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  1. Now that’s a corn-fed protester right there! WTF she got to whine about? I’ll buy her a ticket to Haiti.

  2. Sitrep, Great Lakes-
    Hit the range at opening to break in /sight a new .223 and repeatedly mag dump the M&P 15-22.
    Upon exit after an hour, place was PACKED. Groups of diversity included.
    Bosnia X Rhwanda.
    Winter is coming.

    PS- It bears repeating to NOT underestimate the dead-nuts utility of 22lr


    1. I wouldn’t be too sure of that being PSd. Saw one at the laundromat last spring. Must have weighed close to 400# and stunk like a den of snakes. Waddled around scowling at everyone. Made me want to puke.

      1. Be thankful that your profession does not require you to view the green cottage cheese goo to cure that. Even P-100’s do not filter the biohazardous odor. Seriously. every. single. one. No. exceptions.

  3. The last time I saw something like that, it was pulling a beer wagon with a dalmatian on it. Talk is cheap, sugar britches. If’n you gots me, how come ah cain’t sees you? And if you’re going to pull a Haiti, don’t you think you’ll need to be in better shape? Brings it, sistuh, ah needs mah exercise too. Oh, and homemade signs are not accurate depictions of future events.

  4. Instead of licensing people to own firearms, can we just change that to licensing people to wear spandex?

  5. American negro’s live better than most Whites in Ye Olde Europe – subsidized housing/utilities/transportation/food/etc., and they aren’t the least bit grateful for what the Working White Man gives them through his confiscated tax zogbucks. Only in America….

  6. Because Haiti has it so good now. 20 minutes there and she would be begging to come back.

  7. C’mon scrot! That’s just how that THICC went down on TV!

    With regards to the sign, I’ve got more bad news. 1) Haiti had to PAY reparations to France to get diplomatic recognition . Only took them until 1947 to pay it all off. Which could be why… 2) Haiti is still a shit hole 200 years later.

    1. Yeah..and her ‘talented’ sister is ‘Lizzo’ the baluga land whale
      from De-Toilet who imagines she can play a flute artfully….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Todays soy boy beta male has to accept that fat ass as sexy because thats all they got left for women.
    I wonder how many white chicks walked by and said ‘hello’ on their way to their protest..

  9. That obese Shaniqua could feed 100 starving Haitian children for a month. She steps off a plane over there and it’s Creole pork time!

    1. No kidding. She’d step off the plane and they’d mistake her for a big ol juicy butterball turkey waddling about.

      1. She steps off the plane and the tires start to re-inflate
        and the fuselage stops scraping against the tarmac.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. Next thing ya know tee fat will have that stunner on a canoe trip, up River, thru the ” Gap”.


    1. Or she starts admiring dirk’s ‘Assault Rascal’ and
      tells him he can take her to Golden Corral..and he’s
      riding bitch…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. How in hell does a woman with an ass that wide even get around or find pants that fit? She must buy clothes from Omar the Tent Maker. She could be her own road block.

    As to her contention that the black populace in this country could somehow overthrow or be victorious in a race war against whites, just look to what happened within the black militia in Louisville yesterday, when one of their own shot several others “by accident”.

    They’re too stupid to use the manual safety on their weapon and even stupider to keep their booger hook on the bang switch when walking around with a loaded weapon. How are they going to win a war against motivated far superior numbers?

    Yeh, I know there are “Moms Against Racism” and other white people that might fight on the side of black people in a race war, but come on. Those “Moms” aren’t for the most part “Moms” at all, by their own admission. They’re typical Demonrat women. Fat and/or ugly white women looking for love in all wrong places. Black people and their sympathizers might burn a few cities. White people burn whole continents when pissed off enough.

  12. Election 2020

    “…The social justice cultists want chaos in the name of bringing down the system and replacing it with some kind of Marxist Utopia. Conservatives are ready to protest and perhaps even go to war in order to stop the lockdowns and prevent medical tyranny (and I agree with them). This is the background for election 2020, and it’s an epic mess…”

    “… They are TELLING US exactly what is about to happen. A contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse and the US will be destroyed from within. If conservatives actively support unconstitutional levels of federal power or martial law, then the scenario becomes even worse….”

    “…I continue to predict that the plan is to destroy the US as we know it and blame conservatives in the process…”


    heh heh heh

    popcorn- check
    cold beverages- check
    no ball and chains to seal my fate- check

    tfA-t believes it’s good the murkins kill each other off for awhile

    woe unto those who have not removed themselves from danger


    1. Woe unto those who are able and don’t join the fight. Those without honor. Those fools who hide and do not retake what was given to them by The Lord God.

      1. your goD has led you to destruction

        your families
        your cuntry
        your laws
        your beliefs
        your demise

        BOMBS AWAY!

  13. In 1972, the future Florida congresswoman was a young Black girl struggling to make friends at a predominantly white Jacksonville high school. She and her best friend, Vera Hartley, created the Charisma Club. Hartley was president and Demings was her second-in-command.
    Nearly four decades later, Demings is again being considered for vice president — this time by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. As a Black woman with a background in policing who hails from America’s premier battleground state, Demings has honed the charisma she learned in high school to build a rapid national profile.

    From police chief to VP
    Inside Val Demings’ unlikely path

  14. Gawd, I do so miss Heartiste.

    There has gotta be somewhere he can go to restart his blog.

    These past couple of years have been nothing if not a target-rich environment for him.

  15. when these spoiled, pandered to, non work productive delusional idiots get to meet decent hard working americans who have seen their morals, character, and values diluted for 50 years trying to get low enough to include these human waste. The slaughter will be monumental. a big foul mouthed asshole throwing out threats of death like that immense target will make it very easy to take the slack out of the trigger.

    1. well grazed long pork.

      Hippies actually had a sorta neat culture with great music. Even though the leaders were Bolsheviks, the majority of those kids weren’t wrong protesting an illegal war run by the MIC. Same as today, your dead kid= more profits on Wall St. Had absolutely ZERO to do with stopping Communism in SE Asia. Our gov’t is run by Bolsheviks.

  16. Note to well fed protester: We are NOT the French. This is Green Mountain Boys rules of engagement, Austin last night should have shown you our “feelings”, and political sensibilities is the last thing we want.

    1. The only essential viewing I want concerning Haiti is how to stay away from it.

  17. If you told her to haul ass, she’d have to make two trips. Gawd!

  18. Damn there were some classic comments on that chick. The best I can come up with: you could shoot her 50 times and not hit anything important. The history of her sign? Haitian slaves rose up against their French masters and killed every white man, woman and child on the island. Only an idiot would ignore that clue.

  19. Every Older Female member of my family would have taken a switch to me if I ever left the house dressed like that. Oh Lord, yoga/workout pants need to be outlawed as trauma inducing to the senses.

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