18 thoughts on “Latest Black Pigeon: The Kalergi Plan Is Now”

  1. Time and time again the enemy lays his plan out for all to see but nothing is done to counter it.
    Germans need to dig up their guns and cleanse their country of invaders and globalist.

    Im not going to hold my breath.


  2. tfA-t is absolutely giddy with joy and happiness
    the sooner the Fusa dies the sooner the(few) survivors can worship the Great tfA-t

    take a good long look at your white peepul



    this is a peepul who have no purpose and no reason to be alive 🙂

    they hate themselves so much, they fight and die for the black man

    the same black man who impregnates your little princesses and leaves them for you- the CUCK to raise


    yeah, like tfA-t wants anything to do with those LOOOOZERS

    no. he will keep his $ and his dignity

    while the rest of you morons eat the sloppy leftovers of the black mans love-making with your wimyn


    and remember to pray and give tithes to your church- you know, the one led by the “haed working” jewish carpenter- LOL

      1. Seriously.
        Show your work for fucks sakes.
        Or just go away already WTF Over…

        1. this shitweasel doesn’t have a clue

          and Dick is a LOOser shitbag cop

          tfA-t tells it like it really is

          and everyone here knows it

          yes. it’s ugly

          1. LOL

            Yup, I don’t have a clue.

            As I said yesterday, flak is heaviest when one is directly over target. And I’ve been taking a lot of flak here lately, especially from you.

            Ha ha!

            Well played, sir!

        2. Seriously.
          Show your work for [expletive] sakes.

          Show my work? Really? I’m not the one cocking off on a daily basis on how much [insert possession du jour e.g., money, homes, boats, guns, etc.] I have. Yet I do not recall a single instance where you demanded, or anyone else of his sycophants, demand that your alpha glowfag show his work. Why is that? Why do some of you here worship at the feet of an obviously over-the-top braggart and pathological liar? Why don’t you demand that he show his work?

          Unless, of course, someone here is posting under multiple accounts.

          Nah… couldn’t happen.

          As for showing my work, as I’ve said before, the narcissist convicts himself with his own tongue. Obviously, you haven’t been paying attention. And if little ole me could figure it out, I wonder what uncle .gov knows? t-Fat ain’t what I would call all that sophisticated when it comes to OPSEC. But then again, egomaniacal sociopaths generally aren’t.

          1. something about taking heavy flak…

            tfA-t is RIGHT over the target

            his words strike like iron to the soft weak and frail lies of false gods and illegitimate authority

    1. Sounds like you read the ” bones” already, maybe prayed at your goats head alter this fine Sumday morning .

      You still pissing your bed, beating small barn yard animals, maybe starting fires for no reason?

      Wanna see what sick in the head looks like, look in the mirror, you and northern gunner should spend more time together, maybe plot the over throw of the govt!. Maybe NG will share Barbie blow up with you. Maybe you boys could work her over together!. You know tag team cuz she a fucking bitch shit!, deserves it.

      Cuz The Truth IS its own defense! Fucking brilliant!.

      You fuckimg Marxist loosers are getting boring. Why dont you two find some new material of course on YouTube, cuz the only real news is utube.

      That Nazi shits seems to go over well here, with a few of the older guys, and that new younger set, arriving here on WRSA, in the middle of Antifa and BLM happenings, are so much into team freedom.

      Why don’t you start your own country, errr blog, maybe the house nigger will assist, for some free shit N chicken. .

      Tee tard your a fucking fraud!

      Your ol pal Dirt!.

      1. So dirkie did you manage to get your ‘Assault Rascal’
        jump started in the local Golden Corral’s parking lot after
        you and your cadre of G.A.S.P. (Goompa’s Against Something
        Plaid) tried to attend the “AARP & Larp Meet ‘n Greet”‘
        but they and the management kicked all of you out because
        all you wanted to do was hog the discussion to share your
        plans for how you and yours were going to pull a ‘train job’
        and knock off a local food distribution hub….

        Yeah..that sounds about right for a ‘quadruple dipper’
        and former coproach…STILL being a worthless parasite….

        Now go get back on your ‘Assault Rascal’ and go help
        your (((Chosenite))) masters in further attempting to
        implement their Kalergi Plan..a ‘Train Job’ might be
        involved somewhere in it….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      2. Your whole life is based on a two sided coin, if you’re not with Dirt you’re a Marxist!
        Doesn’t know the difference between a Marxist and a Nazi…….hint Dirt, they killed each other, mortal enemies.
        Germany fought tooth and nail against Communism and you lump them in the same boat, while worshipping your own Bolshevik brainwashing. Everything you’ve been taught in your 60+ yrs is Bolshevik indoctrination, and you don’t even know it. You’re possibly one of the most confused persons we know.
        And you’re a thief, stole from your fellow Americans who worked their asses off while you laughed behind their backs, you and your gang in blue. Taught each other all the tricks on how to collect free gov’t money and let the taxpayers collect the bill.
        And I’m not jealous of your money, piss it away on whatever you want, (I hang out with millionaires from Jackson Hole, nice people to hike and fish with), but you on the other hand are a fuk’n thief.

  3. “If there is indeed a decline in the white demographic, that will be God’s Plan and/or the law of nature taking its natural course. Everyone should be respectful of said nature and should not be allowed to play God with the lives of the other human race.”


    so ewe see? your God wants this to happen

    it is your obligation as a white person AND christian to accept your fate

    so solly

    you loose

  4. Has anyone else seen the news article that told of the “peaceful protestors” that were jamming the official radio freqs, so no one could communicate?? Leaf blowers to re-direct tear gas?? Special teams in the mass of protestors to ‘scout’ out the cops, medics to carry away the injured, ‘light mages’ to shine hand-held lasers into cops eyes???? That right there should highlight the need for counter-ops efforts, and to quit thinking of this as free speech peacefully assembling for redress of grievances. It’s just the skirmishes before the declared war!!! Roof-top koreans, counter-laser operators, frequency hopping, PACE frequencies, brevity codes, AND an alternate means of audible signaling…… bugles??? Airhorn blasts similiar to Morse code?

  5. Did anyone notice the short glimpse of that old newspaper and what it said about Herr Hitler arresting Baron von Rosthchild and seizing his bank’s money? In two different stories? Both on the front page above the fold?

    Perhaps he was onto something more than him just being a Jew…

    1. Bingo!!!
      Nobody understands the banking world and how it led to out modern political theatre.
      Hitler did the right thing for his people, as opposed to FDR who was a Bolshevik sellout. But nobody here wants to know the real truth.

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