooter is not ID’d and caught.
    And that same driver/shooter doesn’t catch a case of “the guilts” and doesn’t turn him/herself in to the po-po.
    Keep the PantyFags/#BurnLootMurder wondering, ” who’s next? “


    1. Then why bother wondering, whining about, and dwelling on”Hopefully the driver/shooter is not ID’d and caught,” HARPY.

  6. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You point a firearm at me or mine, I am assuming there’s the intent and will eliminate the threat with equal deadly force. People are over this bs being allowed to continue by politicians and behind the scenes money men.
    I have quoted this time after time…“Do you think these assholes even understand what will happen when thousands of pissed-off armed Americans decide to take just one shot at the target of their own choice – be it human or otherwise – and then go home? College professors, low-level local politician nobodies, media celebutards, elderly leftist icons — they all are walking around every day as if real people with real balls can’t find them and destroy them. Death squads? Shit. I’m talking about death battalions.” And this, “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”
    And lemme tell ya, he had the list… he rattled off 25 or 30 names of well-known, prominent politicians, mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans, several members of the current Cabinet, a couple of Obama’s “czars”, a couple of figures from the Bush administration and the Republican establishment, several media company executives and on-camera newscasters, reporters, and pundits, a couple of people who are active in leftist politics but not in elected office…

    1. I think John Ross wrote that story 20 years ago: Unintended Consequences.

  7. The best lessons I’ve learned hurt. Pain is a hell of a teacher. Some lessons are harder than others. Some are final. And no Garret not all of what you consider OPFOR are pussies. I’d like to be first to nominate Garret for a Darwin award.

  8. So there just so happens to be a video of him saying people in Texas are too pussy like to shoot. Looks like obvious agit-prop to me boys and girls.

  9. Good at infighting online does not a counter to the Left make.

    Unless the Left goes too far and tries to mass confiscate firearms in America – that’s so insane probably not even they would try it – there is nothing in the Left’s way. The only Right Wing that exists being the 2d Amendment groups. That may change but that’s all that exists today.

    A problem with no present solution, as everyone with reason suspects everyone else.

    So we are checkmated now, the good news is the enemy while having all the leaders has few troops, we and the rest potential opposition have enormous numbers but no organization and no leaders.

    So wait, and watch.

  10. Regarding G Foster……..dude appeared to be on something. Pupils didn’t constrict when shined with a light , eye blinks very slow. JS…….. if he would have pointed any weapon at me, no matter of his sobriety, he would have got the same.

    1. This guy looks like a real winner. Got him a quad amputee nig for a girlfriend. Kinky ! In more ways than one.

  11. Damn!
    NigFAC’s three own goals plus this Black Lies Matter turd taken out.
    Dey be startin off wid a BANG!!

  12. From the videos I have seen with sound seems a AK or similar rifle(whether his cannot see)goes off 5 times and then you hear 3 pistol shots,someone had a decent mic or was too close(anywhere there too close!).

    So,if guy shot first and missed and then got shot,well,one less idiot the decent folks in region have to worry about.

    1. From Bonerventure, to anonymous, to DrDog and back to Bonerventure, all in Milwaukee’s Best fart.

        1. you jeebus fanatics and rotten scum cops think you’re the only ones who know the truth

          what a fucking joke

          jeebus fanatics and cop scum that is

          again tfA-t is dead center over target

          BOMBS AWAY!

  13. This might have happened in Texas, BUT (big but) this happened in the Peoples Republic of Travis County. The DA’s office is straight up Demo/socialist infested. This guy might be in a world of hurt and I hope he has some kind of Lawshield or something like it. Gonna be expensive defending himself.The best thing a right thinking man could do is avoid those areas. A ounce of prevention thing……Does not matter if you have a right to be there, you still are going to have problems with the current legal system. Now in my remote county, our LEO would have looked at the thug, say sux to be you today and turned and complemented the defender on his excellent shooting skills.
    Now Matt B. and I had a disagreement about the Richmond thing ( and no I am still NOT a fed- never was). I think this is different. That was one of our things. This in downtown Austin was one of the other sides thing. They are unstable and undisciplined, as demonstrated by this, the shooting in Aurora, Co and the NDs in Louisville . Best to avoid them. Chose your own turf and time so to speak. I suspect the time between now and the election will is going to be…..interesting to say the least. In my area I suspect about the only excitement we will see is the dairy’s cows getting out on Highway 22 again. Just how I like it.

  14. A site called newsbreak.com reports that Foster was seen earlier in the evening on video saying, “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ when asked why he was carrying a rifle.”
    Here’s video of comments Foster made about carrying a rifle before he was shot and killed.

    Garrett Foster, the Black Lives Matter supporter who was shot and killed tonight in Austin, TX, was interviewed with his AK47.
    — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 26, 2020


  15. Lovin’ the last 30 sec of the first video, that poor, poor white woman (/s) sobbing over the poor, poor shot person (again /s). The schadenfreude is sweet in my morning covfefe indeed.
    If that poor, poor shot person didn’t want to take the chance of getting shot and killed, (s)he should 1-not wave a gun in someone else’s face, and 2-stayed home.
    But these obvious lessons are wasted on the snowflake youth.
    As Will Rogers so aptly said, “A few learn by reading. More learn by watching. The rest of gotta pee on the electric fence.”

  16. Kill a commie for mommy
    maybe 2,
    just cause it’s the right thing to do

  17. Watched the videos on Matt’s FB page. The shooter in Austin needs nominated for an award! And little Garrett Baby, wheelchair pusher of parapalegics, didn’t have nuts enough to try that stunt on a cop or National Guard member. He decided that some pussy in a car would fold. He forgot that he was in Texas. If someone-any color, creed, or uniform-points an AK at you, then please return fire first. We all know, this isn’t going to get any better.

  18. That tatted up whyte wimyn crying in the video after the shooting sounded so dumb. ‘We were just taking the streets and waaah waaaa’… You can’t just ‘take the streets’ they’re not ‘your streets’.In the previous video red guards ak boi acknowledged that he knew they were supposed to stay on the sidewalk. A lot of commenters on YouTube saying that ak boi fired first, which is what it sounds like to me watching the video. I can’t really tell much visually, but it sounds like two distinct weapons firing at different times.

  19. Seems like a good time for Constitutionally sanctioned militias to begin popping up. Preferrably without earning the attraction of media or .gov

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